Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 16, 2015

Hola Familia/ Amigos

Wow! I feel like I really suck at this whole emailing thing these last couple weeks! Y’all have to understand that I write my email on my iPad in the notes section then I copy and paste the email over an send it! However I guess yesterday that I accidentally sent the same email for the week before! What an idiot! Ha ha 

However this past week has been quite the week! Full of a ton of fun, hard work, exhaustion, stress! Anything you can think of, we experienced it! We had set the goal as a Zone and as a companionship to achieve talking with 20 people each day, along with teach 3 lessons! IDK you may think this sounds very easy, but getting transferred into an area that has only been teaching 3 lessons all week, is quite the challenge! However we knew with our faith that anything was possible! And we achieved it for 7 days straight and we will now continue to work our hardest to continue this experience! We hope and pray that the Lord will notice our hard work, and will bless us with more investigators to teach. This way we can continue to achieve what we feel the Lord has desired for us and our area! 

I also had quite the week! I usually don't get very many letters from the mission office or from the church! However though this week I found a letter in the mail box with my name attached and such! It was very sad and depressing to open, because I found it to be my "Pink Slip" In other words getting plans ready for me to be coming home! I was quite scared to be completely honest! However I am excited to be able to apply what I have learned these last 20 months of my life, to make me the best servant of the Lord Jesus Christ for the rest of my life! 

We had a killer week! Broke the ice with all of the less actives that live in our area! Some of them are part member families, and we are going to begin working with them very strongly that way we can see the miracles and the families can become eternal! What a blessing that is in our life! 

On Sunday we had one of our families that we are teaching come to church! They are awesome, the wife is a member, not very strong but her husband and kids are not! We are working with them a lot right now. They are the Luna Family, and they are absolutely amazing! I had the chance to sit with their young son Alfredo during church and we just had such a good time, I made him sing! That way he can start preparing to be a missionary! It was so awesome! I can't wait for that day! Ha ha Marriage Trunky! I know! 

I'm super sorry again that I sent the same email again! I promise I will be better about emailing you all! I hope all is going well! 

My companion Is elder Long! He is from West Virginia! A great kid, and speaks pretty good Spanish, however doesn't quite know what he is doing as a missionary yet! We are working hard and everything though! He was trained by one of my past companions elder Delgado! He has been out about a year now or so. 

I am loving being on bike! Everything is going great! I am really trying to cut some weight right now though, so I can come home looking good! Because it wouldn't help anyone like me to be fat when I get home, with girls! Ha ha 

Love you all! 
Elder Albertson 

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