Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

Holy Cow! This week seems like it took forever, but at the same time
now I look back and I don’t even know where the time went! This is
starting to scare me a little bit considering I only have 4 weeks left
in this transfer and then 1 more transfer, which is 6 weeks and I will be at my 1 year mark! Which means I am half way done, and I feel like there is so much still in store for me! I still have a lot of growing to do to become who I want to become for the rest of my life.

This week has been so much better. Considering all the things that I have been struggling with! I have finally come to realize that I truly
cannot do this without my Savior Jesus Christ, and my Father in
Heaven. So this past week I decided to put it all on the line and
completely give it all to my Savior as I was able to do so through
humble pray and a sincere heart, for the things that I needed help
with.  I don’t think my personal testimony has been strengthened more in my life, that at this time. While I have been down in the dumps or going through some hard trials. Feeling the Love of the Savior and my family, I know truly has been the only way I have been able to make it through these hard times.

This week I've got a few good things to talk about! Or better yet,
some pretty sweet things to talk about.

So last week, I forgot to talk to you and let you all in on my recent
convert Agustin and how much of a stud he is! He full on blessed the
sacrament last Sunday! That was such a blessing to see, someone who came from living a hard life, to making the necessary changes in himself. To now acting upon and faithfully using his Priesthood! He is so amazing! I cannot wait to go through the temple with him. After my mission in Mexico! Ha ha! He told me is he moving back to Mexico City in a year, and that’s where he wants to go through the temple and that he will pay for me to come down to be there with him on that special day! And when I go down that he wants me to baptize his daughters that live there when I go for his temple trip! Aww! I can honestly say that I have found a forever friend! No doubt in my mind he is the reason I was called to serve in the Santa Rosa, California mission! Such a blessing.

However, this Sunday Agustin killed it even more! He was called on to teach Priesthood this week! So all this past week we have been helping him prepare his lesson. So amazing because he did such a great job. Even President Johnson told him in front of all the members that he felt that, that was the best lesson that has ever been taught by a member here in the Branch! AWW so Proud! Ha ha

So on Wednesday during our personal study things got a little wild! We have a Pigeon who hangs out on the gutter outside our apartment and just sits there and makes dumb sounds all the time! So we decided we were sick and tired of it! So Elder Mullenaux made a Blow Dart Gun! Ha ha in which we made attempts to try and kill the dang thing! However it wasn't ever strong enough! After that Elder Page and I decided to make a Hawaiian sling shot with a knife attached to the end of it! It’s pretty sick! We sat and practiced for a good while, as well as even took a few shots in which we missed the dang thing! Hopefully Mom can upload the video on the blog so you can watch! It was a pretty genius idea of how we made the thing! We have still not quite killed the thing, but he is too afraid to come back now, after what we attempted to do to him! Ha Ha!!

Sunday was great! Yesterday we as a Spanish branch had the wonderful opportunity of eating at Hermano Escamillas house! Who I believe is the most wealthy Spanish person here in Santa Rosa California. We were also able to be welcomed into his Booga Booga Secret Combination group! Holy Cow! It was quite the experience.
Now I can also say that I have been initiated into the Secret
combination! This is something I will need mom to post on the Blog as well! So everyone can participate in watching my initiation.

This week we were able to pick up a few new investigators. Some of
them being Investigators who I have taught before that we dropped and picked up again! It’s going to start to change here in our area! I am so excited to see the turns we are going to make here in our area in the next 4 weeks! So I can leave Elder Dunlap to lead the area out in good hands!

Our Companionship has made Leaps and Bounds! We are getting along so much better, and are starting to finally put the other things behind us and move on to things that are better for us during these times! I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity I have had to help Elder Dunlap through those hard trials in his life, and help him become who he can truly become, and most of all what the Savior sants him to become! It’s been a miracle.

Well that’s been my week in a glimpse. Sorry if it’s kinda bouncing
around everywhere. Ha ha It’s been good! I love you all, and will keep
you all in my prayers!

Elder Albertson!

 Bird Video (Posted against the wishes and advice of Mom)

Secret Combination Initiation!!

P-Day Preparation! Gotta make sure all the bikes Run well, so we can
hit the Slopes today! ha ha

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