Monday, March 17, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

I just want to start off by telling you all how much I love you! This
last transfer and now this transfer has probably been the hardest time
of my mission so far! Training is not easy! However, today I am feeling a lot better! I have gotten a ton off of my mind, and taken care of a lot of things that were bogging me down, and slowing the work down here in Santa Rosa!

I would also like to apologize for any small or large amounts of
frustration I have shared in my weekly emails! From here on out I will
focus on the things that are important for you all to learn, and to
know so that you can all grow from the experiences that I am having as well.

The work here in Santa Rosa is very slow right now. I am not too sure
why that may be,  but I am starting to believe that it may be because
of the attitude or lack of faith I have had lately in the missionary
work or life. I am starting to change that. On Monday, I got a
letter from my wonderful father who writes me ever week, inviting me
to re-read my Patriarchal Blessing. As I did so, I had quite the
spiritual experience, and I was able to look at myself as a missionary
from another ones point of view. It’s what I would like to call a
Spiritual rebuking! The spirit rebuked me! So I was able to actually
sit down and set some goals with myself to get me back to my exact
obedience for I noticed that I had slipped away from that as a
missionary! I also realized how every little thing I read in my Patriarchal blessing applied to exactly what I was going through
at that time.

This week we saw many miracles! We were able to have a wonderful
transfer meeting on Wednesday, where I was able to go to the Badger building and see a few of my good old fellow missionary "friends" or whatever you would like to call them. It was a good experience. I was so excited to be able to go to lunch with Elder Debora who I served with in Sonoma, the one who got me to buy that pair of Khaki Pants! Ha ha. I also had lunch with Elder Teisina who is being a boss right now in Fairfield! Such a great Experience.

Friday was quite an interesting night! We had a wonderful zone
meeting where we were able to watch a small glimpse of “Lord of the
Rings” movie! It was pretty interesting how our zone leaders managed to apply it to missionary life, and missionary work! Ha ha We also had quite the surprise walk into our zone meeting where we were able to meet the Area Seventy, as well as the General President of the Relief Society, President of Young Woman's, and also the President of the Primary!  They all walked into our Zone meeting, which was pretty interesting! We had the chance to meet and greet all of them as well! Ha ha. You would be surprised of what everyone thinks of missionaries from Idaho! When they talked to Elder Dunlap and I and we both mentioned we were from Idaho, they all were like "OHHH, we love Idaho missionaries, for they are the Hardest working missionaries!" ha ha!!

Saturday, we were able to have a wonderful day of service!
This has been one of the biggest blessings for me lately to be able to help Laurna with all these things that she has going on in here life, and trying to keep up on her rental property since her husband pass away not to long ago! I think I shared the story of how I contacted her a few weeks ago, in past emails. She is absolutely great! She has pretty much given me the green light to do whatever I wanna do to the property to make it look good again! So we have done so much! I sent home a few Fotos last week, I believe or the week before! It’s been quite the Service Project and I am still not done! Agustin has been a great asset in helping us with his chain saw, and taking loads of Material to the dump! Aww I am loving it!

Sunday was amazing! Agustin has the Priesthood and I was able to watch him use his authority and be able to Bless the Sacrament! Now next Sunday he is teaching Priesthood! It’s going to be amazing! I honestly have to admit that "I FOUND a FOREVER FRIEND"

I love you all so much! Don’t worry about me! I am doing great! Just
gotta change my ways! Love you all so very much!

Elder Albertson
" Some People WISH things could Happen,
  Some People WANT things to Happen,

Meeting the Area Seventy and the General RS, YW's 
and Primary Presidencies!

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  1. Just to let you know I found this blog just by googling Santa Rosa Mission (I served there in the 1980s). Although I haven't read everything I have noticed you have used peoples names with no disguise (e.g. just using initials). Please be aware of everyone's internet security and maybe change to initials or some other method for protecting those people you mention.

    Thanks, and enjoy your mission. ;-)