Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20,2014

Hola Familia/Amigos,

Well, this week was another great week and also ended my time with Elder Teisina. It has been a great transfer and I learned a ton! It was great to get to serve with him! He is actually considered my daughter in the mission, because I am his mom, which means I’m his second companion! So yeah, I had my first kid in the mission and it happened to be a daughter! I sure hope this isn't showing me how my real kids are going to turn out! Cause I just want boys! ;) Ha ha

Monday, we had a great last P-Day consisting of playing some good competitive basketball! No one had a ball so I actually had to go and spend that money that mom and dad gave me for Christmas and I bought myself a Nice TF1000 for the mission! It will be a great basketball for the rest of the mission and will get used a lot! Monday, we also taught some wonderful lessons. I think most of my Investigators are progressing very well. Hopefully, I will see a good amount of baptisms here in my next transfer, here in Santa Rosa! We taught 4 lessons that night after P-day! I have come to realize that our Mondays are set up very well, we just go from appointment to appointment! So now I just need to get Tuesday through Thursday the same way! Ha Ha

Tuesday, we had a wonderful day as well! We definitely did not teach as many lessons as we should have! However we had a wonderful Zone Meeting taught by our Zone leaders! Elder Page and Elder Robinson, who talked a lot about setting higher expectations in our mission! I was taking such great notes on my I-pad and then all of a sudden they took my I-pad away! They took of the missionaries in our entire zone, and then went and checked them and deeply searched through everything we had ever done! It was great, because now it’s going to keep all of us honest on what we do on our I-pad! I got it back! So no worries! I haven't been disobedient!

Wednesday was just a regular day with nothing too exciting except we taught a good lesson to Marciel who I’m starting to become a little concerned about in regards to his progression rate!
I think he will do fine, he just needs to truly accept the gospel in his life! His Daughter Valentina has been a great example to him! He has read the book of Mormon he just needs to listen to the spirit more, and let it touch his heart! So he can become converted and accept baptism!       

Thursday was probably one of most scariest days of my life out here on the mission! I’m super sorry but this is kinda a long story! So we didn't have dinner, so Elder Teisina, Elder Tepox, and I ate dinner at our Apartment (Elder Tepox was with us because he is in a trio and the member could only feed 4, so we sent the Sisters, Elder Martin and Elder Nelson). I used my Dominos gift card and ordered us some wonderful pizza! As we were finishing up eating pizza, the phone starting ringing, so I went to grab the phone. Being a Thursday I knew that President Alba would call, to talk with missionaries who would be training next transfer or new elders! I saw that it was President Alba, and my heart immediately starting racing! No one believed me that it was him. So when I answered the phone, I answered "Hello, This is Elder Albertson" He Says " Elder Albertson I thought I was calling Elder Robinson and Elder Pages phone?" My Response "Ummm, as I look at the phone, Oh you’re right President they must have left their phone on the counter!" My Response " Oh no worries President Alba, I can take a message for them?" Now, in my chest, I was feeling a little better that it wasn't for me! His response was " Elder Albertson......Hmmm, I guess this isn’t a coincidence that I called the wrong phone to talk with you, however can you have Elder Robinson give me a call back, also while your on the phone I’ve got a new calling for you as well! My heart is now leaping outta my chest in fear! I would like to call you to be a trainer next transfer for a new Missionary! Now, with this calling Elder Albertson we need exact obedience and also now when we play tennis I get 4 games on you! Ha Ha so long story short! I will be training next transfer! Holy Goodness, I’m not sure I’m ready but I guess I am because The Lord called me to this position!

This is kind of scaring knowing that I’m going to be a Trainer! That means that I am going to have my second kid in the mission already! That's not good! I just hope it’s not going to be the same way for when I get home!

Friday, was weekly planning again! However, at that point Elder Teisina knew he would be leaving his greenie area, so weekly planning went great! Not! I had to do it all by myself! Ha ha. So I guess we will see by what my numbers look like next week, whether or not I did a good job.

Saturday, was also just a normal day! Nothing too big or bad! We are just continuing the missionary work here in Santa Rosa, trying to help our branch become a ward! We are so dang very close! All we need is about 2 more Melchizedek priesthood holders who pay full tithing!       

Well, that's my week in a glimpse! It was great! however, I’m going to miss serving with Elder Teisina, although I will be living with Elder Mullenaux from Sonoma again next transfer! He is going to be my Zone leader with Elder Page, along with my greenie who I do not know yet, and I will not find out until Wednesday! Don't worry my address is staying the same! I’m doing well! Just fine!

I love and miss you all very much! however I know I’m out here because the Lord wants me here!

Love, Elder Albertson

PS: Mom I am Outta Laundry Detergent! Like Completely! I barely have enough to do my Laundry today!

PS: Headed to the Beach Today! Next week should have some good Photos!

Here is a house, that Elder Teisina and I completely set up for
Christmas! Sorry its so late! 
That Helicopter was kinda sketch!

Say Hello or Hola, to my good friend Saul! Saul is a member of 1 year
and has been less active, I gave him a Priesthood blessing the other
day for Depression, Now he's got one of my White Shirts, and Ties and
pants on! And is working towards a mission! Please Pray for Saul, as
he strives to serve The Lord, but also provide for his family, and learn English!

Look at this great little sign I found during tracting the other day!
ha ha Even With the little thing under the fence!

This random little guy showed up on the door step the other day!
Wasn't sure who sent it to me! However, I found out it was Mom and Dad. Thank you so
much! It will do me good! I'm proud you could buy something before 6
months of looking into it! (Dad)

Elder Teisina and I! Oh, and don't forget little creaper Elder Page!

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