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April 13, 2015

Hola Familia/ Amigos 

Well family and friends this has been quite the week! I hope you all enjoy my wonderfully long email that I am about to write, because there are a lot of details I feel I should share with you all! I just want you all to know that I know this is the Lord’s work, and that he is in charge of everything! So let's get things started....

Monday was another great P-Day so you could say! However, it didn't end as great as it should have. After going back to the church after playing some good basketball at the city community center, and having to track someone down who tried to steal Elder Choffin’s ball, we were at the church playing soccer, and I happened to take a few shots at the goal while Elder Stuart was playing goalie.  Knowing Elder Stuart I should have realized at the moment that I shouldn't be kicking the ball at the goal when Elder Stuart was goalie in the first place but I didn’t listen to that prompting. Well long story made short, because I don't want to write too much about how sad this day was, I broke and shattered Elder Stuart's wrist and arm, when he blocked a ball I shot at the goal! 

So the rest of the day, we spent it at the hospital running errands and taking care of everything! I feel so bad, and crushed right now, because the fact that this traumatic incident actually ended Elder Stuart's time as a full-time missionary! 

However, to get my mind off of things I have to admit that Monday night we took a trip to Red Robin to use the gift card I received from my parents so that we could eat some all you could eat French fries! It was super good, and I am so thankful for that gift card that was sent to me! Thank you all so much! 

Tuesday, was another crazy day, with not much missionary work done! With it being Elder Stuart's last day here in the mission, and him having his arm in a sling with a hard shell cast, we had to pack his bags completely and get everything ready for him to fly home one Wednesday morning! It was so sad having to pack for a great friend and missionary to go home from his mission early, for an accident that happened. 

It took almost a full day for us to get his things completely all ready! And afterwards with me being the only one that could drive I drove him around for a few hours so he could see some members that he desired to see before flying home. It was a good drive time, because I was able to really express my apology towards him. It was also very comforting for me to be able to talk with him, for the fact that he wasn't upset at me at all, and that he forgave me completely. 

Tuesday evening I went with elder Stuart to his very last English dinner. It was sad to see, but the members of the second ward truly love him! When I got back with Elder Jeske we went on our splits with our members, and had a great night! The best thing about the night was the fact that I got a super cool gift from a member that he had made from Nicaragua, and sent to me as a mission memory and gift! I am so thankful, and it is absolutely amazing! All of the missionaries want some scriptures cases like mine now! They are very personalized as well! 

So now I definitely need to include a dream that I had Tuesday night leading to Wednesday, because it really freaked me out, and I didn't like it at all! I woke up literally shaking, because the way that I felt, and I thought it was true life. So I had a dream that my super good friend, actually my very first convert in my mission, was super upset with me. He had left the church, and wouldn't talk to me anymore. In fact, he had gone completely less active and everything. Well during the dream I was at the airport and I saw Agustin there, and he was on his way flying back to Mexico, when I approached him, and asked him how he was doing. This was after hours of searching all he did was shake his head in disgust with me. He then walked away, and after a good hour or so I was just following him, and trying to get him to talk to me about what happened, and what I did. He finally explained to me that he was so disgusted in me for bringing him something that wasn't true, that I tricked him, and how much of a fake friend I was to him. It was absolutely crushing me, I was just crying, and being late for my plane ride home back to Idaho. He finally told me in the dream at the end, that he didn't ever want to hear from me, or talk to me again, and then he stepped onto his plane for Mexico, and I no longer could speak to him. 

Well when I woke up Wednesday morning I thought this entire dream was real, and so I tried to contact him. After I had been trying to get into contact with him for over like 2 months. He didn't answer my phone call Wednesday morning, Wednesday evening I tried 1 last time, and now I really was starting to believe that maybe he didn't want to ever talk to me again because he didn't answer again! As I put the phone down, my mind start to wonder about how I will just trying to find him, and contact him when I get home from my Idaho phone number, and maybe he will pick it up. As my mind began to think all of this, the phone began to ring and it was Agustin calling back! Wow! What an answer to my prayers, because the last 2 months I have been praying to get back into contact with Agustin, and he finally called me back! I love how my Heavenly Father answers my prayers! 

However, if I were to give you a detailed sentence about Wednesday I think I could sum it up with just 1 word MIRACLES! We had interviews with our mission President Wednesday morning and they actually went super well! I was so nervous because I knew if I got rebuked for some reason that my good attitude towards my mission would be lost, and I would have probably ended my mission with a bad taste in my mouth. However my interview went super well! He actually was impressed with the things that we are doing here in Woodland! 

