Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Hola Familia/Amigos

    Well, another week has come and gone. And where did it go? I have no
idea! All I know is that I better email home otherwise I will probably
get quite the email in response to nothing from my loving Mother!

     However, I do have a few good things for you to take note of that I
want to share with you. I had a wonderful experience this
past week to be able to watch a very good friend of mine, that I met in
Sebastopol enter the waters of Baptism! It was such a good experience
to see someone who has come so far in his life, willing to do absolutely
anything to follow his Savior Jesus Christ! It was absolutely amazing.

     This past week, we took a small amount of time to plan out what we are
going to do for the wedding of The Luna Family, and also when we are
going to do it. I am very sad, because I am not going to
be able to watch the actual wedding take place because Hermano Joel
Rodriguez is going to take them to Oakland so they can
just get it done super quickly. However, we are going to have a
reception with a small amount of food and everything on the 10th of
April and then Hermano Ricardo Luna will be baptized on the 11th along
with his daughter Maria who turns 8 on the 9th of April. I am so
excited to be a part of this family becoming united, and in 1 year be
able to enter the House of the Lord to be sealed for time and all eternity.

      So I have to talk about last P-Day as well! It is so much fun to
be here in Woodland as well as serving around Elder Choffin! He is
such a great kid, and is from Sugar Salem! We actually watched him
play his last high school game at Meridian High School when they got
beat by Filer High School. Basketball is so much fun with him, it
actually surprised me how well we play together, and how we know each
other's next move. We went to the community center again and boy did
we destroy some of those guys. They were so shocked when we told them
that we were missionaries from the church, but we grew up in Idaho!
They would have never guessed that such ballers came from a small state
like Idaho. Especially some of players we played against that were
actual players from UC Davis. It was a ton of fun.

     Elder Choffin and I both have decided that we are probably going to go
to BYU-I for 1 year, and then we would like to both transfer together
to see if we can play basketball at Idaho State. It should be a ton of
fun, and we will see if things all work out, but we have been setting
it up, and planning it out for sure. He goes home in September!

We had a pretty killer week overall though. We struggled a little bit
when it comes to the number of lessons and such, however it is important
for us to remember that it's not about the number of lessons we teach
it's more about how much we help others to come unto the savior Jesus

Elder Jeske and I have set a goal for this coming week.  We want to
find a family that we will teach and prepare for baptism.  We would like them to be
ready to be baptized the weekend before I come home. I am so excited
to exercise my faith, prayer, and diligence so that way we can find this
family! If you would all like to join in with this end of the work
through prayer that would be super awesome! I am so excited!

Tuesday was another wonderful District meeting. Gosh dang, I am really
starting to enjoying teaching district meetings now. The first time in
Vallejo was just way too stressful. Now I am to the point where I
realize that it's more about having fun, than being serious all the
time. Also it’s making sure that it is more of a discussion than a District
Leader preaching to the choir. Everyone in my District is getting
along super well, and we truly are enjoying our time together here in

     This week definitely had its ups and downs though, that's for sure. We
had to drop quite a few investigators because we finally got them to
open up to us, and they straight up told us they didn't want to get
baptized. Which is completely fine with me, because we are looking for
those who are ready. They will be ready when their day comes around. I
know that we all have our agency to choose what we want from this life.

It's been a little tough lately, since my allergies are absolutely killing me!

I hope you guys are all Doing well!

I love and miss you all!

Elder Albertson

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