Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 16, 2013

Hola Familia/ Amigos

Well, my very first week here in my new area! It has been absolutely amazing! So amazing to see what the Lord might have in store for me here in Santa Rosa! It’s been crazy serving around all the big Top Dogs in the mission now!

My New companion Elder Teisina is a complete Animal! When it comes to missionary work, studies, spanish, anything! He just goes hard in the paint! I am so lucky to be able to serve with him! He is absolutely amazing! Sometimes I feel like he is the Senior Companion, because he teaches me so much! Its great! He is from Bountiful Utah, and has been on his mission 4 1/2 months! So just 1 transfer less than me!

The Spanish Branch here in Santa Rosa is amazing! I am so lucky to be able to serve in this wonderful branch, that will hopefully eventually, become a Ward! Presidente Johnson is absolutely hilarious! Even though his Spanish is horrible, well I guess I shouldn't say that it’s horrible its just the fact his accent is horrible so sometimes he's a little hard to understand! However, the members are doing great! I hope to be able to spend a good amount of time here so that I can gain relationships with them! Presidente Johnson told me that he is already playing favorites on the boy from Idaho because he is from Idaho! All the missionaries know that too! They even warned me before I even met him! Ha Ha its great, however I am not a huge fan of being the favorite.

The New Area of Santa Rosa is absolutely amazing! There is so much potential here, it’s unreal! Elder Teisina and I have set some goals and put together our vision for this area! As we began this new transfer and will begin to get this area rolling! It was just recently white washed, in fact it was white washed for Elder Teisina and Elder Carrillo as a trainer! Which means the Area was really struggling which is why President Alba white washed the area! White Washing an Area is where 2 Elders or Sisters who have never served in that Area get white washed in, so they absolutely know nothing about the Area that they got transferred in! I am so stoked to see where we can take this area in the future!

It is hard going from a bike Area to now a Car area where miles are everything! Its kind of rough, because we are only allotted a certain amount of miles per month, so we cannot just be driving back and forth from our entire area all the time! Otherwise, we would run out of miles! However in Sonoma where I had my bike I could ride anywhere and everywhere all day! So planning here is a little more hectic! I will figure it out though! Santa Rosa, is a wonderful area to serve in though! It’s not too hard to get to know the area because its about the same size as Nampa! Kinda set up the same too! One main highway with a few little Blvds. and such running through the area!  

Yesterday, Sunday, was a pretty sweet day! We had the opportunity to eat dinner with President Johnson! He fed us steak and potatoes! It was absolutely delicious! It was about time I had the normal Sunday dinner! Afterwards President Alba was having an Open house for our investigators to go to! However, we didn't have investigators go but the Elders who we road with to dinner did, and so we got to go over there and spend sometime with the Albas! It is so amazing getting to serve here in Santa Rosa, and be able to spend time with the Albas, and the Aps!

Today for P-day Elder Teisina and I got invited to go mountain Biking with the Aps, so we will see how that goes! Should be fun! I’m so excited to do so!

I’m sorry that I don't have a lot about my investigators, I just haven't seen very many of them yet or don't know much about them! They will come as I am in the area longer!

Oh speaking of apartments.. Channing you are right! I live in a very nice area and a very nice apartment! We have a living room 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry room and a full on Kitchen! It is absolutely amazing! Mornings are not rushed anymore nor are they hectic because we have to try and get 4 Elders through 1 Shower! It’s absolutely great!

Well that's my week in a glimpse! More to come next week as I begin to learn more about my investigators and learn more concerning my area!

Love you all!
I would love Christmas letters as well!
Love, Elder Albertson

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