Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

Holy Cow! Where do I even begin! This week has been absolutely crazy!
It’s been full of growing and learning experiences! I cannot even
express how much I have learned just this week about myself, as well
about others and what I need to change to become better! I am starting
to think that Santa Rosa, will be the area I will go through the
most struggles! Mainly, because it has just been packed with struggles,
trials, and things to learn from the entire time! It’s been super hard,
but at the same time I love it!

I am trying to look back and think about what all crazy things are that
happened this past week! But Ireally cannot think of anything too
amazing! I had an interview with President Alba concerning some things
that came up last Thursday within my companionship! I’m not going to
mention details, because it is not my business to speak of. Everything
went really well with President Alba, as well as an interview I had
with him on Friday night concerning the same issue.

I’m not too sure if this is going to kill me or not! But my health has gone
down hill a bit since I wrote last. I have now lost about 15 lbs! And its still
going on! I’m not too sure what the issue is, but I'm constantly feeling hungry, but
anytime I eat anything or make me something to eat, I take one bite of
it, and I’m full or I'm tired of it! I talked with the mission Nurse,
and she told me to force myself to eat! So I begin to do so, and I’m
still just loosing weight, even after I force myself to eat all of it,
its just a battle to keep it down. Then I feel sick for the rest
of the day while proselyting! I really don’t know what’s going on! I was
running a fever of a 101 yesterday but continued and went to church!
I’m pretty clueless and the mission Nurse is not my favorite so I’m not going to talk to her again.  Hermana Bryant thinks that I might be stressed, but I don’t feel I'm stressed or worried about anything.

This week has been great though overall! I’m struggling to see and find
things to tell you all about, just because I absolutely feel horrible
right now writing this email! I apologize for this! No need to worry
about me, just remember that the Lord has a plan for all of us, and
obviously this is a trial he has put in my path to prepare me, and
help me learn and grow from these experiences.

Last Monday, I had the Opportunity to play President Alba in
tennis! He is a pretty decent tennis player! I tell you what though I
am quite outta shape! I felt bad as well, because I broke strings on
one of his rackets! I miss hearing the sound of new tennis ball
cans opening and smelling them! As well, as hearing the strings snap!
Such a great sound! HMM I love it! However, the outcome of the tennis
match, I probably shouldn't mention the score for if I do, my shot of
playing tennis after my mission will be over! Ha ha I lost 5-7! I was
beating him 4-0 when my shoulder was done! I could barely hit the ball
anymore and it was just getting way too tired! No excuses though right?
He still beat me fair and square! However Dad, he plays your style of
tennis! Just make sure the ball goes over the net! Ha Ha

This week we had some pretty fun things to do though! We had the
opportunity to have a mission wide conference call concerning
Obedience with our Ipads! I guess here in the mission we are having way
too many missionaries (Elders and Sisters) getting themselves caught up
in the things of the world! Such and Pornography and Youtube and
things like that! It was a very well done conference call, where
President Alba addressed all of us concerning that SATAN is REAL and
he is HERE TO DESTROY US! Aww I loved it! It went so well! No worries
though I will hold my ground! For my testimony is Upon a Boulder not a

This week we had quite the miracles happen in the Branch! Elder Wright
and Elder Nelson were able to have 2 Baptisms! Friday and Saturday!
Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting, however we didn't really
have a Testimony meeting for the Stake was redoing our Elders Quorum
presidency as well as 2 recent converts were confirmed members! This
transfer has been amazing! We have had 4 baptisms just here in the
Spanish Branch! I honestly think we will be becoming a ward here in
the next few months or so! I would love to be apart of that as well!

Transfers ended yesterday! So many of the missionaries will be getting
transferred on Wednesday, however I will be staying here in Santa Rosa
for another transfer with Elder Dunlap! This is going to be great
because we are finally starting to get outta the small slump we have
been in! I’m excited to get another baptism this transfer with Raul
Morales! We will continue to teach him and help him come unto Christ
and eventually help him enter the waters of Baptism! I’m very excited
to stay here in Santa Rosa another transfer! Things here in the
branch are starting to change!

Well there is my week in a glimpse! Sorry it’s such a lame email this
week! I love you all, and pray for you to all have your own missionary
Experiences! Love you!

Elder Albertson

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