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July 21, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

Holy cow! Talk about a week full of miracles! To start off I will just
let you all know, that today at 3:00 pm Veronica and Javier, the Mom
and boyfriend of the little family we baptized will be getting
married. And with that comes a Baptism on Friday! Please keep them in
your prays so that they will be able to make it through, and that
everything will go great for the Baptism on Friday!

Monday we had a super kick back relaxed day! We had to pick up our
dinner, which was Costco pizza, at 3:30 so we couldn't go play sports
because we had to be in our proselyting clothes to go into Costco to
pick it up! I wrote a ton of letters... and got a lot of cleaning done.  It was a
really nice kick back day. We had a great lesson with
Presidente Tobias with Veronica, and Javier! It went really well, we
were able to explain everything, they talked about everything and now
we are seeing miracles! I appreciate everyone's prays in helping us
attain this miracle! Hearts truly do get softened.

Tuesday we had a great day, with district meeting and everything! It’s
super weird to think that I can teach an entire 2 hour long meeting
completely in Spanish! I used to get so nervous just to teach in my
native tongue, and now I do it without a problem in a language I have only
been speaking for about a year now! It’s kind of crazy to think about!
However, things went really well! Afterwards I was able to go on
exchanges with Elder Carillo, who is our Zone Leader and who used to
be the Assistant to the President! It's okay though, cause we had a
lot of fun! I wasn't able to work in my area though, I had to go to
his area, but we had a ton of fun, and I got to teach some of his

Wednesday we were able to finish up our exchanges and have another
great day here in the vineyard of the Lord! We didn't see as many
people, although we still had a pretty good day teaching lessons. This
week in general we just didn't have as many lessons as usual! We
taught our bible class as well as a class we teach for English for the
members. More than anything it’s for us to invite people to the church
for a non-religious activity! It's working great! They are slowly but
surely learning and having a great time as well! We hope to see
a lot more success come from it soon!

Thursday was probably the craziest, most exhausting day of my mission!
We took our bikes to Benicia! Benicia is a part of our area that has a little
more money, however there are still a lot of Hispanics out there! Things were
great that day, we road up one of the steepest hills there though! It
was nuts! I wish they would give us a stinking car, however I guess we
get do with what we got!

Friday we had our weekly planning session! It was a lot of fun. We
were able to plan for a week that was pretty much already all filled!
With Zone conference next week, a trip to Benicia to visit those we
found, and a zone activity on Saturday! As well as a baptism with
Veronica Friday night! This next week is going to be stressful, and
going fly by!

Saturday we had a wonderful blitz for the Spanish Elders in American
Canyon! We were able to really help them out, and clean their area
book up a little, with their potentials, and a lot of other things! We
also contacted tons of Hispanics that day! It’s crazy when we do a
blitz for Spanish speaking missionaries. It seems to be that we only
ever talk with Spanish people during that time! I am a firm believer
that it’s because The Lord puts those people in our path that we are
looking for! Such a blessing the missionary work is to us all!

Sunday, we were able to confirm all the plans for a ride for Veronica
and Javier to Fairfield to get married and everything! Things worked
out great, we had Veronica’s family at church, as well as, Jefferson who
is a young 15 year old kid who is planning on getting baptized in 2
weeks! Its awesome that we are seeing so many miracles come from our hard
work, and many hours of prayer!

Thank you all so much for your support! I hope you all begin to get
more letters! Love you all!
Elder Albertson

 This is what happens when I didn't feel like shaving for the day! Ha ha
 Playing soccer, with Jonathan and Felix! 
I am getting surprisingly better!
 Found this guy in Benicia! 
Poor guy knows exactly what I went through!

 Benicia Bike trip! Pretty Killer!

 Kinda a bad view! 
However look at the Back Ground!

Jefferson came to church! What a stud he is!
Learning to Play the Piano!!

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