Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

Gosh Dang it! Here I am sitting at this same table, writing
another letter home! Not that I hate writing letters or anything! Just
the fact that time flipping flies! I don’t even know what to say! The
mission definitely feels like I have been out here for quite a while
but at the same time, when I look back I’m not quite sure where the
time has gone! I hope it is the same for you, whether you are at home,
or in the mission field! No matter where you are in your life right
now, just know that we are on our "4 minutes" and we all need to be
preparing for our time to come!

General Conference this week was absolutely amazing! It’s amazing how
much you actually get out of General Conference when you are a servant
of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It’s such a blessing to have a
living prophet today, and to be able to heed his council! It’s such
a miracle to be able to listen to the apostles as well, as they
testify of Christ, and teach us the things that we need to be able to
continue and endure to the end!

It was such a blessing, Saturday night to be able to watch the priesthood
session, in Spanish, with my recent convert! I truly can testify in the
name of Christ, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, truly does change
lives. I have never seen it preform such miracles until I met Agustin!
He truly is my find! I found him! He is the reason I am serving in the
Santa Rosa, California Mission! Agustin's life has truly changed. He
was able to attended his first General Conference this week with me!
He was so excited to be able to listen to the Living Prophet it was

After priesthood session President Alba had all of the missionaries
here in Santa Rosa, gather for an Ice cream social after the priesthood
session! It was a great time! I invited Agustin as well! He was pretty
much the character of the entire night! Everyone was gathered around
in a giant circle with Agustin as we were all talking! We got
one of the English Elders to ask Agustin.... Me Quieres Besar? Will
you kiss me? ha ha Super funny! All of the Spanish Elders understood,
and President Alba, but the English Elder who asked him, had no idea
what was going on! Super funny! Ha ha I love messing with English
Elders! Cause they are so clueless!

Gosh Dang, today I cannot get over the fact of how powerful General
Conference was! There is no DOUBT in my mind that The Church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the true church that still stands today!
 "Doubt your Doubts, Before you doubt your Faith"

This week was a little slow with missionary work, just with everything
that was going on! It was a little wild! However, we did have a
small competition start up here in the zone! It has gotten quite
interesting! So we have started what we call an Interpretative Dance
Competition! So what we did is, we all have ipads that have Ring tones
on it, so we use 1 ipad with the ring tone and another iPad to record
what we are doing! The dances have gotten pretty interesting! I will

send one of them home, although my mother may or may not decide to put on
the Blog! It is getting pretty fun!

Well, just incase you are all wondering, I happened to watch all of the
sessions of General Conference at the church! It gets a little hard
sometimes, because my knees start to hurt real bad sitting for that

Monday I think I ate the best most interesting food on the mission so
far! It tasted kinda Funky!  It was tacos but he used cow cheek!
It was pretty interesting at first I thought it was tongue, because of
How chewy it was and slimy and such! But then when I asked him, he
told us it was cow cheek! It was pretty interesting! Nothing like what
I'm sure some of you are eating though! Benefits of being in America!

OH MY GOODNESS! Last night on our way into ward correlation with our
ward Mission leader, I was able to meet a little guy who reminded me
of Konner so much! It actually made me super sad! Or otherwise in
mission terms, I got trunky! Which means I was thinking about home! Ha
ha. I couldn't get my old job at A&R outta my head, or my greatest
cousin Konner! His Name is Adrian! He is a little boss!

Other than that! That’s my week in a glimpse!
I love you all!
Love, Elder Albertson

This is my buddy Adrian!
 His shirt was sick! It said IRISH SWOOSH 
with a Basketball under it!
Aww I love this little guy!

 Birthday Party!!
 Car wash!!
Service Project
This is at a member's home.  He lives in the middle of this big Vineyard
From left to right:
Elder Albertson, Elder Jeske, Elder Debora, Elder Dunlap,
Elder Despain, Elder Mathusek and Elder Wright (Compliments of Sister Hardy)

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