Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 25, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos 

Well this has been another great week, in the Rio Vista area. It is a little different this week, because today is Tuesday and I am emailing today because we went to the Temple this morning that counted as our P-Day, so now we have the rest of the day, from whenever we got back from the temple until dinner, to do everything we need to do on our normal P-Day! This has really thrown us for a Loop, because where do we do our shopping now? We usually go to Fairfield, but it looks like that won't be happening. Ha ha However, I can't complain too much since I had the wonderful opportunity to be able to go to the Lords house! 

Things are going absolutely wonderful here in Rio Vista, I am learning a lot of patience, but it's good for me. We are striving to work as hard as possible, even though sometimes it makes my companions mad at me, but I just continue working hard, because I know the cure for anything and everything is HARDWORK! 

This morning while I was in the temple, it really made me look back on the year and a half of my life, and see if I have made a difference, or became who the Savior wants me to become. I asked myself a few personal questions, and it truly has made me realize, that with only 6 months left on this journey, I need to still learn a lot. So these last 6 months I will be working harder than ever, focusing on learning as much as possible, and more than anything becoming who the Savior wants me to become. 

Last Monday being P-Day we had the opportunity to go to Fairfield. Basketball is a lot of fun now here in this zone, with probably the best players in it. We went hard, Elder Choffin went to Sugar Salem High school! He is super sick, and we get a long so well, and when we played together we meshed like no other. It was sweet.  We just kept telling each other we played well together because we are both from Idaho, and Idaho boys, know how to play! Ha ha It was super interesting. 

Oh yea another interesting night was Thursday evening, we headed out to Birds Landing which is about 20 miles from town, and on our way out there, we were driving in a little bit of fog, and all of the sudden I rounded a corner going about 65 and I couldn't see anything but like 7 feet in front of us. With that it meant that we couldn't drive any faster than like 15 miles per hour. So a twenty minute drive, became like 45. On our way back, it was even worse. I was so surprised by how crazy the fog gets around here. 

Sunday was a super good Sunday! The talks in Sacrament meeting were great, and exactly what some of our investigators needed to hear! We had 2 families make it to church Sunday, and we even had a less active family make it to church who hadn't been to church in probably... A long time. She is super sweet, and her kids are awesome! They are a great little family. We are working with Dad! 

Super crazy, and interesting story this week. Brother Jacobsen who is an absolutely amazing man, and whose daughters will be coming by the house tomorrow evening sometime, with a few of my things, has begun to try and set me up with his daughter who is currently serving a mission in Chicago. It's kind of interesting, but he even called me his future son-n-law! Ha ha he is super funny, and an awesome man! I love him and his family! They are amazing! 

Overall though, things are going really well! I absolutely love this area, and am enjoying serving the people here. I have absolutely come to love the area, and the people! I am enjoying working with them as well.  

Things are going absolutely amazing! I hope you all have absolutely a wonderful Thanksgiving, remember that I am so very thankful for each and everyone of you! I love you all so much! 

Elder Albertson 


Luke Congratulations! I am so proud, way to play your heart out, and win something big! So proud! Keep working hard, but remember Mission First! 

 Parker with Elder Snow (far left) and Elder Medina(far right)
Visiting the Oakland Temple Visitors center.
This picture was emailed to me (Des) from the Temple.

November 17, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos

Well this week consisted of a lot of fun and great activities. It has been a pretty interesting week, and a lot of things have happened that have been good and not so good. I have had to deal with a lot of drama this past week in the Branch concerning us missionaries! Because no one will man up and talk to us about it before just spreading it across the entire Branch! But hey, it doesn't matter, especially since it’s all nonsense and none of it is true! I am definitely very grateful that I grew up in a bigger city where everyone didn’t know everyone else.

