Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hola Familia/ Amigos

Well this week was pretty intense! Probably gonna be another crazy long email if thats okay with you all, even though i have some crazy good stories to tell, but also i got a good little Story i actually wrote to help motivate other Elder and Sisters to want to Contact more often! Its incredible! Well lets just get straight to the point and Knock it out!

So this week i was able to give my Very first Priesthood Blessing in Spanish! I didnt actaully do the Blessing but i did the Anointing! It was quite the expereince, I was on Exchanges with an English Elder so there wasnt anyway of trying to get outta doing it! Not that i wanted to get outta, but i was so nervous i wanted to thats for sure! Hermano (Brother) Moreno, came to a less actives house after dinner at 8 one night to do the blessing while i did the Anointing of the Blessing! It was given to Felicianna. Felicianna is the Mother of Cristina who has 4 little boys! Alejandro who is 11, Alberto who is 8, and than 2 twins who are 5, but i dont know there names cause i cant tell the difference between them! They are also disabled so it is super hard to teach, cause they just want us to show them there cool trick constantly! Ha Ha! If you have any cool Tricks or Spiritual things let me know, so i can use it on them! They are amazing! Alberto and I are like home boys!

Elder Payne and I actually had the opportunity to go back and see a Lady name Carmin, that we tracted into one Saturday night! She had been sick so it took us a little while to get into her house and be able to actaully teach her! I do not remember which day it was because put here on the mission everything is a time warp! When we did get the opportunity to go by when she was feeling better her husband was there, we Immediately began to think this might not be a good sign, well it sure enough was a good sign! He told us to come in right away, and we began to teach them immediately about the plan of Salvation! It was an Increible expereince and we hope that the Lord will continue to water that seed in there heart and eventually enter into the Waters of Baptism!

Hmm here is were we are going to start getting interesting! Elder Aidukaitus, happened to come to the Santa Rosa, California mission this past week! He studied some of our surveys, and taught us on our weakness we have here in the mission! It was such a great expereince to be able to learn and grow from a Quorum of the 70! He taught with so much Authority, and the Spirit was so strong! Such and Increible Expereince, that i can now say i have shooken the Hand of the Prophet of the CHurch and one of his Disciples! But dont forget, as a missionary we are his disciples as well! We are Representatives of Jesus Christ! We were told that when we introduce ourselves to people we are not Missionaries anymore, we are Representatives or Disciples of Jesus Christ! So amazing! I took so many great notes from his teachings!

As i mentioned early in the Email, that i had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Olson, who is from Spanish Fork, Utah! He is such a stud! He was a convert to the church only a year ago, and is already back out on his mission! What a great guy, it was fun to be able to take a Greenie out with me into the Spanish part of Sonoma, and begin to talking with hispanics even though he didnt know a lick of Spanish! Boy was the pressure on me! Ha Ha We did amazing though! We actually set a record here in the Zone, and Contacted over 21 people! A contact in when you talk with someone and bring up some kinda a gospel doctrine, and leave them with a Phamplet! It was great, because he hadnt had the great expereinces with contacting on his mission yet, because he was born into the hardest area to serve SONOMA! I was to though, which is good, cause it will teach us both how to do the tough work and everything else will seem easier! 21 contacts, but we also got a baptismal invitation. Not a set date but an invitation to be baptized! Elder Olson was a stud at that, we were talking with an English man, and In the End Elder Olson just invited him to be baptized! Elder Olson and I definately would have hung out before the mission! But also plan to after the mission!

Wow, Brother Edwards who i mentioned in a email i think 2 weeks ago, Is legit! Talk about being dedicated to the Book of Mormon! He has Read it from cover to Cover 46 times in his life, with 28 of those times in the last 6 years! I cannot believe him! When we went and did service on his property again this week, we really got into some cool conversations! He ended up giving me a Red Lettered Bible! Which is where in the bible, Everytime Christ is speaking the words are prinited in Red! It is so amazing! I will probably end up sending it home, so i dont have to carry it my entire mission!

Okay, Story time now! Even Written by Elder Parker Albertson! Huh? Sounds wierd id write a story huh?

                                                                      Finding Your Best Friend
     In the Pre-earth life, you and your best friend have your call letter to go to earth. Your very excited to know where each other is going. You begin to open yours first, and begin to read... "Parker Albertson you have been called to be born in Boise, Idaho to a loving family, with parents who will raise you in the Gospel. You will never have to wonder what it is like to go without those blessings. You will always have the knowledge of the Savior, and his Love for you. You will go onto serve a Full time Mission in Santa Rosa, California! You will bless many people there and show them what it is like to have the blessings of the Gospel. After that you will continue to on to find your eternal companion, and be married in the temple for all time and Eternity! You will continue to live a worthy life devoted to service of the savior." After Reading, you and your best friend are pumped and so excited for the expereinces that will come your way!
     You encourage your Best friend as he opens his letter. As he begins to read....its says... " Dear...... You have been called to be born in Santa Rosa, California. You will not be born into a family with the Gospel. You will go through much of your life not having the blessings of the gospel. You will have many trials and struggles throughout your life! But all of these things will prepare you to recieve the Gospel!"
     You and your best friend begin to cry for the journey and steps your about to take. You Look your Best friend Square in the Eye, and tell him "I WILL FIND YOU! I WILL BRING YOU THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!"
     For any of you who have trouble talking to people about the Gospel, Remember that your best friend is out there somewhere waiting for you to find them, and teach them! Now... What are you going to do to find your Best Friend?

Well Family/ Friends, i hope this email has been well! I Cannot wait to hear what you all think of the Story i have come up with to help you think deep in your heart about what your doing to find that best friend you promised youd find and share the gospel to! I love you all! I love hearing from you all also!

Love, Elder Albertson

 Elder Ashton and I
 I found this picture in the church and it's by far my new favorite
Talk about some major rain!

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