Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos, 

Wow! Is all I have to say concerning this week! I have seen a lot of good things happen, however a lot of bad things or things that I didn't want to happen, actually came true! It’s been a week of sore muscles, mentally exhaustion, and super stressful! 

To start off I should probably tell you how scared I got last week while emailing, when I looked up and saw President Alba walking in! My heart completely sank, and I was super nervous and scared! I had no idea why he was here! But when he walked in I immediately felt it was about Elder Alcivar! Then after he asked to speak with him, I knew at that moment that Elder Alcivar was going to be sent home! I feel as if a lot of this is my fault but last Monday Elder Alcivar, one of my best friends, got his plane ticket to go home! So crushing to hear the news, however I know, that he is strong enough and will be coming back out when his time at home is complete! 

So, Monday night and Tuesday were our last days serving and working for the Lord together! Super sad, however I know that he will be able to continue, and do what he needs to do to return to what he started! 

Monday, we were able to have some great lessons! We even had a member come out with us, and visit our investigators who now have baptismal dates! They will be getting baptized the 25th of October! They promised Elder Akhmetov and I last night! When Elder Alcivar and I taught them though on Monday, it was weird, because they told us that they were not quite ready to accept a date for Baptism! This definitely goes to show how people can change, and how certain missionaries, are here for certain people! We also had a great lesson with Alma and Gil, and were able to talk about possibly having another wedding, so that they can get married, and Gil can get Baptized! I Love these two wonderful people! 

Tuesday was a pretty interesting. It was Elder Alcivar's last district meeting for 6 Months! He will be greatly missed! However after our wonderful district meeting, we all took off to a Chinese restaurant for Elder Alcivar's last lunch on the mission. Man I miss that kid! However things went really well! It was great to be able to spend our last day together out in Benicia! We had a lot of fun, talking to people, and teaching Hermano Rabanales for the last time together! 

After dinner with an english member there in Benicia, Brother Walker, who has a crazy conversion story, about his wife passing away from cancer and everything, we pretty much headed to the apartment, and packed all night! It was kinda crazy to pack for a missionary going home, however we packed, so that he won’t have to unpack one of his suitcases, because he promised me I will see him back in April! 

We all stayed up super late in the apartment, talking, and eating ice cream! It was crushing to see such a good friend leave the mission. However we know that Heavenly Father has a purpose for everything! 

Wednesday Elder Alcivar was picked up by the Barney's at 6:30 in the morning! It was hard to see him go. I pretty much hung out with Elder Vang and Elder Ashton for the rest of the day, until the Zone leaders got back from Fairfield with Elder Akhmetov! 

The story of Elder Akhmetov is quite interesting! He is a Russian, German, Spaniard, American! How interesting could this get! So his parents are from Russia and lived there all their lives, his older sister’s were born in Russia as well! However, when his mom was pregnant with him they moved to Germany so he was born there in Germany! After a year of his life spent in Germany they moved to Spain, so he considers Spanish his first language. Then after 10 years of living there in Spain his parents moved him to Provo Utah! He speaks perfect English, Spanish and Russian! This kid is something else! I love him though! He is pretty young on the mission. 

It has been pretty stressful! Wednesday night I got a call from President Alba, regarding Elder Akhmetov and how this will be my last week here in Vallejo, and his first week, so I need to make sure that he is completely ready to lead this area out in 10 days! That means he needs to know the situation with ever investigator, less active, and member! Man this is going to be tough, but that's my goal, and I WILL accomplish it! 

So pretty much every where we go, and I am talking the entire time about everything that is going on, who lives where, what their name is, and the situation they are in, or why we teach them, and why we may not be teaching them! This is going to be a stressful last week! However I know and have faith that Elder Akhmetov and I will be able to do it and do it well! 

Sorry this email might be kind of in a rush and such! However, we had a crazy week with a ton of service, and everything! My body, and mind are exhausted, and I just want to be done emailing so I can rest! I love you all! 

Thank you for your support! Please keep us in your prayers, and our area! 

Elder Albertson

PS: Everyone has been asking for birthday ideas... to be completely honest as a missionary I don’t want or need anything! Just remember whatever you send me I am going to have to carry around for 8 more months of my mission! I would rather you just send me cards and checks, so I can have money to buy clothes and such when I get home! 

 Pulling out concrete! So exhausting!
 Elder Akhmetov and I!
 Agustin! He came all the way from Santa Rosa, to give us a ride to the
temple! Also be prepared for a picture like this in February after he
goes through for his first time!

 Look Dad! They just got back from 
four wheeling with the smart car!
Just Unloaded it!
Welcome to Vallejo

 Cleaning up the Harbour

Yes! That is a DEAD rat!