Last Monday I was able to do a lot of missionary work, and get in some good exercise as well as play some good ol’ tennis! It was a ton of fun, and very exhausting. I think it really crushed my dreams of coming back home from the mission and playing any sort of college tennis! I just don't think or feel that my shoulder would be able to hold up, and I don't think I’ll be able to get my shoulder back into the shape that it needs to be! Ha Ha 

Tuesday we had transfers, which was really interesting! I didn't have the chance to be able to travel to Santa Rosa, which was kind of a blessing in disguise because there is so much stuff going on at transfers. I was able to just chill here in Fairfield all day and wait for my new companions to get back from Rosa. Elder Judd and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings! It was super good, and a lot of fun to be able to go back. 

It has been a really good first week of this new transfer as I’m trying to figure out my new companions, and develop a relationship with them! They are great kids, and are definitely here for the right reason! 

Elder Snow is from Layton, Utah! He has a lot of cool interesting stuff to talk about, because he is a direct descendant to Lorenzo Snow! He actually has requested  copies of the Patriarchal Blessing and a few other blessings, that were given to his Antipasado... I don't know how to say it in English! However he is a great guy, and has been on the mission for about 14 months now! 

Elder Medina is my Spanish speaking companion! He is from Chihuahua Mexico, but has pretty much been here in the United State his entire life. I lived in the same apartment with him, when I was serving a year ago in Sonoma. He has been on the mission for the same amount of time as me. He just wasn't able to travel to the Missionary Training Center! 

Thursday we had a lot of fun again. We were able to go to the Evan’s Home and be able to buck some more hay! It was pretty interesting because both of them are allergic to the Hay! ha ha so Brother Evans and I did it all by ourselves with Grandpa Evans driving the pick-up truck.  

Saturday Night was a lot of fun as well! We got invited to the High Priest Group social, and there happened to be an Elvis Presley Impersonator who showed up. It was super fun. We were there for the last hour when the Elvis Presley impersonator performed. It was super funny to watch all these older gentlemen and their wives have such a good time. Super awesome, and don't worry I got a lot of videos and pictures. Already filled my flip drive! I actually already had to buy a new one today. 

Things are going really well here in Rio Vista! Yesterday was Sunday and we were able to set a date for Hawk and Liza to get married on the 15th of December. She will be getting Baptized the 3rd of January! I am so excited for them, and the decision they are taking in their life! 

Love you all so much! So proud of all of you. Thanks for all the support and everything! 

Elder Albertson


    I wanna send a shout out to my cousin Luke and tell him best of luck in his first state championship game this Friday! Play hard, remember who you are, work hard, remember the name you bare on your back, and remember to give thanks for the opportunity and talents our Heavenly Father has given you! That is something I wish I would have been better at! 

Quotes for Luke! 

"Champions are made from something they have deep inside them... A DESIRE, A DREAM, A VISION" 

"When your Body gets tired, your minds says.." This is where Winners are made"..When your mind gets tired, your heart say.. "This is Where CHAMPIONS ARE MADE"! 

Love you Luke! Play like it’s your Last! 



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos 

Holy cow! Time truly is a flying. I don't even know where this past week went, let alone the past transfer that I have been here in Rio Vista. This time has come that we have now been called to depart from the great Trio-N-Rio and now share our talents in other areas, or with other people who are waiting to hear the gospel. 

I am definitely going to miss my wonderful companions that I have had here in Rio Vista. I definitely know that where they are going, there are people waiting to hear the message of the Gospel from them, and need to hear their testimonies. 

Elder Bischoff will be taking his talents to the great city of Vacaville, and will have the chance to serve with some other great missionaries there. 

Elder Olmos is going be headed to San Rafael, to be a follow up trainer to another great elder. 

It's going to be quite different not having Elder Olmos and Elder Bischoff around anymore. My new companions are going to have to fill some very large shoes. The Branch here in Rio Vista absolutely loved those Elders, and loved our “Trio-N-Rio”. 

Overall, though this past week has been absolutely amazing! We have seen so many miracles within the missionary work this past week. It has been crazy! We were able to pick up 8 new investigators this week, and were able to teach more lessons in the area, than this area has done for a super long time. 

