Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

Absolutely amazing! This week has been the greatest! To start off, I
think the best part of the week is that I was able to start wearing new pair
of shoes. After walking for more than 12 straight months in the same
pair of shoes, since they were the same ones I had used my entire
mission so far. I finally wore a hole in the bottom! So I started with
a fresh new pair this week, and my feet feel great! But more
importantly was the miracles our Heavenly Father showed to us this
past week! It's been a stressful one, but worth every moment.

Monday we had quite the wonderful day! With a great amount of
basketball being played. Our investigators were finally able
to make their way to Fairfield and buy the marriage license they needed.
Thankfully with the help of Hermana Alonzo, who took time out of her day
to help us help them take this step in there life! What a blessing! They
even paid for the Marriage license all by themselves! 95$
We had plans to pay with the branch and money and everything to help them
out, however it was better that they paid for it because then it
showed it was something they truly wanted rather than us trying to do
it for them! Such a great day!

Tuesday was another great day! We didn't have the opportunity to teach
District meeting because that Friday we had Zone Conference.
It was such a blessing to go to that as well! However, we still were able
to do exchanges, and I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder
Tepox, and Elder Dunlap! They seemed to be struggling just a bit but they are
doing really well now! I was able to take Elder Tepox with me to
Benicia on our bikes! Things went so well! We taught Veronica before we
headed out there so that we could have everything set up with
the wedding Thursday and the baptism immediately after! The plans were
set, and everything went great and we were able to have a great lesson. On
our way there we were super hungry so we stopped at a Taco Truck
and taught a less active that works there, and he gave us huge
burritos before we left on our long bike trip to Benicia!

Tuesday night, we got a ride home from Benicia after being there all
day, and being super exhausted. We got a horrible text from Veronica
saying that she did feel she was ready to marry Javier because she
didn't feel he trusted her! So we basically began to cancel all of the
plans and call all the Branch members and let them know.

Wednesday we were able to have another great day, we were still pretty
stressed out, and trying our best to figure out why she texted us. We were able
to finish our exchanges, and then I talked with elder Delgado about everything
that went on, and we began to make plans.

Wednesday night, we had our Baptismal interview planned, so we waited
at the church after class hoping Veronica would show up so we could
just see what was going on. She never showed up, so we went into emergency
mode, and Elder Delgado went with Hermano Flores to see her, while I
stayed at the class to wait for other investigators.

During the class we get a call from Elder Delgado that everything was
still good to go! And that her family would be coming in for the wedding
Thursday and that she wanted to be baptized Saturday night! Holy cow, talk
about stress and having members not very happy with you, because you
kinda threw the plans all together last minute. Yeah things were
nuts! I thought I was going to get killed. We had to talk with
President Judd who is the stake president about doing the marriage because
Presidente Tobias couldn't do the services.

So to make a long story short, because I'm running outta time, just imagine
this…Two missionaries, who have never really planned a wedding, and aren't
very smart when it comes to things like that, planning a wedding in
less than 24 hours, and a baptism for just two days later! And don’t forget we
still had our Zone conference all day Friday! Pretty wild!

Thursday we took care of it all! We had weekly planning
to do because Friday we would be in Napa all day. So during our
weekly planning we were taking breaks, setting up the gym for this
wedding, however you need to take into consideration, that none of the
stuff got there until 7, when the wedding was supposed to start due to a
a funeral in the Branch for a young man named Diego, who had a
stroke, and had been on life support for a few weeks. However, let’s
just talk about the good things! Javier and Veronica loved it, they
thought it was absolutely amazing, and things went more smoothly than
we could have imagined! After the wedding Javier mentioned to us that
he would like to visit the temple where he can be sealed for time and
all eternity! Now the miracle is the fact that this man, went from not
wanting to step foot into our church, to now wanting to attend
the temple of our Heavenly Father! Wow! Can you say miracle?

Friday was such a great relaxing, and spiritual day! We were able to
make our travels to Napa and participate in Zone conference with the
Napa Zone! Things there went so great, the entire Zone conference was
focused on the Book of Mormon, because our mission just finished
reading it in 90 days! They challenged us to start it again, and read
it a second time in 90 days! It only took Joseph Smith 65 days to translate
the Book of Mormon with the power of God, and his Spirit that we
have. We should all be able to read it in 90 days don't you think?
Let's all do it together? Who’s on board?

Saturday we had the wonderful opportunity to hold the baptismal
service of Veronica! Things went so great, tons of members showed up,
it was so well attended! Now we will begin to pray for Javier, that he
will be open minded of the message we have to share as well.

Sunday we had Jefferson at church again and I was also able to confirm
Veronica as a member of the church, and give her the gift of the Holy
Ghost!  It was such an amazing experience. We talked with Jefferson
who is scheduled to be baptized this weekend, however we found out that
he will not be able to make it. If you could all pray for him that
would be great. He is still struggling with a few lifestyle changes.

Love you all so much! Hope this email gives you a glimpse of how my
week went! Love you and thank you for your support.

Elder Albertson

 If you've got a sweet tooth... to Know the truth, 
the Book of Mormon can fix all problems.

 Veronica's Baptism! 
Such a miracles in our life, to be apart of such a

great blessing!

 Veronica's Family at the Wedding!

  Veronica's family! They're amazing!

Wedding set up? Not too bad for two missionaries huh?

The Wedding Ceremony!!

The Bride and Groom's first dance
      as Husband and Wife.

Video that Parker sent Channing for her Birthday!!