Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 26th, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos
Just want you all to know, I got an ipad this week, so yall can be a little jealous, in the fact, im probably a step ahead of all of you even though im on my mission! HaHa
Also, so sorry for not telling you guys what exactly a Facebook missionary is, but let me give ya the low down on it! When i first came into the mission, Facebook was granted our way, for another way to prosolite, and teach people who didnt have the time for us to come into there homes and teach them directly! But as of Wedensday, i receieved my cool new little best friend, named Ipad Mini! I still need to come up with a name for him, but as of right now we call him Ipad Mini! Its so cool, because he is actually mine! I take him everywhere i go, even when i get transfered he stays with me, instead of staying in the area! Its going to be awesome! No more Area Book! And i have everything i need right there on my Ipad Mini! We were also granted the opportunity to contact as many friends, and family back home via Facebook, as long as they are Less active, or Non-Members! So mom if you want me to be able to teach you, gotta stop going to church! Ha ha JK! So many of you have probably seen, but i have began to start contacting some of you, and hopefully will be able to set up times, where i can teach or share a message with you via skype, or facetime, with my companion! So if anyone of you are Interested, just find me on Facebook at Elder Parker Albertson, ill Add you, and see where things will go from there! You can definately tell the lord is work on the people here in Sonoma though, we have went from when i came in, and we opened the new area, from 2 investigators, to now we have 6 and hopefully a 7th here soon! It just truly goes to show how much obedience truly does make a difference, and not just that but being diligent in the work we do as missionaries!
This week i also had the opportunity to go to the Oakland, California Temple! Wow! That was quite the experience to do with just my district! That temple is absolutely beautiful! We get to go to the temple every other transfer which is awesome! We have to find members who are willing to drive us to the temple, but most of the time the missionaries say it is very easy to find a ride! We are serving in an older ward, so everyone is retired, and always willing to feed us, but also take us to the temple! Ill include some very beautiful picture, thats are just absolutely amazing! The temple is so much different from the boise one to, its crazy! Considering i have only ever been to one temple! But it was awesome! Also, our mission is really cool because we dont have an actual temple in our mission, so it depends on what part your serving in, because you could potentially go to 3 different temples, if your lucky! The Medford, Oregon Temple, Sacrement California Temple, or the Oakland Temple! Its crazy, but amazing!
We have 3 baptisms schedule for the 7th of september, I hope they all 3 will fall through! There is a mom and son, named Socorro, and Alvin! Socorro, has been an investigator in the church for 8 years now, and hasnt been baptized! I guess the time has come though, she is absolutely stoked for baptism! Alvin, who is Socorros 19 year old son, has some kind of disabilty where he has ceisures, were not exactly sure, but we have given him a preisthood blessing, and socorro understands, that he is perfect and doensnt need to be baptized as a saving ordanince, but Alvin has mentioned it to her that he wants to be baptized! Which will be a great expereince for both of them! Im so stinking excited! Angel, is our other investigator, he is a catholic, and is struggling a little more with excepting a new gospel, because all his family is catholic, and he just doesnt understand, we are working with him, and hopefully, he will have the opportunity to be baptized that same day with the other 2! It will be incredible considering our Area, has been struggling with convert baptisms, for years, to the point where missionaries have actually, been taking outta Sonoma! You can also definately tell the lord has been working on the people here in Sonoma, considering when we came in, we opened up this area, and now we are at 6 Investigators, and 2 with a baptismal date! Alvin doesnt count, cause we werent planning on baptising him! 
Not much else to explain or tell you guys about! Im doing so well, and love it here! Thank you for all the Hand written letters, sorry i havent written back, im just slowly starting to loose myself in the work! Its the best thing i could be doing right now, and way better than anything else i have ever done! Its incredible! Even winning a State Championship!
Love you all!
Elder Albertson
 Me and my new Mini Ipad
Oakland California Temple

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