Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014
Hola Familia/ Amigos!

     Este semana fue muy bien! This week has been absolutely great! I’ve got a lot to tell you about and pictures to show you however I forgot my card reader so I cannot send pictures until next week! Sorry about that! I will begin to practice the Atonement in my life and will repent for
that! Sorry MOM! Ha ha

     Let’s just start off with Monday last week and how much fun we had going to the beach and jumping from rock to rock to get out into the middle of the Ocean! It was such a blast I think that next week we are all going to go as a Zone because it will be at the beginning of the month so we will all have miles to be able to travel there. Then we will just struggle with miles the rest of the month! No Worries! Holy Cow though crazy story... Elder Page and I ran from rock to rock, and got quite a ways out there in the ocean! Because you know the rules say we cannot be in the water! However we didn't realize that when we got out there and were chilling that the Tide was beginning to come in and so we stuck on this one rock while all the other rocks got covered in water! So we Just jumped off and went running through the water! It was a great experience! Elder Page says we can be in the water as long as our feet don’t leave the sand then we will be alright! Ha ha. Such a great time!

    We also had the chance to have Elder Greenwood hang out with Elder Teisina and I, Monday and Tuesday because he "Killed" his companion! Elder Cabeza de Vaca! He went home, so Elder Greenwood needed some Spanish speaking missionaries to hang out with while he didn't have a companion! It was such a great experience! He spoke such great Spanish and I  got to learn so much from him before I became an official trainer!

    Tuesday, was a little bit of a wild day! However, we still had a great amount of fun being able to go to the Greenie Dinner, and have the opportunity to hangout with all the new missionaries and be able to talk with them! The devotional and Dinner was great! It was a fun experience and worked out great because we didn't have to find Elder Teisina a companion for the fact that he had Elder Greenwood with him!

    After the dinner and devotional Elder Ashton and I had the opportunity to hang out once again! Man, I miss those Elders I served with in Sonoma! That was a great first transfer I had in the mission! It was quite the experience! I loved it because he was a trainer as well, we had the opportunity to be able to hang out after the devotional and Dinner so we went and double- teamed my area, because Elder Teisina and Elder Greenwood were still working in our area! It was a great night all in all! I loved it!

    Well Wednesday was transfers where I had to say goodbye to my fellow companion Elder Teisina! It was a sad but exciting time being able to change for him, and grow more and he took off to Fairfield! He is going to be such a great missionary! Let’s get to the fun stuff though! I received my new missionary who is green as can be! I remember looking back when I was in his shoes being scared as could be and not wanting to do anything wrong, but I didn’t even know what the rules were! Let alone where the bathroom was! I was so lost! Which is the same with all these new missionaries! My new companion is Elder Dunlap! He is From Ririe, Idaho! So I guess our Posterity is just going to be straight Idaho Boys! From Elder Payne, to Elder Albertson, to Elder Dunlap! It’s only that we have this little Pride thing, because everybody knows that Idaho boys go to work with missionary work! It’s Great! We had some shopping to do, and such to get Elder Dunlap set up and ready for his missionary life!

    We also had our very first dinner together as a companionship on wednesday at Hermana Susanna's House! It was pretty fun! She had it all set up and we called it our greenie Dinner! All the Food was Green, the greenies had to wear Bibs and Binkies and bottles and everything! It was a great experience and I think Elder Dunlap and Hermana Hardy who is the other greenie in the Branch had a great time!

     Thursday! We had the best miracle I have seen on my mission yet! We went to teach Agustin and we just wanted to introduce Elder Dunlap to him! Well Agustin has a Baptismal date for this coming Saturday! When we were talking during the lesson Agustin randomly asked me, My Baptismal date is for the 1st of February correct? I responded yes it is! I then asked, Are you ready? His Response... YES I’M READY TO ENTER THE WATERS OF BAPTISM! During this time my heart sunk I was so happy!I didn't even know how to express it!

     Saturday, to finish the miracle Elder Dunlap and I practiced a Baptismal Interview with him! At the end I felt prompted that I should ask him to share his testimony with us! This was his testimony..."As you guys know I have been struggling with some things concerning my daughter who is living in Mexico with her mother! Well she ran away a few weeks ago and I didn't know what to do, one night around 2:30, when I woke up, I felt prompted to go to my knees and ask our Father in heaven for help! As I closed my prayer I ended in the name of Jesus Christ and immediately my phone rang! With a phone call from my daughter in Mexico, explaining the story and saying she was back at home with her family! At that point I knew that the Church was true! Such a miracle absolutely blew my mind! I was so happy!

     Saturday we also had the opportunity to help out a member in the ward to accomplish his Eagle Scout project! It was so much fun! The Branch absolutely loves me now, I’m not to sure why. I was just working at my regular pace but they said I was just killing it! Ha ah Hopefully that means that my member dinners might get better now ay? Ha ah J.k.

    Monday night he has a baptismal interview for Baptism! I know and have faith that he will be entering the waters of Baptism on the 1st of February!

    This week has been absolutely amazing! I’m super sorry about not having pictures this week! However, I will make sure and send them all home next week! I love you all and thank you so much for all the prayers! I pray for you all daily!

Please pray for Agustin to enter the waters of Baptism!

Love, Elder Albertson

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