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October 7, 2013

Hola Familia/Amigos
   This week has been absolutely horrible when it comes to missionary work, and our numbers! We taught only 3 lessons and 2 of them were through Facebook and Skype! Our Area here in Sonoma, is struggling but it just means Elder Payne and I need to get our hands Down and in the Dirt, and Begin to do the Dirty work! "A missionary isnt a missionary unless he knows how to find people to teach on his own!" - Elder Bednar
   Other than that the week was pretty good! We only had like 3 days last week to actually teach, and proselite which is why i think our numbers were so bad! Monday was P-day, Tuesday was Zone Meeting, and than Friday was weekly planning which takes the complete day, and than Saturday and Sunday was general Conference! So our numbers were down because we didnt have alot of time to be able to teach lessons! Which is Okay!
   Last Week when on exchanges with Elder Olson, we Contacted over 20 people, now this week, Elder Payne and I had the Opportunity to go and visit some of those people in there homes, and were actually able to leave blessings in there homes for the families needs! What a great expereince! Im actually quite inpressed our numbers are Low but our investigators are slowing increasing from the amount of faith that we have, to continue to find people! Everyday that Elder Payne or I dont feel like wanting to contact, I just read my little story to the both of us, and immediately it touches our hearts, and we Grab our back packs and are off on our bikes "Finding our Friend" who we promised we would find.
   General Conference was absolutely amazing! I cannot believe as a little kid, or even in my Teenage years, which i am still in, i didnt pay more attention, and try to get more out of it! I now look back and am so dissapointed in myself that i didnt pay as much attention to hear the words of the Lord, but through his apostles and Prophets! What a great expereince! We even had such an amazing missionary expereince come from general conference! I had the opportunity to contact my parents through facebook, and They had the opportunity to invite one of my best friends over to the house to participate in a family tradition! That family tradition is something that i missed out on, but its okay because it was replace with Serving a mission! So many more good things from the mission! Ha ha But the Family tradition is to eat Waffles and than Watch General Conference! Mogga Lado being the stud that he is, and being 1 of my facebook Investigators, was able to Participate is such and Amazing Expereince, and than i was able to teach him right after!
   The zone meeting we had this week was alright. For a while the Napa Zone was the highest baptizing Zone in the mission, but i think we are now one of the lowerst. Such a disappointment but i can honestly say, i feel that it is because of the goals that we set as a zone. They, well i Guess We, but i completely disagree with them set Goals of Baptising 13 Per month! Now in Realtity for the past 9 monthst the highest we have seen is 4! So why do we keep setting ourselves up for Failure? Not sure! I just think that if we set them lower, and achieve the Goal it will make people for "Pumped" When we reach that goal! But no one else agrees.. Which is fine! I Understand!
   My spanish is actaully coming along pretty good! Not in a prideful sense, but during the Zone meeting we had the opportunity to do some Practices with Elders who came out at the Same time as Elder Payne, There spanish was just HORRIBLE! They have been out 9 months... Woah! After the Practices they both asked how my spanish was so good after only being in the field for 1 Transfer! Pretty Crazy! But doesnt mean i need to spot studying it! There is always room for improvement!
   Not much to report on this week! Hopefully next week will be better! I Love and miss you all! Love getting mail, so keep sending it!
Love, Elder Albertson
PS: Dad, Mogga said this sunday he will go to church with you to the Singles ward! Please call him saturday night, and he will be ready! Thank you!
PSS: I know my birthday is coming up,but please do not post on my Facebook wall "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Letters would just be much better, and it wont look as bad, with me being a missionary. Thank you!

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Also just a reminding, if any of you Readers, have any suggestions or want to know more about Whats going on please send me an Email, at and i will do my best to answer those questions or suggestions!
Love, Elder Albertson

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