Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos
Happy Easter! Yesterday!


Holy Cow! Where did this dang week go! I do not even know where to
begin! Iam lost on what to say and everything because time has
absolutely been flying lately! Except sometimes throughout the week
when I don't have anything to eat! Which will be the next 2 weeks because
food here in Vallejo is expensive, and I have no money! I think I have
finally figured that I spend too much and I don't do a good job
budgeting my money here in the mission! I have come to realize its
because I just keep swiping my card not even caring how much, because
I just assume there is money in the account, so next thing I know, I'm
out of money for the month! To fix this problem today I am going to cut
up my home debit card, so I do not spend money anymore! If there is an
emergency then oh well! I will learn to survive!

However, this week has been amazing now looking back on it! I just want
to tell you all how thankful I have been to be able to serve in this
mission! Especially Spanish speaking! Every new area I go to or old
area I leave, I just love! I can definitely tell you all that this mission call was
inspired of God! I am here In Santa Rosa, California for a reason! It’s
been absolutely amazing! I cannot express how blessed I am to be here
in Santa Rosa! I would not want to be any where else in my life right

So, as you all know last Wednesday I was transferred to my new area
here in Vallejo! Vallejo is quite the City! It’s not that big of a
city, but the crime rate here is high and growing daily!
Gangs from Oakland and San Jose move here because there is only 7
or 8 cops who cover the entire city! Things get pretty
interesting at night here! I would definitely have to say that
Vallejo’s city anthem is the sirens from cop cars and ambulances! It’s
pretty interesting! Everyday we have a new story to tell to the other
Elders or another story to talk about all day long! It’s nuts! My
new address here in Vallejo is 155 Kathy Ellen Dr. Vallejo, CA 94591
Just in case y‘all were wondering!

Last Monday and Tuesday were my last 2 days in Santa Rosa! I was
very sad to leave, however I was excited to start the next chapter of
life here in the mission, because I know the Lord needs me here in
Vallejo! I was able to take plenty of photos with all the members
there in Santa Rosa that I had a strong relationship with! I was
quite depressed having to leave Agustin! However, I was able to give
the last dinner message in Santa Rosa with him on Tuesday night! I
cried quite a bit actually! He is my brother that I have never had
growing up!

I will be sending home a lot of photos that I took with members there
in Santa Rosa! With small captions of who they are and the
relationship we had!

I am now in Vallejo! Which has been quite interesting! I
absolutely am loving it right now! Our area is not doing as good as the area I left
in Santa Rosa, which is o.k.  It just means I have my work cut out for me!
However, yesterday we had a family of 5 come tochurch who have
Baptismal dates for the 5 of May! I am very excited!
There is so much potential here in Vallejo for us to be able to find,
teach, and baptize!

My new apartment is very nice! We kind of live in the hood, where 5
bikes were stolen off our balcony! Even though we are on the 2nd
story! Now I am in a bike area which means I should be getting
pretty skinny again and hopefully will start loosing weight again, but
this time I would like to do it in a healthy way. In our Apartment we
live with 2 other Spanish Elders! Elder Grisham who is from Alaska and
is only 1 transfer younger than me, and Elder Nelson who is just out 6
months! They are pretty quiet kids so Elder Alvarado and I just do
crazy things all night after nightly planning to get them to open up!

Elder Alvarado and I get along so well! He is from Compton,
California! So he constantly thinks everything that goes on here in
Vallejo is LAME! Elder Alvarado is nuts! He picks up every
single bottle and can! Everywhere we walk! Since we walk about 20
miles a day and don't use our bikes, because of how hilly it is here.
We can usually fill about 2 backpacks per day! This week we
ended up cashing it all in or recycling it for about 20 dollars! Ha ha
I’m still working on trying to get him to split it with me so I can use
it to buy me some groceries! Ha ha

Friday, I taught my very first district meeting! It went very well! I
am Co-District leader, which means my companion and I, Elder Alvarado
are both the district leaders! Which makes sense considering the fact
he has been a Zone Leader and almost went AP but then didn't want the
responsibility. Now he goes home in like 3 months! We didn't even
really plan for District Meeting, and our Zone Leaders told us it went
very well! I was pretty nervous, but come to find out that it’s
pretty easy! I am pretty excited to be able to go on exchanges now
with the Elders in my District and to be able to help them become
better missionaries! They are great!

Just so you all know! Elder Alvarado is nuts! He reminds me of
Dakota Albertson so much! He is constantly doing things that Dakota would
do in that exact same moment! Like the other day we were walking
past a giant party in the street! He looks and me and goes! I’m hungry
lets grab some grub at this fiesta and then we can get something to
drink as well! I was freaking out like are you nuts! They’re drunk
they aren’t going give us anything, next thing I know he convinced me.
We came outta the party 20 minutes later with a water, and 2 giant
plates of Carne Asada, Chicken, and Steak! It was great! With salsa
verde and everything! I loved it!

Thank you all for sending me packages for Easter! I truly appreciate
hearing from all of you! It’s great!

Elder Albertson
Enjoy these Pictures and a couple of Videos!

Friends for Life!!
La Familia Ruelas! They are amazing! He will probably 
be the Bishop in November when they become a ward!  

Hermano Corona and Jose Delgado! 
La Familia Vasquez! They are the family that just 
recently went through the temple
Hermano Toupin! 1st Counselor in the Branch Presidency! 
Hermano Galvan! 2nd Counselor in the Branch Presidency! 
Cutting off the Bike Lock that Elder Kruitbosch left on it! 
Santa Rosa Branch Greenie Graduating from the 12 week Program! 

Last Day with Agustin and Vianey! 
Hermano Monolo! 

Elder Mathusek and I! 

Elder Wright and I! He was a great district leader! 

Elder Despain! One of the Best greenies! 

Elder and Sister Bangeter! They go to costco weekly like you dad!  

Elder Dunlap and I as we said our Goodbyes at transfers! ha ha 
Obviously he was excited to get rid of me! ha ha 

Hermano Miranda! Ward Mission Leader! Oh and Dont forget! 
He bought that van so he could give Investigators 
rides to church with him! 

My home boy Adrain! His family is being taught right now! 
All from the simple love I showed to him in the street every time I saw him!
Hermano y Hermana Escamilla! They gave me a Fossil Watch! 
They are amazing! I am going to miss them as well! 

Hermana Suarez and Andres! 
He was not happy because I didn't 
go over early enough to play

Welcome to Vallejo! 

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