Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 3,2014

Hola Familia/Amigos,

Well, here is the news right out of the gate! Agustin Lopez became a
member Saturday night, and was confirmed a member of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints yesterday! What a great experience
that was to be able to be a part of such a life changing experience. I
think that night completely changed who I am and who I will be from
here on out! It was such a miracle! With everything that has gone
on with the situation to finally be able to be baptized! Well, there it is for you all!

However, I guess I should probably give you a low down of how the rest
of the week went! Even though I do not remember much because of the fact
that someone entered into covenants with our Savior means more to me
than any of the other small miracles I may have seen throughout the
week. I guess I will still run you through a small weekly summary

Monday was absolutely amazing! Even though we ate with this one family
that I do not like eating at. I guess I need to become more thankful for at
least getting feed by the members! However, MondayI messed my shoulder
up again dang it! I was playing basketball and I went up to block a
shot and got my arm on the backboard the wrong way and popped it out
pretty good! Let me just say I cannot wait for the resurrection so I
can have a perfect body again and won't have to worry about having
stinking problems with my SHOULDER anymore!

Monday night President Alba and I had a nice long talk, about things
we need to do to change the branch! It was good to go over things and 
set some goals to work toward. Tuesday we had the Regular District Meeting 
that went really well! Other than that Tuesday, was nothing special! However, 
during companionship study Elder Page who I live with and who is my District 
leader decided to come in and just put me in a head lock and so then it just
turned into a giant wrestling match between the four of us! "Well that
Escalated Quickly" ha ha

Wednesday, man I was stressing so horribly! I had to make a program for
the baptism and had to call all the members and get some of them to
take part in the Baptismal service! It was so great to know that it
was all finished and then the next thing I knew I was getting a call
from President Johnson saying he was leaving town! Yikes.  We handled it though.

Saturday, the day of Agustins baptism we had a great day! We had a few
lessons as well as a baptism! Probably my favorite day since being on my
mission! I even had President and Sister Alba show up to the baptismal
service! As well, as the Stake President, President Henderson! Man I
love all those guys! Early in the day though we had a blitz for an
area in the zone that is struggling so Elder Johnson and I got put
together for a few hours during the day to go contacting for the
Sisters Area!

While doing so we had some crazy experiences and such! We went to 
downtown, Santa Rosa, and contacted the homeless or the people who
are struggling in life! Well as you all know,  marijuana is legal
here so every single person we contacted was living the "Good" life
up in Cloud 9! Ha ha Gosh dang this one feller was dropping quite
the nasty words towards us, we got a little defensive and had a good
time with some small talk!  By the end I thought he was going to try and 
have a piece of us! It was a great time and Pretty funny! ha ha not to 
mention Elder Johnson was pretty scared!

Then, around 4 o'clock we had to take off and head to the Petersen Ln.
Stake center to begin preparing for our baptism because from what we
had heard,  to fill the font with warm water it takes about 2.5
hours! Plus, we had to set up all the chairs and the entire room with
all the things that we would need for the baptism! It was so great!
President Henderson told me that it was one of the best put together
baptismal ceremonies he had been to which is pretty impressive
considering the fact that he probably goes to a ton of baptisms!

Here is a bit of backgroud on Agustin! So when I first met
Agustin he had only been taught the restoration! But after talking
with President Henderson he explained that Agustin had been referred 
to the missionaries multiple times! However, I guess every time the 
missionaries would go over he would not answer the door or had no desire
 to talk to the missionaries! I share this with you because look Agustin now. 
He is a member and he accepted the gospel! Only because  missionaries 7
years ago planted that seed by leaving a simple photo of Jesus Christ
with him!

Well that was my week in a glimpse! I love you all so much! I hope you are
all doing okay with the passing away of Grandma Petersen on Sunday! I
know that we will all be able to live with her again as well as
Grandpa Hunt! You guys truly are all amazing! Thank you for all the

Love you all!
Love, Elder Albertson

 Chilling on the Beach! On a Rock in the water! Pretty Relaxing day!

 Another day just relaxing  on the Beach! Just North of Bodega Bay!

 Elder Teisina and I Just Kicking it!

 Elder Teisina and I saying our Goodbyes!

 Getting my New Missionary! Elder Dunlap from Ririe, Idaho!

 Elder Dunlap and Hermana Hardies first Dinner in the Mission! 
A Greenie Dinner! :) So much Fun! Oh and Also their Trainers!

 Baptism of Agustin Lopez! 
Such a great experience to see him 
enter the waters of baptism!

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