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June 30, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos

Gosh dang! I cannot believe I'm sitting here at this computer again writing you all! This is ridiculous how fast time is starting to move! I'm not really too sure whether I like it or not! I'm absolutely having way too much fun, for my time to start to slimmer down! I also cannot believe that my Mom sent me a T-shirt that has a camel on it with HUGE Words HUMP DAY! That was the funniest thing when I opened up that package! 

I have a lot of good news and plenty of bad news as well! I guess I should probably start with the bad news right? Well the bad news is that fact I am half way done, and I don't want to be! The other bad part is the fact that neither of my suits fit me anymore because I can’t keep my pants up, and I look like gangster with how baggy the pants are and how big the jacket is on me! ha ha I guess that's kinda a good thing though right? 

However, this week has been jam packed with great things! I think we found the most solid investigator possible! He is so sick! He was actually contacted by Elder Wright, and Elder Blackhurst during a blitz! However, he lives in our area so we are going to be teaching him! 

So last Monday we had another great P-Day involving some wonderful Baseball! I'm sure my Father is pretty proud of me for finally accepting that baseball is a real sport! Even though I still think its kinda boring! I will admit though the more I play it or watch it, the more interesting it’s getting! I am actually starting to enjoy it! 

We also had a killer night! We were able to teach a solid lesson to Veronica and her kids and Hermana Guzman came with us! It was a super solid lesson, we were able to talk about her experience at their baptism and, how she needs to take this step in her life now if she wants to live with them for eternity. So, she set a date all by herself for baptism as well as marriage or separation from Javier the boyfriend, for the 26th of July! So hopefully I don't get transferred here  too soon! 

Tuesday, we were able to hold our very last district meeting for the transfer! Because tomorrow we have zone conference and than transfers are the next week! Don’t worry I will let you know if I am getting transferred next P-day so no worries! You can all still send Mail here to Vallejo! Our last District meeting went really great! It was fun to see the progression that the District has made since we have been really pushing them all to work as hard as they can!  

After District meeting we were able to have a wonderful day on exchanges! I was able to go with Elder Foster here in my area and Elder Delgado went with Elder Minkler in Elder Minkler’s area! It was a lot of fun! Elder Foster is a great missionary! However, he told me he tends to ruin areas when he goes into them for exchanges! Not really ruin them, but for some reason everyone always cancels or something! And sure enough it happened again! ha ha We only taught two lessons that night! One with La Familia Lopez in which we were able to set Baptismal dates with. They are sweet! Please pray that they will all be able to make it for that date and be Baptized on the 26th of July! 

Wednesday was kind of a lame day except the fact that we had interviews with President Alba! Things go so far behind with his interviews because the Zone Leaders told the entire Zone that they were going to start at 9, but President Alba didn't show up until 10... I'm sure there was a miss communication because Pres. Alba would never be late like that! No worries though, we ended up waiting around at the Church for quite a good amount of time hoping that we would be able to sneak in or thinking things would go quicker but they didn't! No worries though! Things ended up being fine!  

Thursday is always our most exhausting day of the week! We start the day off immediately in the middle of the day at 12:00 pm walking about 5 miles to an appointment that we have with a less active. He is super sweet but his wife is super sick so he has to stay home and take care of her! However, he knows so much! He used to be a temple worker in the Guatemala temple! Holy cow I have a hard time understanding him sometimes though! Especially when he goes off on his tangents! ha ha We also contact the entire way there and again on the way back, so by the end of the day the trip takes us about 4 hours and that includes the lesson we have with him! So right after that it’s time to go to dinner! However, it was so stinking hot this last week! I thought I was going to die walking to Hermano Rabanales! 

Friday the Zone leaders took off for Santa Rosa, for Mission Leadership Conference early in the Morning! So we were stuck without a ride anywhere all day! We also didn't have dinner but we had a member give us money, but we didn't have a ride anywhere to go to dinner! Kinda frustrating, but its okay! We just went without dinner that night! This is the day we met Saul Ruiz! Saul is a complete stud! In the first lesson that we had with him, we taught him the entire restoration, and then he burst into tears about how he was ready to be Baptized into the true church! He wants to be Baptized as soon as possible! So we began to teach him the Word of Wisdom!! He gave me his cigarettes, and we watched him pour his Beer down the drain! Then when we taught him the Law of Chastity he proposed to the lady he was living with right then! Now he is now sleeping on the floor until they can get married! Talk about miracles right? Unfortunately, we are started to fall into a few problems.  He is still married to someone in Mexico, so we are working with him on getting his divorce finalized! His Baptismal date is for the 26th of July! So please pray for him to have the strength to continue without alcohol and cigarettes as well as that his divorce will go through as well! 

Saturday we were able to do a blitz for the Elders in Benicia! It went really well, although we didn't have much success! Except for the fact I was able to find one of their former investigators that had disappeared and I was actually able to get her to take a Book of Mormon, and share my experience of how I have come to know that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God! She was very adament about not wanting to take it or read it again! However she took it and promised that she would read it to come to know if it is true! We also set up a return appointment as well! I am super excited to see where she goes with it, and hopefully it will continue to bless her life, and change her life as well! 

Sunday! The best thing that happened yesterday was the fact I was able to confirm Jonathan a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I was also able to give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost! I did it all in Spanish as well, and it only took me one try! I was pretty proud of myself! ha ha 

Well that's it for the week! Thank you all so very much for all the wonderful support! I love you all! Hope you all have a great week, and be safe with 4th of July! Here in Vallejo things might get pretty wild! we have to be in at 7:00 that night! 

Oh and just so you all know! For a small scare, there was a gun shot that went off on our street last night! It was so loud! It scared the living heck outta me, and woke all 4 of us up! We couldn’t sleep afterwards all that well! ha ha 

Love you all!
Love, Elder Albertson 

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