Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Parker's Thanksgiving "Thank-You's!!"

Dear Albertson Family,
    What a wonderful season it is, to be able to spend a day of complete thankfulness to our Heavenly Father for everything he has given us! This time of year is wonderful, families meet together, families become closer, families reunite. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful day, not just for the food, or the football, or for the get togethers. Thanksgiving is a day of being grateful and showing gratitude to everyone who has ever done anything for us.

    I wish I could be there with you guys right now at this time, howeve,r I know I'm where I'm supposed to be! Showing my gratitude to The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and serving him for 2 years, after he gave his life for me. Not only me, but for you! Every single one of you!

    I just wanted to write you this quick announcement, to let you guys know my thankfulness for every single one of you! You guys truly are the most amazing family any one could ask for! I know I was a hard headed little joker before the mission, However I can honestly say, THE MISSION HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. You guys may not recognize it, but my heart has been softened, my eyes have been opened, and I know notice all the wonderful things i was given as a child. So let me begin....

Grandpa Albertson- Thank you for always being willing to deal with us as little young ins, running around the house, or the farm!

Grandma Albertson- Thank you so much for putting up with us as wild cousins, Thank you so much for having such a strong testimony and being an example to all the Wonderful daughters of God we have in the Family.

Uncle Daren- Thank you uncle Daren for setting me straight a few times on the stairs there at Grandmas, I was a little rascal. But Thank you for being apart of my life, and helping become who I am today!

Aunt Janae- Thank you so much for all the wonderful times we had out at your house as cousins, even though we might have done things we probably shouldn't have done. Thank you for your patience, with us as little rug rats!

Mallory- Thank you for dealing with me, even though I was a naughty little boy, and always being willing to forgive me for the things i did wrong as a child!

Dakota- Your work ethic! Thank you so much for showing me what its like to become a man, and Work, Work, Work! For all the good times as well! You know what Im talking about....

Annie- Thank you for being such a wonderful example to my little sister as we are in Blackfoot! Showing them how to have good times, while staying outta trouble!

Dustin- Thank you for being such an example to the little cousins... They all look up to you! Dustin continuing doing what you should be doing, and prepare yourself to serve The Lord! Its the best 2 years of your life!

Uncle Curtis- Thank you so much for always dealing with me being at your house, from eating all your food, keeping you up at night, to burning out like 6 electric scooters. Thank you! Thank you for being such a great support to me through my High school years!

Aunt Genny- First off THANK YOU SO MUCH, for the amazing blanket! It was so amazing, I had to send it home to keep it safe! That will be a memory of mine forever. Thank you so much as well for all the wonderful things you allow us to do as little wild boys at your house!

Cassie- Thank you so much for teaching me Patience! Ha ha Jk, Honestly though thank you for driving my motorcycle through your bedroom window! I didn't know motorcycles belong in the Basement! Thank you for being an example to my sister! Go to church or imma start teaching you the less active lessons....

Jessie- Thank you so much for always supporting me Through the rough times, and the good times! We always had wonderful times at state tournaments, continuing doing what your supposed to be doing!

Lucas- Thank you so much for all the wonderful times we had growing up! For always having someone to beat up on and willing to take the beating! Thank you for being an example to those cousins, they truly do look up to you!

Dad- Thank you so much for being such a wonderful Father! You truly are the most amazing father anyone could ask for! Growing up being your only son, was a blessing to me, to be able to spend every weekend with my dad, out in the shop or garage, watching college football, to going to dang Dance recitals! You supported me in everything i do! Im so Thankful for that! Not being the little Baseball Player Im sure you dreamed up having, but willing to support me, and have my back on anything i chose to do! You amazing! I LOVE YOU!

Mom-Thank you!!!!!  Without you mom I wouldn't be hear where I am today! You truly are such a blessing in my life as well! Even though we had are time arguing about grades, my curfew, you truly are the most wonderful example i have in my life! Thank you for being will to put up with all dumb decision through my growing up times! Taking care of me during surgery, to rashes... To whooping my butt for naughty language i might have used! I cannot express my thankfulness i have for you! I will never be able to pay you back! I LOVE YOU!

