Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos

Holy Cow! This week didn't fly by qute as fast as the last few weeks, however this week was absolutely incredible! We flat out destroyed everyone in the Zone! Everything that the mission has been asking us to achieved we strived so hard to achieve! We came up a little short in a few areas however we still dominated compared to the rest of the Companionships in my District or the Zone!

This week was kinda crazy with everything we had going on, but let me just start off by saying I have fully gained a testimony of obedience and how it can bring us so many blessings as long as we strive to be as obedient as possible! 

This week we set records in our area that they have never seen before for as long as anyone can remember! Hopefully, we will be seeing some baptisms coming from it in the near future! Like in February!

On Monday, we were able to have an absolutely killer day! Started off with some killer Mtn. Biking which ended up with a few wrecks, nothing too major! Except that same dang wrist I thought I had broken during the Mtn. Home game last year feels the exact same! Must have done the same thing while I was trying to catch myself before hitting the trail! Ha Ha! Don’t worry though, no one knows, otherwise President Alba might put an end to Mtn. Biking! Ha Ha. After Mtn biking we got all cleaned up and Elder Teisina and I went out and absolutely killed it teaching 4 lessons in one night! Ahh, we were so pumped and had no idea Tuesday was gonna be even better!

Tuesday, was absolutely amazing! We flat our Destroyed it! We taught 5 lessons and contacted 29 people in the street and also set 2 new baptismal dates with a wonderful family who is going through a lot right now, but are wanting to change their lives! I cannot express how much fun today was being able to teach so much and constantly talk to everyone we see! Even though at the end of the Day I was flat out exhausted! Even the next morning! I have been pretty tired all week just because how much contacting and teaching we have been doing! Today during our District meeting our District Leader challenged us to strive to teach 20 lessons this week, and to contact 105 people! Who ever didn't achieve the contacting goal was going to buy pizza for the rest of the District! Well, stinks to be District Leader cause he's buying pizza for a deal that he made! Ha ha

Wednesday, we continued doing our thing! Kinda like we finally caught the wave surfing and now we can actually ride the wave! Rather than trying to catch the waves and continuing to wreck after we might ride it just for a little while! Ha Ha referring to teaching lessons! We have our good days and our bad days but now I feel like we have made this area catch the wave and we are gonna ride it out! Until we start baptizing, then we will catch another wave and ride it again!  Wednesday, we had the opportunity to teach 2 lessons but still contact 19 people! Still another killer day!

Thursday was the same ole same Ole! Still teaching lessons cause we are still on top of the wave and still riding it out! Today was kinda crazy though! I had quite the experience! I was able to make a bike for one of my investigators who had a bike but it was completely trashed because the one he had purchased had been stolen from outside his apartment where he had it locked up and everything! He uses his bike for transportation to and from work! So I took a bike that was just sitting around the apartment fixed it all up and gave it to him! This next appointment that we have with him I am going to give him my bike lock and I will just use this other one that I received from another missionary leaving! Raul is an absolute boss! I hope and pray that he will enter the waters of Baptisms soon! 

Friday was the same old weekly planning Friday! I absolutely hate Friday’s because we sit inside all day and plan for absolutely everything we are going to do for the entire next week! Every stinking half hour of every stinking day! I cannot stand it so during weekly planning we take breaks where I go into the gym and use my bike and bunny hop chairs! As many chairs as I can! So far I have gotten 7! That’s my max! ha ha .It’s a pretty fun time cause everyone else just sits there and laughs at me the entire time! ha ha 

Saturday, it absolutely poured! So, thank goodness to Grandma Cheney who sent me that rain gear I was able to stay nice and dry! 

Sunday was killer! We actually set some records as well with an attendance of 116 people at church and 18 of them being Investigators! It was pretty cool to see the Chapel full and have so many investigators at church that you cannot sit by them all! It was a little crazy and different so I had to have some members sit with my Investigators! 

Other than that this week was very solid! I was so happy to have such a solid week, and to know that tomorrow I get to be able to have pizza at Zone meeting and that I don’t have to pay for it!

Well, I love you all so very much! Thank you for all the Letters and Packages! I pray for you all every day and Night!

Love, Elder Albertson!

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