Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos,

Well this week was a great week! My family was on
vacation while I was serving our Savior Jesus Christ! I'm pretty sure
I got the better end of that stick for sure! Ha ha! This week has been
great! Let me tell you all about it!

Monday was a pretty good day! However, since it was week 1 of transfers
It meant we all have to spend the entire day cleaning our apartment so when
transfers happen on Wednesday the apartment is nice and clean for
the new missionaries who are coming in. However, no one in our
apartment got changed and were staying the same, but we still
cleaned pretty well, but none of us had to take the time to pack our
things so we had a lot of relaxing time! During that
relaxing time we decided we were going to take care of our car, and
give it a nice hand wax! So we did so! We bought some turtle wax and
rags and hand washed the thing, and gave her a nice wax! Dad after
waxing our car I would like to ask you if you could give the Jeep a
good ol’ wax, and shine him up! Otherwise that paint is not gonna last
as long as we want it to!

We also had a killer night teaching two less active members who
are working toward becoming active and actually making their way
towards receiving the melchizedek priesthood! It was such a great
lesson with both of them! We were also able to teach Veronica, and
the kids that night as well! They are progressing and continuing to be
great, while they work hard towards reading the Book of Mormon and
praying each night!

Tuesday we didn't have the chance to have a District meeting! However,
we still had a way fun day. It was also the day that Elder Alvarado
came back to Vallejo on his way home, and was able to have a small
party here with the members! It was such a great experience to be able
to meet his family and everyone! It took almost all the night,
however we were smart about it and we brought investigators and less
actives who Elder Alvarado taught, and we helped them all meet the
ward members there at the party while they got to see Elder Alvarado
for one last time! It was a great day!

Wednesday happened to be transfer day! Which was pretty wild, because
some missionaries in our Zone lost their car as well as others gained
a car! However, the missionaries who cover the largest area still do
not have a vehicle! Kind of frustrating! Things were wild here in
Vallejo because they left 7 of us missionaries here in Vallejo while
everyone else went to the transfer meeting, and we only had 1 vehicle!
But we all wanted to go to lunch together! So we made the 1 vehicle
take trips and drive us all to lunch so we could eat at a Chinese
buffet. Oh boy was it delicious! I hadn't eaten like that in a
long time! And I sure loved it! However we also cruised all day in a
trio with Elder Foster, which was a lot of fun!

I'm sorry to say that the one english Elder that is in my zone and
training is not training Elder Reeder! However Elder Reeder got a
wonderful trainer who has been out quite a while, and is a complete
stud! So I'm not too worried about that. Elder Reeder will do great! I
got him his bike and everything! He is in Vacaville as well! Which he
will love!

Thursday was our very first day here in Vallejo with all the new
missionaries! Welcome to the Zone! Ha ha! However, we had a pretty
decent day, we were able to get our weekly planning done because we
had District meeting that Friday. So last week we decided we were
going to weekly plan on Thursday rather than be inside all day, with
District meeting and weekly planning! Things went really well, we were
able to talk a lot about tons of things, and really make good plans to
help out all our investigators!

I'm super sad to say this but our investigator Saul who we found, and
who was a killer investigator, packed his bags up and moved to
Washington! We got into contact with him, and are going to send the
missionaries up there to visit him.  I guess he got a job with
Apple Orchards or something! I am super upset! He was the man I sent
the video home singing, and that we found and wanted to get baptized
the very first lesson! So elect!

Friday we had another really good day! We started off with a killer
district meeting! I am super excited about all the missionaries that
we have in our District this transfer! They all are amazing, and will
do great things! Elder Tepox, Elder Dunlap, Elder Ford, Elder Foster,
Elder Delgado, myself and Elder Carrillo who is going home in a month, and
Elder Wright! They are all such great missionaries, and very hard
workers! We are going to really help make his branch become a ward!

Saturday was a day full of miracles! We taught Mario Campiz who is a
less active that we have been working with for a long time! He is 20
years old, and is married, and has 2 twin little girls named Iris and
Yitsuri... They are so adorable! However we have been working
with him and he is making such great progress! He actually came out to
a lesson with us after we taught him! It was
amazing! He shared his testimony! Oh it was great!

We also saw a huge miracle when we went to stop by and try and see
Veronica and the kids! They happened to not be there, however we
talked with Javier the boyfriend of Veronica, and he accepted and told
us he is ready to get married to Veronica! Hopefully everything goes
good this week as we truly work towards that! The whole reason this
entire time he has not wanted to be Baptized is because he
thought he had to be a part of the church to get married! But we
explained that all Veronica needs is a civil marriage so that she can
be Baptized! He is totally on board with helping us out, so they can
live the commandments so that Veronica can get baptized!
Please continue to pray for them, so that everything will work out

Sunday was another day full of miracles. We were actually able to see
Mario walk into church! It was so great! We then taught him that night
after church to see how he felt and such, and he told us that he hadn't been
to church in over 4 years! Which is crazy, however what a blessing it
has been to be able to see such a great young man, Father, take that
leap of faith and help his family return to church! We are slowly
working with his wife, who is not a member! So if you could keep Maria
Campiz in your prayers as well, that would be great!

It was such a great week! A week of miracles, and a week of hard work,
finally paying off! I love this work, it the best thing I could be doing
in my life right now! I love you all for the wonderful support you
give me! It's been great!

Love you all!
Elder Albertson

 I know mom has been waiting for this picture for along time! 
So here you go mom! Thank you so much! 
But yes I am over the hump!
 Figured I would send home a picture of Elder Carrillo working out!
The Vallejo Spanish speaking District!

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