Wednesday was definitely our Miracle day! We were able to teach 3 lessons before dinner, as well as talk with tons of people because we did a lot of area bookwork. Wednesday evening we had the opportunity to go on splits with the members taught a lot of people. Just in the evening we all contacted the daily goal of 10 people each, and as well we taught 6 lessons. So in total all day we were able to teach 9 lessons. That's the most I have done in one day my entire mission. This area is really starting to progress. 

I had the opportunity to play tennis this morning with a Members husband who has been coming to church for quite a while, and has just been baptized. Don Stinson is quite the tennis player, and sport fanatic. I definitely think I am in this are for a reason, and he is one of those reasons. 

Since we have been able to meet so many new families in the area this week, it has been completely amazing! I am so glad that I will be staying here in Rio Vista, and continue to share the gospel in such a wonderful area, and such wonderful members! 

Saturday we had a lot of fun doing some service at Hawk and Liza's house! We had the entire District out here in the Rio Vista doing service. It was a lot of fun. We were pulling trees out and tossing a lot of tree branches! His Property is really starting to get cleaned up, and now we are definitely going to have a to have a huge burn day! It will be tons of fun! 

Overall though things are going great here in Rio Vista! I love the area, and cannot wait to continue seeing the work grow and increase! 

I want to throw a shout out to my cousin Cassie! I am super happy and excited to hear she is going to be getting married in the temple and will be able to receive so many blessing for living worthily to do so! 

Love you all! 

Elder Albertson 
 Tennis was so much Fun!!
Fairfield Zone!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos 

Well this week has been interesting. I was very exhausting, but very rewarding as well. It was hard, especially since we all started to come down with small colds, however thanks to the extra hour of sleep we got Saturday night, and eating a few JalapeƱos to clean us out, we are all feeling much better! 

This past week was full of service. From moving a family onto an Air Force Base, to tackling goats, so we could give them their shots, and clip their hooves, to bucking 85 bales of hay, alfalfa, and straw, and then throwing 150 pumpkins from a box, to someone’s front heard! A lot of fun, but as you all know, after a long time of no physical working out, or physical stress on the body, it can become very hard to recovery from such activities! Very sore muscles, hands, feet, shoulders..You name it we're feeling it. 

I cannot explain how much I am falling in love with this area. I just feel I’m in Blackfoot all the time. 

The missionary Work here in Rio vista, is picking up slowly but surely. We are struggling to find a lot of new investigators to teach, however we are working with a lot of part member families who are getting so close to entering the waters of baptism. They are all very open with us as missionaries, and have no problem with us teaching them. They come to church pretty often with us as well. It is amazing because most of the time part member families, can be very hard to work with, because they have just been over taught by the missionaries in the past. 

We have been having a lot of fun strengthening the members, and working with them to become stronger and better leaders in the Branch! This past Sunday we had a recent convert, who was baptized in January, receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. We have been working with him, and striving to help him understand and have a better knowledge of the importance of leaders in the church, leaders other than the prophets... And such. 

We are also still working very closely with Hawk and Liza. She is progressing very well. Yesterday being fast Sunday, we had the chance on Saturday evening, after a delicious meal we had with them to talk about the importance and blessings of fasting as well as the offerings. She absolutely loved it, and was very quick to jump on board and be willing to fast with us. We haven't had the chance to follow up on how it went, but we are excited to see where things go! 

Hawk is amazing he is already starting to share with his niece more about how they are going to church and such. He has actually been able to bring his niece back to church yesterday for the first time in 20 years. So long ago that they didn't even have her records anymore. However now Kim is wanting us to start teaching her husband Curtis who is not a member, because she wants to come back to church, and have a strong family, with a good strong faith. I'm super excited. 

Things in the Rio de Janeiro, so we call it, are going pretty well. We might be struggling finding people to teach, but the members are doing a decent job of doing it for us.  It is super fun, all of the members are great, and we are really starting to gain relationships with so many of them. 

I love you all, and thank you all so very much for the wonderful prayers and support that I feel daily. Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. 

Elder Albertson