Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 9, 2013

Hola Familia/Amigos

Well this week has been a giant Blur! The time truly is flying and i cannot believe that Transfers are next week! This is crazy! I can see why the missionary say that it truly is a Giant time warp! I cant even remember what i did yesterday! Let alone what i did for the whole week, so i guess its a good thing i brought my Niffty little Planner that we use everyday! So ill see what i can Scramble up for ya!

So here we go i guess!
Lets just start off with giving you a few little facts of the week! This week i was able to teach 5 Lessons on Facebook! 2 to Kate Croft! 1 With Mogga Lado! And last but not least Grandma Cheney! This IPAD Thing, truly is a blessing! The windows of Heavenly Truly are opening up! Many of you who read my Email, arent on missions, but if you wanna join in with the Lords work, Send me a Message on Facebook with friends to teach! It truly is Amazing! Elder Parker Albertson!
Also i would like to mention that i have put on 200 Miles on my Bike this month! Holy Cow we ride a ton! Im gonna be in such great shape after this! Plus the fact that i work out with Elder Garity everynight! He destroys me! But its good for me i guess! Oh and Mom, dont worry im not gonna out grow my clothes unless im growing Up! (Taller)

Anyways just so you guys know, i want to update you guys on my baptism last Saturday night! We had so many issues, come up with her getting baptized, and rumors spreading about how she was living the Law of Chastity! Elder Garity had Interviewed her and found her Worthy, but with all the Issues, we decided to have President Alba come down and Interview her Saturday morning! She was completely read for Baptism, but she decided she wanted to wait until the 28th of September, so she could be completely worry free of any of her past! Im so Proud of Socorro! She has such a strong testimony of everything! It literally blows my mind when she bears her testimony of the gospel to us as missionarys! I know technically we are supposed to be teaching her, but honestly sometimes she ends up teaching us because how strong she is in the church! Its Incredible!

Hopefully this week will go a little better than this last week! I had so many flat tires come my way! From riding an average of about 7 miles a day, riding on pretty much a Mountain gravel road, even though here they call it a Street! I have gottan so many flat tires its rediculous! We have so much fun, there is 6 of us in 2 apartments that share the same area really, so we are always having a good time with each other!

This Last week I had the opportunity to have my first actual interview with President Alba! It was Awesome! He is such an amazing guy, and i found out that he will be my mission President for my entire mission! He will go home in the Beginging of July 2015 and i Come home on June 9th of 2015! That was cool to know because he truly is amazing, and his spiritual presence is incredible! I cannot wait to be able to get to know him a little more and continue to grow our relationship! The opportunity to be able to serve a mission under him is amazing! He has such a big heart for every single one of us! And would do anything to help us out with anything we need! It kinda hit me this last week when we went to lunch with President and Sister Alba After interviews that, we may leave our family for 2 years, and our parents! But they are my parents here on the mission and treat us with the same amount of love! I love them so much!

I know there isnt alot for this week! With the absense of the baptism! But i miss and Love you all! Dont forget that referrals are great!

Transfers are this week! I really hope i dont get transfered because i forgot to warn you all that my address might change last week! So if your going to send me a letter send it to the mission Office!
5301 Badger Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Love and miss you all!
Elder Albertson

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