Monday, January 6, 2014

January 5,2014

Hola Familia/Amigos

This week has been absolutely amazing! I cannot believe how fast this transfer is going! Yes, Mom when I say time is flying, I actually mean it! Time is absolutely cruising! Not sure if Im happy that it is going so fast or scared because I don't want this to come to an end! I am absolutely loving it! The journey has been so great, and it will continue to get better as I continue to strive to help the investigators we have, come unto Christ through baptism!

This week has been such a blessing to our area, I mentioned last week that we picked up 4 New investigators and this week we picked up 2 more! This has been absolutely amazing, I have picked up more investigators in the last week than I ever had in Sonoma! No worries though, I still love Sonoma, it was just a tough area!

Last P-Day we played some good basketball! It was so much fun, some kids from the High school came and played with us because they were on Christmas Break! It was some pretty good competition! I will have to admit though, I came out with quite the sore body and some crazy nice blisters on my feet! Ha Ha I guess that's what my body gets for getting old! Ha Ha I feel like an old man! Except, still not as OLD as my OLD Man! 

Our weeks are a little rough here when it comes to teaching a lot of lessons, however, we do have quite the friday and saturday where we pretty much teach all our lessons for the entire week, on those 2 days! It's a pretty crazy 2 days because on friday we spend all day during the daytime doing our weekly planning for the next week! Than we leave and just teach straight lessons all night!

 Tuesday,I was able to do exchanges with Elder Tepox, and Elder Nelson! They are in a trio with Elder Martin who is our District Leader! This exchange was quite the exchange! Elder Tepox and I get along so well! I call him Mi hijo! Which means my Son! Yes he even listens! Elder Nelson in kinda shy so he didn't really say much the entire time! However, Elder Tepox I can't ever get to shut up! I love him though! He has such an amazing conversion story! He is so great! He is from Pueblo Mexico and is learning English so it was great to be able to practice my spanish with him, although he got mad at me because he wanted to practice his English with me! Ha Ha 

On Wednesday we had the Weirdest dinner, I thought I would ever have on my Mission! Its called Pasole! It's like this red watery soup stuff with Cow Stomach in it! It wasn't that bad tasting but it absolutely looked disgusting! I ate my entire bowl and it didn't even make a dent in my hungriness! I told myself I would never eat that meal again! It was absolutely disgusting! Like absolutely no flavor and super slimy in your mouth! Well, then guess what happened? That's what our members fed us for the next 3 nights in a row! Oh! I'm so sick of it! ha ha Luckily, Saturday night we got taken to a Restaurant so I was able to just go to town on food and make up for the 3 Days before lack of dinner I got! ha ha

One of our new investigators is absolutely amazing! His name is Marciel Pizzano! He is such an amazing guy! I hope that I can help him enter the waters of Baptism because he is so ready and just doesn't even know it yet! We found him because he is the Father of Valentina who is in the Singles ward! I was able to get into contact with Javier in Sonoma, and have him come to a member present lesson with me, here in Santa Rosa, because Marciel is actually Javiers Uncle! Also Marciel actually lives in Sonoma, but works here and wants us to teach him! I thought that was incredible when I found that out! Ha Ha

I had a crazy good time in Sebastopol saturday during a Blitz! A blitz is where the entire zone, goes to one Area of the Zone and we contact like crazy! Definitely though while on the blitz we have exchange companions for a small amount of time! I was with Elder Gadd who is a complete stud! Has been through so much! Also we had quite the group of girls yell at us "Satan Rules" "I worship the Devil" All kinds of crazy things Elder Gadd and I just yelled back "Jesus Loves you"! It was pretty funny. Not going to lie either those girls might have been pretty cute! ;) They just need the gospel and they woulda been smokin!

Well, that's my week at a glimpse! It was quite the week, but such a blessing overall! We will see what this next week has in store for us! I absolutely miss you all and love everything you all keep sending me! Thank you for the great support as well!

Love, Elder Albertson

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