Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hola Familia/Amigos
The time out here on my mission is flying! I hope it is flying for you all back at home as well! I cannot believe how many blessing i have seen come so many peoples way here in Sonoma, but also the blessing i have seen come your guys ways for me serving a mission! There is quite a bit for me to write about this week, so lets get to it! HERE WE GO!

Facebook! What a wonderful tool we have recieved to be able to teach people throughout the entire world! I cannot believe how many people open up over Facebook rather than when we knock on there door! Its crazy the way our world is getting these days! Personal Confrentation is Gone! Also many of you may have been noticing at first i wasnt aloud to Add all of you guys as friends! We are now aloud to be friends with everyone! For missionary purposes! So i need you all to help me out, If i post a Status that you all like, please dont just like the status SHARE IT! The reason behind that is because i am only friends with 200 people but if all my friends SHARE my Status than all there 200 friends see it, plus than all the notifications come back to me, and im able to go and talk to all the Less actives or non members who like my status and begin to teach them the gospel! See how far my Status can go? And How many People i can find through one click of a Button? Its incredible! Also dont be afraid to send me People you may know who could use the gospel! And If its yourself let me know, we can work things out! Family and Friends Lets look at Doctrince and Covenants 88:73 "Behold, I will ahasten my work in its time." Well... THE TIME IS NOW!

Transfer Doctrine! With it being transfers this Wednesday we receieved our Transfer Doctrine, Friday night around 9 Pm. This is a voicemail from the Zone Leaders tell us where were going, and who our future companions will be! It was pretty exciting to recieve, the only not so fun this is the fact im loosing Elder Garity (District Leader) and Elder Ashton! They are so much fun to be serving around! They will do great things in there next Areas though! We just have to understand that where they are going is for a reason! Elder Payne and I are staying companions for 1 more transfer atleast! We are so excited to stay together for one more transfer though! I can definately say we works so well together, but there are definately things we have to learn from each other! Elder Payne is becoming District Leader i think he will do a good Job, if he stays open to other Peoples advice and such!

Service! Wow service this Saturday was amazing! Brother Edwards lives up in the hills, His propertity kinda reminds me of Grandpa Deans Properity! Its only him and His wife to keep up all the land to, so we go up there quite oftent to help him and his wife out with things! They love us missionaries! Brother Edwards in The 1st counselor in the Bishopric Brick and is probably our most solid Member in the ward! During service we had the oppotunity to get out a chainsaw and Logg some wood! Now this isnt some good ol Wood from the Boise Forest! Were talking Redwood Forest sized trees that had recently Fallen over! We had to cut it up into sizes were we could carry it down the hill and put it in the truck! We filled to full Pick up trucks with logs! That is some heavy wood! I couldnt believe the size of the Logs! After Service he Made us some nice Hamburgers! Man i havent had a Hamburger that tasted like that in along time! It was amazing!

Sunday was Probably my favorite day of the week! We had the Opportunity to be apart of a less active who the english has been teaching, and completely turned his life around! Yesterday he was ordained into the office of a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood! This was amazing to be apart of, to see where Gary Morinaga and come from and how far he had taking his life off the track, to being right back on track! He truly is an example of how the spirit truly can testify to one person so strongly! Its incredible! We also had the opportunity to go to a wedding of Javier and Valeria, who are both less actives in our ward, but us as missionaries have strengthened them, and now they are solid members in the ward! They were married Yesterday and now are already setting up a date to be Sealed in the Temple to there family for all time and Eternity! This was such an amazing experience to watch. I hope i am close enough to the Area so i can take a Special trip to the temple to be able to watch that! It would be amazing!

My investigators are doing alright! Last Transfer we taught about 45 lessons, and 20 of them were to less actives! So we are staying plenty busy with teaching people! But we would love to meet our Goal of 60 lessons this Transer with a Goal of 20 Less active! We are hopefull planning on being able to bring 2 people unto the waters of baptism this transfer!

Here are a few answers to some questions you guys may have that might come up.... As many of you maybe wondering, while i was in the MTC i had some ingrown toenails removed! This was very painful for the first few weeks but they are doing so well, i actually do not have any pain from them what so ever! My spanish is coming along great! Elder Payne and I actually speak about 50/50 in lessons which is exactly what we want! I cant believe how fast it comes with just praying simple every night for the gift of tongues, to be able to help me throughout my day through the faith that i have! It truly is a blessing!

Anyways i love you all! I did not get transfered so go ahead and continue to send me letters and Packages to the same Address..
19014 Hickory St.
Sonoma CA 95476

Love you all!
Elder Albertson

My Favorite Kid in my mission! I Absolutely love him! This is Alvin, The son of Socorro! He is such a Stud! Oh and Dad he just wanted to let you know he is a Georgia Bull Dog! Because he loves his hat! Ha Ha I cannot express my love for Alvin

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