Monday, March 31, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos,

Holy Cow! This week has some crazy things to talk about! Anywhere from
Mtn. biking last P-day and the things that went on with that, to
confronting a man, who stole one of our missionaries bikes, and then
getting it back, like a boss! Ha Ha. It was pretty interesting. Oh and
also to playing some Hispanics in soccer, and 2 of us white kids beating
them! Ha ha!! Man what a great week!

I Really do not know where to even start with this week!  I guess I
will just take it memory by memory. So Monday was P-day and we
went Mountain Biking here in Annadell National Park or State Park I’m
really not sure which was it is. All I do know is that it’s sweet
and so close. It is making me start to love Santa Rosa, and I would
consider living here after the mission, but I have decided I think I
would rather live somewhere were my children would be more influenced
by an LDS population! Other than that, it’s Gorgeous here! I hope I don’t fool
you with the photos I send home. However, we did go pretty
crazy! None of us came out with too many injuries so, no need to worry
about that. We were all sore the entire week though! Ha ha! It’s crazy
how old our bodies get from doing missionary work!

Tuesday we had district meeting, which was a little interesting,
considering we had President Alba, and Sister Alba show up to talk to
the entire zone. Tuesday, I also got a phone call, saying that Elder
Johnson's Bike had been stolen during district meeting or that night! They
were wondering if I took it as a joke! I’m not to sure why no one
believed me but they all tried to blame me for pulling this prank!
Probably because I kept telling Elder Johnson I was going to take his
bike and fix it for him, before he would ever notice!

Wednesday was a little wild! I had the chance to go on exchanges
with Elder Wright and Elder Despain who are in a trio, which
means Elder Dunlap and Elder Mathusek were together! I was able to
feel what it’s like to be a junior companion again because during the
exchange I just rode in the back seat, and chilled all day! Kinda nice
and relaxing! I guess while Elder Mathusek and Elder Dunlap were
on exchanges they were in an area called Kenton Ct. Which is actually
apart of the Hermana's area, but they gave it to us, because while
they were teaching a lesson a man threatened to kill them! So we
gladly took over the area! However, I guess the same man threatened to
kill the Elders as well! Now Elder Dunlap is terrified to go into
the area at all! But that’s okay, because we still have people to teach in the
area, but also because the man who is doing the threatening is an old
man who is drunk all the time, and only the left side of his body
works! Ha ha! I’m not too worried.

Friday we had weekly planning! Oh man mother you are not going to be
happy with me! I was going to take a little stress out on my Mtn. Bike
because Elder Kruitbosch has been borrowing it while his bike is in
the garage until his court case goes through to get a new one because
he was hit by a drunk man! So my bike was at the church! Pretty crazy
but I forgot to tuck my pants into my sock while I was riding wheelies
and such just having a good time to relieve a little stress that was
starting to bother me! While doing so, my favorite pair of pants that
my Mom Sent me in the mail got caught on the sprocket and tore
about 6 inches up my leg! I’m super sorry, but Mom? Do you think you
could send me another pair? Since Hermana Bryant taught me
how to sew I was able to stitch them right up! Even Hermana Bryant who
did sewing competitions couldn't tell that Isewed it! I’m a pro!

Saturday was a pretty fun day! Elder Kruitbosch and I were able to
have a good talk while we did some service for the community!
 We were able to talk a lot about what’s been going on.

Sunday was the big day of the week! I know it’s Sunday and it’s
supposed to be relaxed, which the first part of the day was! With
church and all! Even though Elder Kruitboschs mom showed up at church
to help him! I really feel bad! I feel like it’s a battle between
mother and father over the son!

Sunday we also had dinner at President Johnson’s house! Man, Dad he
reminds me of you so much! He does all the cooking and everything! It’s
great! I always feel so welcome and at home when we are eating at
their house, because we finally get to eat something that is not
Mexican food! It’s an actual good Sunday meal!

After Dinner is when the day got really crazy! I felt like I was
on a mission, when I saw what came next start to unravel. Oh man, my adrenaline
started rushing! I was going hard! So we did a quick exchange so that
I could continue to work in my area while Elder Dunlap took off with
Elder Wright and Mathusek to President and Sister Albas house to
practice for the next musical fireside! While Elder Despain and
I realized that we didn't have a phone so we had to hurry and go meet
up with those elders to get my phone from Elder Dunlap since he is the
phone guy! While driving, I happened to see a bike that looked exactly
like Elder Johnson's bike that was stolen on Tuesday! I drove by, just
telling myself that it wasn't his bike and there was nothing to worry about! Next
thing I knew I had a spiritual witness literally hit me and say that’s
his bike! We grabbed the phone and then we followed the feller for about 3 miles
while he was on the bike! Long story short, he went into a hardware
store probably to buy some parts to fix the bike that he had stolen!
I hopped out of the car and went and sat next to the bike while
Elder Despain called the police and waited for the man to come out of the
store! About 15 minutes later he came walking out and I stood up and
had a nice little conversation with the man! It was great! We
ended up leaving with a bike, and we didn't even need to wait for the

After the bike incident! Elder Despain and I then put a whooping
on some Hispanics in a park who were playing soccer! He is a stud soccer player!
I sput some nice, grass stains in one of my white shirts! But no worries
it will come out simply enough!

Well that’s my week in a glimpse!! It was pretty impressive and fun!
Love you all!
Thank you all for your Prayers and support during this hard time!

Elder Albertson

 Mtn. Biking Last Pday! Such a Blast!
PS: If you even had a small thought that was me, your pretty gullible.

 This Lady had a Pet Pig! Super Wierd! ha ha
 Do people really talk the time to put Yarn all the way around a Stop Sign?
 Hermano Agustin y Vianey! After I gave them their Book of Mormons and
Bibles that I bought for them! I love them so much! They're so amazing!
 Sometimes we have some pretty Interesting Contacts as missionaries!
That was Elder Wright, while were were on Exchanges!

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