Kamryn- Thank you so much, for always being there for me during my rough times! The night i could just go sit in your room on your bed and talk with you... Whether it was concerning girls or concerning how to talk to mom and dad about something! Your amazing! I wouldn't have been able to make it by myself!  Thank you for setting such a great example for me, of how to make it through High school, having a good time, but doing the things the Savior would want me to be doing! I LOVE YOU!

Abe- Thank you for setting the Standard so high! Because we all know that Dance isn't a sport so its not a State Championship! Ever sense seeing you play on that gym floor is when I decided Thats what I wanna do! You have been such a great example to me through my growing up years! Showing me exactly how I should treat girls, because you always treated my sister the way i need to learn how to treat them! THANK YOU!

Elder Albertson- .... Jk! Ha ha

MaKaul- Thank you so very much for having patience with me! As an older brother i tried my best to set a good example for you! I know we had our upsets and our downs, are good times and our bad times, but Thank you! For allowing me to be your older brother! I LOVE YOU!

Channing- Thank you! Thank you for being such a great little sister! Thank you for choosing the right, even when times are hard! Thank you for allowing me to drive you crazy and having patience with me! I LOVE YOU!

Uncle Daren- Thank you so much for allowing me to keep you up all night during those nights i stayed at your house! Thank you for allowing me to hopefully be an example to Matt and Tyler!

Aunt Lori- Thank you so much for always being willing to drive us around as little Johners and allowing us to have fun! From taking us toilet papering to cotton balling cars! Whoops sorry, Didn't  mean to spill the beans! But in all honesty Thank you!

Tyler- Thank you, for allowing me FaceTime you the other day, and allowing me to be a little harsh with you! Thank you for all the great fights we used to get into growing up, it truly has made us who we are today! I cannot wait to see that Call in your hand!

Mckadie- Thank you for all the wonderful times we had together! I know things didn't always work out, or we didn't always get along, but thank you for dealing with me!

Matt- Thank you Matt, for continuing to strive to be the best you can! Thank you for always being so excited to see us as we show up to Blackfoot!

Olivia- Thank you so much for being such a great cousin to Channing! Being an example to her and continuing to keep her doing the things she should be doing!

Uncle Rod- Thank you for allowing me to eat all your food, every time we come over! Thank you for always making someone stick there head in a pile of snow, or getting shot by a Paint ball gun! Thank you for always allowing us to hang out at your house. Thank you!

Aunt Marcy- Thank you for being such a great support to me in my activities especially serving my mission! Sending me cupcakes! Thank you for your testimony of the Plan of Salvation! It truly has helped me on the mission, and be able to gain my own testimony of it! Thank you!

Trey- Thank you for all the good times we had! Playing basketball to hanging out with girls on the weekends! Thank you for being a great example to your brothers as well as our cousins!

Konner- KONNER! Thank you for being apart of our family! Thank you for being a Captain in Gods army! Thank you for our patience as we try our very hardest to help you! We know your love for us! We know your testimony! We love you Konner!

Porter- Thank you for always being willing to get picked on by us older cousins! We only did it because we love you, and want the best for you! Continue to be an example to your younger brother! For he looks up to you!

Krew- Thank you for being the young one in the family! Thank you for being such a little stud and always arguing with me about whose better... Lakers or Boston? Kobe or Pierce?

Just want to finish by tell you all one last time that I love you all! Thank you so very much for helping to get to where I am today! You guys truly are the most amazing family i could have asked for! I would like to close by sharing my testimony...

I know that my redeemer lives! I know that my brother Jesus Christ, died upon and cross, and went through the garden of Gethsemane for my sins! Not just for me, but for every single one of you! I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can return and live with him and our father in heaven forever time and all eternity! I know that the plan of Salvation is the true plan The Lord made for us, to be able to be given the most amount of chances to be able to accept his plan, and live with him! I know that Im serving my mission in Santa Rosa, California for a reason, I know that there is someone here in Santa Rosa, Im either supposed to find, or Im supposed to Baptize! I know that missionary work is the true work of God, that the time in Now! The Lord truly is hasten his work! I say this humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thank you for everything you guys do! I love you!
Please don't forget to thank The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for everything you have been given! A quote i heard is.... "What would you wake up with, if you only were given the things you thank Heavenly Father for the night before?" Think about that?

Love, Elder Albertson

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