Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013
Hola Familia/Amigos,

     I’ve got some great news but also some not so good news! I’m actually afraid of the bads news! I have a little fear in me for what the Lord has in store for me next! We will see how things go though, and you guys will find out next week! Because there is no way not to do it! However lets just begin with the weekly letter, and I will update you on everything that happened this week! Pretty fun and great week!

     So last Tuesday we had quite the day! We were expecting to have a Zone meeting this past week so we didn’t plan for District meeting. Then on Sunday we got a call about having a District meeting! Elder Henrie was a little upset because he wasn’t given too much time to prepare, so as missionaries we just decided we would take the extra time and talk a little bit about Obedience because you know as well as we do as missionaries that our obedience is the most important thing we can do! Because Obedience brings blessings and miracles from the Lord! It was a great reminder of the things that I need to work on to be able to be exactly obedient. 

     On Tuesday, we also met the daily standard for the mission! 20 Contacts, 3 lessons and 1 Baptismal invitation! We were pretty stoked about that at the end of the night! I cannot wait to see what this Area has in store for the Future! We also had to teach quite the rough lesson, we taught Matias and Faith! We went in wanting to talk about the Law of Chastity concerning baptism, because they all wanted to be baptized so soon, that we felt we needed to talk about the Law of Chastity so they could have a few weeks to take care of what they needed to take care of! That way they are able to continue with the baptismal date we had! Wel,l when we brought it up, Matias went on quite the rampage about how all we are trying to do is split there relationship up and don’t want them to be together! We didn’t get time to explain the law at all! Pretty upsetting because we still have not been able to see them since! We had planned and still have planned to see them with Hermano Moreno! Who is the First counselor in the ward! He is such a stud!

     Wednesday, was the saddest day I think I have had here in Sonoma! I had to say goodbye to one of my favorite less active families in the ward! :( La Familia Olivares! They are absolutely amazing! Their little boys absolutely found a soft spot in my heart and won’t ever be forgotten! Alberto even gave me a little Ninja of his, as a reminder of him! He absolutely loves me! In this last time, I  was able to see them, I gave all 4 little boys blessings in Spanish! It was absolutely amazing! The mom and Grandma even asked me if I was going to come back because I had done so much for them as a family and for the boys! I just cannot express my love for them! Cristina, Felicianna, Alejandro, Alberto, Andro, and Alan! They are amazing! 

     Thursday we were able to teach one of our investigators Angel Monroy! Mr. Cowboy! Ha ha! He is absolutely a stud! He is finally progressing after Elder Payne and I had thought he was no longer interested. He has such a super thick accent I can barely understand him, and Elder Minkler cannot understand him at all! So we sometimes struggle teaching him because he goes off on little rampages and we don’t always understand what he is trying to say or what he is saying! Ha ha. It’s always a joy to try and teach him! I am so happy to finally begin to see him progress and want to know more for himself! 

     Friday was weekly planning day! Which was also the last Friday in the Transfer so it was a little hard trying to focus on weekly planning when we could have possibly received a phone call from President Alba, telling us we were training, District leader or anything! Who knows! It was also a little hard because I was pretty positive I was leaving the area! However, we got through weekly planning with no phone calls! But that night we would receive our Transfer Doctrine, which includes where we are going, what we are doing and who we are going to be with! I am sad to say, I am leaving Sonoma! However I’m excited about what the Lord has in store for me! Which some fears as well! I will be headed to serve in Santa Rosa South Zone, In the Spanish Branch, as a Senior Companion to Elder Teisine who I will be follow up training! His father in the Mission is Elder Carrillo who served here in the Napa zone, but is now the New AP (Assistant to President) I’m quite scared because I have to try and stay at the same standard or train him to the same ability as Elder Carrillo! It will be quite interesting! I am also going to be in a car area! And I’m the designated driver! Uh Oh! I don’t think the mission knows what there getting themselves into! Ha ha.  However, we will still use our bikes to ride around once we get to the General Area! I am so excited but sad and scared all at the same time! 

On Saturday we had one of the greatest experiences I think I will ever have here in Sonoma! The Christmas party was absolutely amazing! We as Elders even had the Opportunity to Sing a song to the ward! Here are the Lyrics...

Tractin' in a Winter Wonderland

Doorbells ring are you listenin’
In the lane the snow is glistenin’
A beautiful sight were happy tonight
Tractin’ in a winter wonderland.

A new door do we dare
There's a sign that says beware
We start to walk in, uh oh a big Doberman!
Running in a winter wonderland

During P-day we can build a snowman
Well dress him up and call him Bishop Brown
He’ll  say are you married?W e'll say no man, yes, no, nooooo!
Just companions,  but my love is waiting for me faithfully.

Later on, we'll perspire
As we fix our flat tire
Our plans fallen through
But the gospel's still true
Riding in a winter wonderland

Mailman comes with my letter
Now my day will be better
It's from my true love
Like a gift from above
Dreaming in a winter wonderland

She thinks I'm great
And I'm charming
But just as friends…that sounds alarming
How can she be gone? Well, your name is John
Mumble, mumble winter wonderland

Now I'm focused and I won't get trunky
I teach discussions each and every day
Got a greenie he is really spunky
Success and fortune smiling all the way

Step off the plane
A girl is weeping
Hers arms flew out and my heart’s leaping
She loses her fears, as I dry up her tears
and he's tractin in a winter wonderland.

    The Ward Absolutely loved it! So did we! The food was great, we had a wonderful turn out! All of our less actives were able to make it! It was such an amazing experience!

   This week has been absolutely great! Getting to say my goodbyes to all the members here in Sonoma. I am going to miss these members!

    Thank you for all you guys do! I miss you all! Hopefully this email finds you all having such a great day! :)

Elder Albertson

5301 Badger Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Please send all mail to that address until further notice!!
 La Familia Olivares, I love them.  They are amazing!!
 Alan and Andro! They are special kids in my heart, 
as well as in the Lords.  Captain's is the Lord's Army
 Alejandro Oliveres. One of my favorite little guys!!
La Familia Guzman
La Familia Moreno! Michel and I are like Brothers! 
I have never had a member flat out tell me he loved me until him!
 I will definitely be back to see him!
Hermano Mike Guzman!

La Familia Pena! With my first Christmas gift! 
They are absolutely amazing! Gonna miss them!

Maribel and Maya Alonzo! Less actives that I was teaching! 
They are absolutely amazing!

Marlin and I! This little guys a Stud! Love his Family so much!
Gonna Miss the Good ol Man Van! We killed him! 
We put him over his 50,000 mile mark! 
But he will go down in History! Cause we Mobbed 7 deep!

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