Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

Holy Cow! A week of miracles! Let’s just start off by saying “Thank you!”
 all so very much for all your prayers! They were definitely felt this past
 week, as we continued to have so much success in our area, as well as having
two very successful Baptisms! This week has been absolutely amazing!

We should probably just start off with Monday! Monday we
had a killer day! It was one of the funnest P-days on the mission! To
make it even funnier we played a sport I used to dislike very much!
It was pretty interesting getting to play, baseball with some members
from the branch as well as the entire zone! However, I will say that I
probably shouldn't have done so, because I have been having back
spasms ever since and have the hardest time getting outta bed,
stretching, and jogging in the morning to stay in shape!

Monday night, we had a killer night! We were able to teach quite a few
new people and actually get some new investigators for the YSA sisters
who are struggling to find new prospects a little bit! Hopefully, they will be able
to have some success! We did teach a solid lesson to Jonathan and
Jessica, about the things that they need to bring for baptism, as well
as, why they wanted to make this promise! I was so impressed with both of
their answers!

Tuesday was a pretty stressful day! We had District meeting, and with
our leadership meeting before District meeting, things got pretty
intense! Especially when the Assistants to the President came walking
in! I automatically knew that they were there to talk to us leaders
or to join in on our District meetings! Oh boy did I begin to sweat,
and get butterflies in my stomach!  So in our District meeting we had
Elder Greenwood, who speaks perfect Spanish! Our District meeting was
completely in Spanish. Afterwards everyone said we did a
great job! We had both the Zone leaders in District meeting as well!

We had a pretty funny activity for District meeting. Everyone had
to line up to do pushups to demonstrate that as missionaries sometimes we had
great faith in Jesus Christ. A chair, which means we should have the
spirit if we are worthy, which means if we work hard and get our 20
contacts than we will receive Baptisms! Everyone thought it was pretty funny!

We also went on exchanges with Elder Smith y Elder Dunlap! I was able
to go into Elder Smith’s area with him, and work! It was a really good
exchange! We were able to have a great time, talking about things we
could both change for the better. Those elders seem to be doing a lot
better and seem to be enjoying the work, which is most important!

Wednesday, we had another great lesson with Jonathan and Jessica to
prepare then further for that step in their life that they took on Saturday!
We talked a lot about the Baptismal interviews and had a small practice
interview with us before we scheduled one with the Zone Leaders! They
did so great, they knew everything we talked to them about! As well as,
shared their testimonies with us about the gospel! They are going to
be strong members in the church when they grow!

Thursday was crazy fun! We had a great time helping out some hispanics
with work, offering service, however we got into trouble by our Zone
Leaders because I guess we shouldn’t help with service if they are
getting paid for what they are doing! Whoops! I didn't know that rule! No
worries though we got a new investigator and taught a wonderful
lesson! We carried and moved about 150, 5 Gallon buckets filled
with soil, up a hill where they were trying to level the ground! We
didn't even change into service clothes! We just did it in our white
shirts and ties! So much fun!

Friday we had weekly planning and we realized that this week we
are not going to be able to see all of our investigators because the
fact we do not have a car! I sure hope we get sent a car here to our
area pretty quickly otherwise things might get interesting on who we
pick to teach, because we cannot teach everyone we just don't have
enough time!

Friday was also the day of Jonathan y Jessica’s Baptismal interview! The
Zone leaders did a great job, and remembered that they are kids and
their knowledge does not have to be as good as an adult because
they will learn so much more with time! They both passed! I was so
happy! That night we waited around for our ward mission
leader to come have correlation with us! However, he never showed up so
we pretty much wasted our entire night because he never showed.

That is one thing I have learned on my mission! When I go home I will
always do my best to fulfill my calling as a leader in any position in the church,
no matter what the situation is!

Saturday! Baptismal Day! This day was the highlight of the week for
sure! Being able to be apart of something so significant in someone’s
life. To see them walking down into the waters of baptism so that
they can follow the examples of their Savior, Jesus Christ is amazing! I
am so happy for the both of them, as well as, their Mom.  Veronica told
us afterwards that she wants to be baptized! However, she has to either get
married or kick the boyfriend out! She did tell us that if he doesn't
want get married she is going go kick him out! I am so excited for
Veronica to be taking this step in here life as well! We are hoping for her
Baptism, in the next couple of weeks.

Sunday we saw quite a few of miracles as well! One was kind of extreme. We
were walking up to a party and a man came running out telling us he wants
to change so he doesn't go the Hell. Which is where he is at in his life right
now! We ended up talking with him, and he left that party with us and we
walked him home.  He has a baptismal date for the 12th of July! It
was amazing! Please pray for Carlos!

We didn’t have the chance to confirm Jonathan and Jessica because the
Branch President didn't make it back from vacation, so we will be doing that next week!

We are super excited!

Thank you all so much for your prayers! We appreciate it so much! I love
you all, and thank you all so very much for the wonderful letters and
support I get weekly!

Ps: I have been out a year!

Elder Albertson

 Welcome to the push up line during district meeting! Yeah, that elder
needed a little help!
 Welcome to the craziest but hardest working Missionaries! We all live
together! As well as my zone Leaders!
 Jessica's Baptism

 What an Amazing Day for both of us!!

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