Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

    Holy Crap! This week went by so fetching fast! I cannot believe that
I’m sitting here at the church again typing on my iPad, sending
another email home! Gosh It’s always so hard to describe my entire week
to you all in an email! If only I could just call y'all once a week to report
how my week was it would be so much easier! Ha Ha

    So, I feel really bad, because last week, I completely forget to mention
one of the craziest experiences I have  had on my mission
concerning “Evil Spirits” residing in peoples homes! It was quite crazy
especially since I have never really been exposed to that before and didn’t
really believe that it could be possible! However, now I believe it!
   So last Friday Elder Wright, Elder Mathusek, and Elder Despain,
the trio of Elders that are in my district had a crazy lesson in one of their
 recent converts homes that they had just barely moved into!
I don’t know if you could call ita home since it’s a camper that their living in!
 Elder Wright called me freaking out about what to do!
He explained  his experience in the home as if he felt very dark the entire
time  he was visitin in the home. Jose the husband of Cristina who was recently
baptized was acting super weird! None of them could speak whatsoever!
They basically said they needed to go and cast outEvil Spirits” that are
residing in the home! So Saturday morning all 5 of us Elders returned to the
home and basically we explained how we felt being in the home! No Joke!
the minute I walked in the door I felt sick to my stomach and not good
whatsoever! It was the worst feeling I have ever felt! So we talked with them,
and explained what we were going to do! So we all knelt down, and offered a
prayer! During that prayer we used the Authority of The
 Priesthood and we cast out the evil that was residing in that home in
the Name of Jesus Christ! Immediately after I said that, we all
literally got the chills up ours arms and everywhere and then we felt
normal again in the camper! It was one of the most powerful
experiences I have yet had on my mission using the Priesthood! It was

    This week was definitely not as crazy as that experience I had nor was
it as exciting. Well at least I cannot remember! However, most likely
immediately, when I send this email I will remember something that I wanted
 to share with you all but forgot to talk about! ha ha

    So last week we had the opportunity to Help Agustin reframe his house!
Unfortunately, Vianey who lives with him, ran her car into the house! I guess
she tried to park the car in the living room! Ha ha.  It was a great
experience! It’s so much fun to be able to actually do service projects
like that and talk Spanish the entire time! I actually know exactly
what’s going on the entire time, as well as I was learning the Spanish words
for the tools! Such a blast! Agustin is such a BOSS! It was funny to
watch his face when we took out the wrecked wall only to find how horribly framed it
had been before! Oh man, he was not happy! Ha ha

    I’m going to miss Agustin so much, when I leave this area! However, he
told me on Sunday after I told him I was most likely going to be
leaving the area in about 2 weeks! He said “NO!”, and then told me he was
going to call President Alba, and tell him that I needed to stay! Ha
ha! We will see how that goes! I’m a little nervous but at the same time
I’m prettty sure President Alba will get a kick out of it!  It’s
okay though, he also told me that after my mission he will pay for me
to fly down to Cabo San Lucas to visit him! When I do,  we
will go through the temple together! Aww! I am so happy for him!

    Wednesday we had interviews with president Alba! Such a great
experience! I always love being able to talk to President Alba!
However things were a little weird because we had an interview or a
chat with Sister Alba as well! It was super awkward because she was
just talking to us about things that were not related to Missionary work at all.

    Sunday we had our investigator Oscar make it to church! I’m a little
concerned though, because he said he didn't understand hardly
anything, so things will be interesting to see if he wants to go to
the english ward, or continue to get his Spanish skills back and come to the
Spanish Branch!

I’m super sorry my email is short this week! But we really didn’t have
anything too exciting going on this week!

I love you all!
Elder Albertson

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