Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 2, 2013

Hola Familia/Amigos
This week has been absolutely amazing! I have had a few more trials come my way, but I'm keeping my head up, and still plugging away at the work! The blessing i have seen come my way, but also the blessing i have seen this gospel bring to other peoples lives, as i teach them, has been the greatest thing i have ever been apart of! Even greater than the state Championship i worked so hard to win last year! This work is absolutely amazing! I can absolutely say with my whole heart, That the Santa Rosa mission is MY Mission! That I'm here because the people here need me! I can also say that, there is NO other place i would want to be in my life right now, than Here! Teaching the gospel i know will help bring families together and so they can be together forever!
I had a few more trials this week, but i was lucky enough not to have as many as Elder Medina! Elder Medina Lives in our apartments and is Elder Garity's Companion! Elder Medina the first 2 weeks rode a broken bike until i convinced him to just go buy a new one, that they would fit to his body size, considering the fact he is a big kid! But after getting this new bike, this last week he has had a few to many accidents, after riding for a week without any problems. Wedensday he was coming around a corner, didnt stop cause we just ride like we own the town! We pretty much do, considering the fact there is 6 of us missionaries in a town with maybe 10,000 people! But anyways he came out and got side swiped by a car! One of the Funniest things ive seen in a long time! We all could not stop laughing! The poor little old man, driving his Toyota Prius! Later that night, Elder Medina hadn't put his lights on his bike yet, and ran into a trash can and flew over the handle bars, because he could see the trash can! Oh boy I'm not to sure he will ever here the end of this! The only Trail i had, was while riding down the road cruising at about 20 MPH, i ran over a shattered Beer bottle that someone threw in the road! Yep, sure enough ruined my dreams of going my whole mission without getting a flat tire! Ugh so many bike issues! But i guess when your going hard in the missionary work, nothing will stop you! Right? 
To everyone who read my weekly email, please consider this... I am now a Facebook missionary! I am able to be on facebook, and teach people all across the world! We are aloud to use Skype, so we can personally talk with them! Now i know there are missionaries all over the world, who sometimes members just cant trust there referrals with, please take the time and to pray, and please consider giving me those referrals! My companions and I would love to spend all day Friday planning for investigators! It would be amazing!

Also i hopefully will be having my first baptism of my mission this Saturday!  Socorro who has been taught by the missionaries for over 8 years, is now to the step of baptism, where she has been many times, but the adversary has taking control of her, and convinced her not to be baptised! Her interview is tonight with Elder Garity the District Leader, and than we will be doing plenty of praying to get her to that next step of baptism! It will be such an amazing experience! I cannot wait!
Yesterday was my Fathers birthday! Its crazy to think its the first Birthday i have not been home for sense i was born! I just want him to know, that i love him so much! I also give him so much credit for the missionary i am, and the experiences he told me to make me want to get some of my own! He truly is the greatest father i could ask for! I love you Dad!
Yesterday was also fast sunday! If we have a dinner appointment at 5 than at 4 oclock we begin a thing we call "Mighty Hour of Prayer" We literally pray for a complete Hour! When i first heard of it i was like you have to be kidding me? Thats the longest amount of time to pray! Ive Never prayed longer than more than 5-7 minutes! The Elders than Explained to me, you take a few minutes to make a pray list, and during that prayer you have that pray list with you in which, we pray for every single person you put on your list! With my list including about 16 people! It was one of the greatest expereinces i have ever had! This "Might Hour of Prayer" is something our whole mission does, to help open the windows of heaven upon our mission! Gosh its amazing! I found so many scriptures that testify greatly for my invesitgators and such! It truly is amazing!
Well anyways i love you all! Will email again next week!
Ps: Thanks for the Speaker and keyboard mom and Dad!
PSS: You guys should send me a Jungle Gym XT! Its on amazon for $100 so i can work out!
Love you all so much!
Elder Albertson 

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