Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos

Before I begin, lets start this out with a SHOUT OUT:
“Congratulations! Dakota and Jayme!”

Holy Cow this week has been pretty dang eventful! It’s been so crazy! I
do not even know where to begin! There have been so many things that
have gone down! Where do I begin?

How about we start with what went down last Monday during our preparation
Day, we got a call from President Alba, and suddenly Elder Dunlap and I needed
to be moved out of our apartment by Tuesday night, because poor Elder
Kruitbosch, or Jake now, went home on Tuesday! So his companion Elder
Johnson was going to move into our apartment to hang out with the Zone
Leaders this week until transfers! But then we found out that the transfer of
Apartment’s was permanent! So now we are living in a 2 man pad, which is kinda
nice! Because it’s quiet and we can actually study! So Monday was
very wild! However, the Beach was a lot of fun. We played
football on the beach. The teams were the North Zone vs. South
Zone! The South Zone, which is mine, totally killed them! They couldn't even
compete with us! So much fun!

Tuesday, we had a great district meeting about General Conference and
were had so much fun with an Easter egg hunt to look for eggs
that had quotes from General Conference on them! Then when we all came
back we had to somehow act out the quote and name the talk! Kind of like
Charades! It was pretty interesting and very exciting! I got the
biggest donut too, because I was able to find the most Easter eggs!  And no,
 I didn't break the rules of No pushing or shoving! Ha ha! The
rest of the day, Tuesday we pretty much just packed and moved and deep
cleaned both apartments! The one I moved into was disgusting! However,
now it’s pretty clean!

Thursday, we had a huge Zone activity where we made about 20 gallons of
grape kool aid, and stood on the corners of streets with signs and
handed out free grape kool aid to those who were walking around the
campus here in Santa Rosa! Its a JC, but there was still a ton of
people and it was so much fun! Aww man I loved it! I was talking to so
many people! However, the whole purpose for this grape kool aid thing
was to invite people to our Easter Sunday fireside that we had
yesterday! It was so much fun!

Friday! Holy cow. So with transfers being Wednesday we receive transfer
doctrine on Friday, so that way we have time to prepare and to say our
goodbyes to all our loved ones here in our area! I am going to miss
this place! I hope I get to come back one day to serve in this branch
again! It’s amazing! Friday started out with probably the
most disturbing thing I have ever heard in my entire life! I will cut
it short and just leave it at the fact that I have some rowdy
neighbors! Gosh Dang! We couldn't study whatsoever! It was Nasty!

Friday, during the day was probably the hardest weekly planning session
I have ever had in my entire life! Knowing that most likely I was
leaving. However, it was kinda nice, because in the 12 week program
which is a program your trainer does with you, the last week you have
the Greenie weekly plan all by himself! Which was kind of nice! Yes, I
still helped him, but I made him make all the major decisions
according to what he felt was correct!

Friday night while we were in a lesson with Agustin and Vianey, I
was telling them that I was going to be receiving a phone call that
night, to see if I was going to be leaving or staying here in Santa
Rosa for another transfer! Well sure enough right as I finished saying
that, the phone started vibrating and I looked at it, and yep it was my
Zone leaders! Dang it! They told me to answer it so I did!
Sure enough I am being transferred! I am heading to the most dangerous
city in the Mission, and one of the most dangerous cities in the state
of California! I am headed to Vallejo! When telling Agustin and Vianey I
was leaving! My heart immediately dropped and I was super sad! I don’t
know what I am going to do without Agustin! He truly is my best
friend! I know I was sent to this mission for him! He is amazing!

Saturday we had some service projects to do! Which was pretty
interesting concerning one of them I was just tossing mattresses off
the balcony to another missionary Elder Tooley down at the bottom! It
was super easy and a lot faster than walking every single one of them
down the stairs and such! Ha ha! So much fun! Man do I love doing
service! The 2nd service project consisted of detailing a car! Elder
Wright worked at a car detailer before the mission! It was a lot of
fun to be able to detail this BMW! This car was so nice! I learned how
to wax it and everything! It was a blast! Aww man I cannot wait to be
able to watch my green baby when I get home! He will be looking so
good! Ha ha!

Saturday night after our 3 hour long dress rehearsal for the fireside
we had Branch Correlation with our Ward Mission Leader! It was so much
fun! That family is great! They just recently went through the Temple
as well! In fact, they were the ones who went through while I have been
here! We were talking about chicken and how before I left I
wanted to have a Chicken Fight! Well, he was telling me how he
has 3 guys and 5 girls! I told him to make the guys happy he need more
women! But when I said this his wife in the kitchen didn't know what
we were talking about so she thought I was telling him to get more
women! As in Wives! ha ha It was so funny! She freaked out!
That family loves me! It’s so great! She later asked me if I want a
spankin! ha ha! I cannot even express how funny the story was in
Spanish! It was so great! Everyone in the house thought it was so

Sunday was probably my favorite Sunday in the mission!  Such a
miracle! I cannot believe how talented some of these missionaries are
here in my mission! We had an Easter Sunday musical fireside! To
Celebrate the Life and Resurrection of Jesus Christ! It was a
spiritual blast! I was asked to give the closing prayer as well! We filled
the entire stake center and probably half of the gym! It was
incredible! I hope I will be able to get it on video to send home to
you guys to be able to watch it! It’s amazing! SO Powerful!

So, I hope you guys got it all! But this week was crazy! So much going
on! It was incredible! If you guys didn’t get much, just remember, that I am
going to be Transferred on Wednesday, so do not send any mail until next
Monday when i get you all my new address or just send it to the mission home:

5301 Badger Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA

Well I love you all! I hope everything is going well back home! Miss you all!

Love, Elder Albertson
p.s: All the photos of members and such will come next week when I finish taking
Photos with all the members!

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