We also had a killer day of teaching, being able to pull off 5 lessons, in a day of interviews, 2 hours of service, and a Baptismal interview that evening with The Zone Leaders for Ricardo and Maria was absolutely amazing! Also just the fact that I was able to hear from Agustin! I cannot explain in words how happy I was that night, and how good I felt! I also don't think I could express in words how much Agustin means to me!  

What another wonderful day we had this past Thursday! It was so awesome to be able to have the knowledge that your investigators were taken to Oakland by members to get married is absolutely wonderful! I have to admit I don't think I have ever seen members work with investigators better in my life. From day 1 they have constantly been asking about the Luna Family, and how they can help. It's been great. 

We had Zone meeting Thursday morning as well! It went all right, however I have to admit that it wasn't my favorite Zone meeting I have had on my mission. I just feel like things are starting to get repetitive, which I guess means they must be things that we truly need to learn. However our Zone leaders did a great job teaching and making it somewhat interesting.  

Friday was another super sweet day! We definitely struggled with teaching lessons and such, just because he fact that it was Wedding reception day, or in other words PARTY TIME, but we also had to get our weekly planning done. But on top of all that and more importantly is the fact that we had to get everything finalized for the baptism. Such as the program and making sure the font was going to get filled and everything. The weird thing is the hardest and most confusing thing about the baptismal program isn't figuring out who is going to do what, it's trying to format the paper on a computer how you want it to, and then trying to print it the right way, so everything goes the way you want it to. Ha ha sometimes we waste a good 15-20 pieces of paper trying to figure out how to run the paper through the printer again so we can get it to print the other part on the other side. Ha ha it's always and interesting battle.  

Baptismal Saturday! What a wonderful day that day was! To be able to watch and be apart of another 2 of our brothers and sisters enter the waters of Baptism, but even better yet, to be able to watch a family become united in the ways of the Lord! I am so happy for them. I cannot express my happiness, and thankfulness that I have had to be a part of such a wonderful thing! I can remember back to when I was in Santa Rosa, and the feeling I had when I baptized Agustin who was the first person ever in my life. After that I set a goal for myself, and I can officially say I have achieved my goal! And I feel so unsatisfied, because I know that the Lord has more prepared for me before I end my time as a full time missionary. 

It was such a wonderful day. We started off with the opportunity to be able to go out to Brother Sharps home, and do service from 10-3. I always love going and doing service out there because it always give me such a good work out, but also because it reminds me so much of being at home! I am so thankful, for service opportunities. 

Afterwards we went back to the apartment and were able to get showered up and prepared for wonderful baptism that night! While doing so we realized that we didn't have a dinner so we made a few phone calls to a member who we are super close with and were able to go out and eat dinner with the Souza Family! It was absolutely great! They are super sweet, and I always love being with them! Brother Souza reminds me so much of Grandpa Dean! 

After dinner it was baptism time! We rushed to the church, and were able to get there in time, and last minute we found out that a member who was planning on speaking at the baptism wasn't going to make it, so we had to come up with some kind of a change in the plans on the spot! However everything worked out super well!  So, I was in the font baptizing Maria the daughter first, and I don’t know what happened but I had a huge brain fart, because I began the prayer for baptizing her before I even called her by her name. Good thing I caught myself before I dunked her. Good thing brain farts don't last too long! Ha ha 

I had super cool experience as well, while Hermano Hoglund was speaking I looked to my right, and there sitting in the baptismal service was Agustin and Vianey from Santa Rosa! Gosh dang, that meant so much to me! It was so awesome for me to be able to talk with both of them, and to figure out what was going on! Agustin Seems to be doing a little better than I thought, however he is definitely passing through a time of difficulty and so I would love it if you all would keep him in your prayers! I love that man!  

Sunday was a wonderful day as well! Watching this family get confirmed and to be apart of it was another great experience. I was so happy for them. My companion did a wonderful job confirming Maria the daughter, and than we had a member Joel Rodriguez confirm Ricardo the father! Such a wonderful day! 

Overall Family and Friends it has been such a wonderful week, and I am so appreciative for all of your prayers. I know those prayers are answered, and how much the Luna Family has appreciated them all! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
 Love you all! 

Elder Albertson 
The Luna Family

Agustin and Vianey

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