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February 23, 2015

Hola Familia/ Amigos 

This has been quite the interesting week. We have seen so many miracles within our apartment! It's been a ton of fun, an even better a lot of hard work put in this past week! I hope you all enjoy this letter this week, since I guess the past two weeks just haven't quite been up to standard! However I kind of feel bad, so I guess I will begin to do my best. 

Monday- Well as you all know, Monday is the day that I am able to let myself go a lot and be able to really just have some good ol’ exercise and fun! Last Monday we had quite the group of guys show up to play basketball, because it was Presidents day, and no one had school. It got pretty competitive. I felt like I was back in high school again, playing hard, and such. It really made me ponder about everything, and how maybe I will come back an try to follow my dreams for a little bit, an play some college basketball. I realized I think I have gotten a lot better on my mission than I thought. I'm actually super excited to see if I can come home an actually follow that dream I have always had in my mind. 

That evening we had a killer night! I went on exchanges with Elder Atkinson who is from Kamas Utah! He is a pretty sweet elder! Definitely here for the right reasons, and is one of the hardest working greenies I have been around for quite a while. We were able to get some people contacted, and talk with some super nice people here in Woodland. We taught 2 super good lessons. Elder Atkinson speaks really good Spanish for how long he has been out as well! We taught 2 less actives families, however one of them is a part member family, and we are working with them a lot. I barely know them, however I think we are really starting to break the ice very well! 

Tuesday was a great day! We were able to start it off by a wonderful district meeting! However I am starting to get kind of bored of district meetings because none of the missionaries talk, they all seem to love life until the moment district meeting begins. I'm not really too sure why it is that way. Because then when we have a meeting with the assistants or Presidente Alba, everyone is talking. It's annoying. 

After district meeting, we were able to take off and eat out at Red Robin! It was so yummy! I hadn't eaten at Red Robin for quite a while. I was absolutely going crazy on the french fries! We decided between the 4 of us in our apartment we were going to see how many baskets of french fries we could eat! It was awesome! We have a napkin with something like 18 baskets of Fries that we ate that day! 

Tuesday evening I had the chance to be able to go out with Elder Blaylock, an Elder Atkinson. We had the opportunity to be able to go out and find some new families! We were looking for this one family, and they weren't home, however I saw a huge family at the neighbor’s windows. My first thought was the fact that they were having a party so I could get free food if I smoothed my words the right way. As we approached the door I got a spiritual impression that they were searching for the gospel. It was an awesome experience. The father who answered the door immediately let us in, they offered us food, an they also let us share a wonderful lesson with them all! It was awesome. We also have a return appointment! I am so excited for this family of about 15 to progress in this gospel! 

That evening we also had the opportunity to find another family to teach! Who are progressing very well! Their names are Antonio and Leti! They are 25 an 23 years of age, and have 2 children who are 7 an 5! They are amazing. Our first lesson we talked a lot about how the gospel can bless families. It was amazing to hear some of their expereinces. They have been through so much and have such a strong faith in God, and Jesus Christ! 

We saw a miracle Saturday evening as well. It was so much fun, to be able to find another part member family. The father is a member, mom is not in the picture and the gospel is what's missing in their family. It was a great lesson. Because one of the daughters doesn't believe in a God, and we were able to testify very strongly that God lives. We actually made the father and 2 daughters cry during the lesson. It was so much fun, to be able to feel the spirit in their home. I love the gospel and more than anything I love sharing the gospel! 

This week was absolutely amazing, I had so much fun, an am doing my best to finish as strong as possible! It's been weird ever since I got my pink slip I have had so many dreams about coming home. It's super scary to think about, but I know when my times comes, it's time for me to finish! I love my mission, and have loved every second of it! 

I love you all!
Thank you all so much for your support! I hope all goes well! Love you! 

Elder Albertson 

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