Monday, July 14, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

This has been an interesting week! Time flew by so quickly I'm not
even sure what exactly happened! Or where the time even went! However
as I sit here and ponder the things that went on I need to apologize for
not telling you all about an experience that I had last Saturday! It
should have gone in last Monday’s email but I forgot!

So on the 28th of June, Elder Delgado and I were invited to attend
another church's event, where they invited a whole bunch of friends to
go have a tour of the church, to participate in a Bible study as well
as a dinner! We figured we could make this a missionary experience for
us, so we decided we would go, and try and talk with others about our
faith while they were there! It turned out to be the most
awkward experience I think I have ever had in my entire life! Things
were so weird! In fact, it might be a church that you, Dad, may have
visited on your mission! Its called "The Church of Christ" or in
Tagalog " Iglesia Ni Cristo". I definitely think that was quite a
testimony builder for me! It really made me realize how the holy ghost
truly does testify of things, and how it can be the testifier of

All right, lets move on with this week now that I have that taken care
of! Things here went really well this week! We found a ton of new
investigators (18). However, now we are working with them, and trying to
really figure out which ones we need to focus on to help move
toward baptism! Our teaching pool is continuing to grow, however we
are also continuing go help other Elders or companionships in our zone
as we find new investigators for more than just ourselves!

It was pretty sad, all week we were not able to find Saul anywhere!
Every time we went over to his house, his little girlfriend, just said
he was working, however we know that he doesn't work! So I'm not
really too sure what the deal is there! We are hoping to get in
contact with him sometime this week to see what the deal is!

Tuesday after our zone meeting, that I actually taught a part in that
went really well! I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Smith in my
area to finish the transfer off! He is super excited to be headed to
Vacaville for the fact that he has been here in Vallejo for 6 months,
and is feeling really burnt out in the area. Burnt out as in he feels he has
tried everything he possibly could to have success and can’t find much.

This week was 4th of July so we had a really good week overall!
Probably not going to give you the day to day rant, however things
went really well.

Things with Veronica are still the same! I don't think she really
wants to marry Javier. However I don’t feel she would be able to afford
things without him! This past week we found out she is still
struggling with the word of wisdom. So we had to discuss that with
her. Then she felt guilty I think, so she didn't make it to church!
However we will slowly continue to work with her so that she can
figure out what she needs to do, so that she can get baptized.

The fourth of the July went really well! It was also transfer doctrine
Friday where we find out if we are going to be getting transferred
or stay or what! I am lucky enough to say that I am going to be
staying here in Vallejo for another transfer with Elder Delgado! We
are going to kill it! For the 4th of July we also had to be inside our
apartment by 7pm to keep us off the streets late at night, because
there was going to be a lot of drunk drivers as well as guns and
drugs! Things were pretty wild that night, not going to lie! I was
pretty impressed with all the things that went on! I really thought my
apartment was going to get shot! People were lighting M80’s off right
outside our apartment with flash grenades... Guns .... People are nuts
here! It went until like 3 or 4 in the morning!!

Everything else is going really well in Vallejo! I apologize
this is a super bad email, but I figure it doesn’t really need to be a
good one since my whole family is on vacation right? Just kidding! I hope
it’s still a decent email! There just wasn't too much that really went
on this week, that was crazy exciting!

Thank you all so much for the support!
Love you all so much!

Elder Albertson

 Free Tacos from the Taco truck! Yeah Buddy!

 4th of July dinner! We had to take Elder Carrillo out to dinner for
his last holiday in the Mission! Black Bear Diner! Bobs Big Burger
 Huge bird we found in the road! It literally ate a dead cat
completely! It was crazy!
 When we were looking for an investigator these guys were outside the
house having a BBQ and having a good old time! We decided we would
hang out with them, and eat some carne asada and chicken, and hot
links! Pretty fun experience!!

 Took a photo next to a whole bunch of candles that were set up because
someone was shot and killed there the night before!

 Dang Chivo! (Goat) Keeping trying to ram me, 
so I showed him who was boss!
 Elder Alvrado and I, along with his family!

This little guy reminded me of Briate! As well as he tried to tell me
his name was Colin Kaepernick! So I made sure and got his signature
and everything! Ha ha Funny little kid!

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