Monday, March 3, 2014

February 24, 2014

This week has been kinda all over the place! From Santa Rosa to
Oakland! It was a  crazy a week with some crazy stories, and some 
great outcomes! However, in a letter from my mother this week she 
told me she didn't like how long my letters were that I was sending home!
(Just kidding, Mom). So I guess I will just let you all know that
this young buck here is doing quite well! Living the dream! Serving
the Lord for 2 years of my life, helping others come unto Christ and
receive eternal life! This week has been great!

This week was absolutely amazing! We struggled a bit with our numbers
which is only a problem if your a numbers kind of missionary! However, I 
still feel good about how our week went! Elder Dunlap and my relationship 
is finally starting to line up! We are finally starting to understand each other
and open up with each other which is great! It has taken me quite a
while, and so now I hope I don't get transferred because I think we can
do great work together, but it has just taken us awhile to finally open up
to each other! Or to get him to open up!

Tuesday we had such an amazing district meeting where we were able to
learn about the importance of the Book of Mormon in the conversion of
our investigators! I never realized how important it is for them
to be reading it everyday and to actually be praying whether or not
the Book of Mormon is true! I cannot express the love I have for the
Book of Mormon, now in my life! If I could, I would go back and
read it way more often before the mission! For the Book of Mormon is
the keystone to the gospel! If the Book of Mormon is true than we know
Joseph Smith was a true Prophet which means we know that we have
living prophets and the Priesthood has been restored! It also works
the other way! However, I know that the Book of Mormon is true! The
Book is blue and it's true! In Spanish, Eso es Azul y es verdad!

Thursday, we had a great temple trip! It is always such an amazing
experience to be able to go to the temple and be able to feel that
amazing spirit! I just wish Santa Rosa, had a temple so that we could
go more often and actually take some of our investigators to the
temple for that ground is sacred and I'm sure that the lessons would
be miraculous if we could teach a lesson on temple grounds! I guess I
won't ever be able to experience that until I come home and continue my
missionary work there! As a member missionary! We had a Less
Active/ Active Member take us to the Temple! Joey is a boss! He is
Less Active according to our Branch! However, he attends the Rohnert
Park Branch every Sunday because there is too much drama in our branch
so he says! Joey is a funny guy! But a great one as well! He
always tells us to loosen up our ties, because he served a mission,
and he knows how nice it is to finally be able to loosen up the tie
during the day! We never do though! Ha ha, He is So funny!

We also had a 3 hour long companionship inventory Thursday night!
Which turned out to be quite interesting! I found out somethings
that I probably didn't want to know! However, at least now I know these
things and can strive to help my companion to the best of my ability! We will
see how these things turn out! Im a little nervous and scared at the
same time because I have to talk to President Alba about these things!

Friday we had our regular weekly planning session! Which usually
always goes the same! However the night after the weekly
Planning session never goes the same! Friday night we were walking
back to our car, when I saw some Cholos (Gangsters) in the streets!
They were playing some legit street ball! Ha ha You all knowing me,
not being afraid of much I definitely had to go up and contact them!
They didn't really want anything to do with us! I'm pretty sure Elder
Dunlap was quite frightened by now!  I was talking to the 4 of
them about basketball! They mentioned they only play seriously for
wages! So I thought I'd give them a run for their money! Try and Pick
up a few extra bones on the mission! Nahhh ha ha I actually told them
I would play them for a small wager though, if they were interested in
playing a small average white boy from Idaho in Basketball! Ha ha They
picked the best baller there was for the fact if I won I was going to
teach them all a lesson and they had to come to church! If I lost, I
would never contact them again or bother them concerning missionary
work! So we began to play on this hoop that was attached to the Wall
of a Building! The Rules were that everything was worth 1 Point
and call your own fouls! WHOA I thought I was gonna get dir-ty! Ha ha
No worries though! I was winning 9 to 0 when I had the ball and when
you sweep past him, rose up to dunk on him! When I did so I felt a
huge push from the back! Well it ended up with me dunking it and
taking the Rim down in my hands as well! HA HA HA HA HA Quite
interesting but pretty fun! They never would have thought a small
white boy from Idaho would've balled so hard on them! Ha Ha

Saturday! HOLY COW! MY HEART WAS SOFTENED! I also know that 
Laurna's heart was softened as well! Laurna is a lady who I contacted on the
streets one day who had a lot on her mind concerning the passing away
of her husband and how she was going to clean up her rental property!
Well I am happy to say that Saturday I was able to put a crew together
of 10 missionaries and completely renovate her rental property for
her! Its always a good feelings when she tells you, you can do
whatever you would like Elder Albertson! I trust you! That is such a
good feeling! We were able to take down 3 trees! 40 Ft. by 8 Ft. of
Blackberry bushes! Quite the project, now I'm setting up a way to get
all of this off her property! She is not a member as well! I can
promise you all that she will be baptized in the near future for the
things that we have done for here!

Sunday! Sunday was a great day as well! Agustin was able to get the
priesthood! Aww I am so excited for the bright future he has in store for 
him. So amazing! Gosh, I love sharing the Gospel and seeing it
change peoples lives! AWW YEAH!
Well there is my week in a glimpse! Sorry it's so scattered around and
everything! Such and amazingly busy week! I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you
for all you do! It have been great! OH and by the way I have lost
about 6 LBS! ha ha

Love, Elder Albertson

 Service Project for Days! We do work!
 Dad I thought this one would be good for you! Ha ha

 Straight up! Look at this pimped out ride!
 A beautiful day at the Oakland Temple
 Elder Dunlap and I at the temple!
 Trees for days!
 Blackberry bushes for days!
 Small Glimpse of my Legs after the Service project on Saturday!
 It was fun! But my legs are all torn up!
 Look at this beautiful Willys I found in a parking lot! 
Look at that Sewing Job! Yep! I did that! With the Help of Hermana
Bryant! ha ha I dont know if i could do it again without her helping
me though! We will see! She is so great! 

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