Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013

Hola Familia/ Amigos

    Holy Cow!! I cannot believe how fast this past week has went by! This next week is going to go even quicker! I am so excited for whats to come here in the next week!
This week has been absolutely amazing! We have seen so many dang miracles, its ridiculous! So let me begin...

    This past week we had the most amazing miracle come our way! We are going to have a baptism in our area coming up soon! Not sure if I will be here for it though, because transfers are next week! We began teaching a family named Matias, Faith, and Bethany! Bethany is the 11 year old daughter of Faith! Matias is a spanish speaker and the other 2 only speak english, and Matias barely speaks any English! Im not quite sure how well that relationship works out, but we will have to find out in the near future! However Elder Minkler and I were still trying to finish transferring all of our Area Book into the Digital Area Book! We came upon some records that were like 8 or 10 years old, so we decided before wasting time putting them all in, lets go around and see all the people first to see if they even live there, or the cell phone number is correct! This is how we came across this wonderful Family! After talking with Matias for a while, he introduced us to Faith! Faith broke down in tears right when we told her we were servants of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! She let us in right away and began to tell us her story... She had talked with missionaries before on the Streets, and told them not to come by because she had no interest in learning more about our faith! The minute the Elders left, she regretted it and wished she would have let them come by! Then 2 weeks later we showed up on her door step! What an amazing experience! She already tells us she is ready for baptism, and is excited to enter the water! She has a baptismal Date for 21st of December along with Matias and Faith!

    On Friday we had the opportunity to do some wonderful service for our Ward Mission Leader Bro Hyde! Last week when we had the big rain storm, Bro. Hydes fence blew over! He lost over 160 feet of 6ft Cedar fence! Its a good thing I grew up knowing how to fence! So all 7 of us Elders were doing yard work, while Bro. Hyde Left me to tearing out all 160 ft of this fence! Posts and all! I got Elder Henrie to help me! However my body has been wrecked every sense! I feel like I got hit by a train when I wake up in the morning! Ha Ha Goes to show I truly am becoming an Old Man! I absolutely loved every minute of this service though! It has been absolutely a blast serving here in Sonoma! I am sad that this is most likely my last week here!

    We have had such a wonderful week! When it comes to lessons! We taught 15 lessons this past week, which was the High here in the Zone for the week but also a high in Sonoma for a long time! Our Area is slowly begining to catch the WAVE! As Sister Alba would say!

    Sorry this weeks email is Kinda all scattered around and kinda short! However do let me tell you, that on Exchanges this last week, on Wednesday we taught 8 lessons in our area! The Day before Thanksgiving! It was incredible! Very unheard of! Which reminds me,

    We had such a wonderful Thankgving here in Sonoma, We got to play some Turkey football with the Zone in Napa! We also had 2 dinners that day, both with Hispanic Families! The Food was absolutely wonderful! Sorry I didn't take a lot of Photos because we were so busy just stuffing our face with food! It was absolutely wonderful! We Had dinner with Hermana Cruz, who is one of the Poorest members in our ward however she knows the blessings that come from being able to Feed the missionaries! We also had a wonderful dinner with the Pena family who feeds us so often! As missionaries we absolutely love them!

   Well that was my week in a Glimpse! Love you all! Thanks for all the Support Prayers and letters!


Elder Albertson

Found me a new Jeep!!

Making Scones in Sonoma!

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