Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 9, 2015 (just a week late)

Hola Familia/ Amigos 

Holy cow! I need to seriously apologize. It's 4:09 and I am sitting in the back of my car, driving back to the apartment after playing a seriously good amount of basketball and realized that I completely forgot to email y'all! However I am going to try and write it, and get it sent when we get to a members house who has Wifi! I sure hope they have WIFI, because if they don't y'all will know by receiving this email next Monday along with an email for next week! 

However, with that being said, just let me tell you how crazy this week has been! Monday was a regular day, however I was having to say goodbye to all the members there in Sebastopol as well as the investigators. It was super sad to say goodbye to some great members in our mission. Rio Vista and Sebastopol definitely have the best English members in the Mission!  

Tuesday for transfers it was great! It was a lot of fun seeing a bunch of missionaries. However I definitely feel very old in the mission because I didn't know very many of the missionaries. Most of the missionaries I know have all gone home because their time came to an end. However there a still a few of my good buddies left here. My arrival to Woodland was a great experience!  I was able to find a bike that was given to me by a dying missionary. It was super small for me though when I got it at transfers but when I got to Woodland there was a frame from a bike with absolutely nothing on it just sitting on the porch. It is a Marin, and it's a huge frame! Which worked perfectly! I immediately began to take all of the working parts and change them to the Marin Frame! So in other words I made my own bike. It is pretty cool! It's crazy how now this bikes means so much to me because I made it! 

I woke up Wednesday morning an established some great things within the Apartment! I also woke up with the worst sore throat I have ever felt in my life! I got a priesthood blessing and immediately had the feeling I had strep throat! I called a doctor who is a member and he immediately prescribed me amoxicillin. It has been helping so much! I already feel so much better. 

Thursday was another rough day! I got my bike finished at this point! One thing I was super excited about was the fact that we do a lot of service here in Woodland! It's definitely not like the service we were doing in Sebastopol! However I know that service is service! As long as I'm in service of my fellow beings I’m in the service of God! What a wonderful blessing that is! 

Friday we had a wonderful Zone Meeting! It was a lot of fun! This zone is great, it's kind of small but luckily we all get a long great! It was kind of weird being the oldest missionary in the Zone, or in other words the missionary who has been out the longest. Actually it's not just kind of weird, it's super weird! I don't like the feeling.  We were also able to get our weekly planning done that day! Man do I dislike weekly planning! It is so long, and so boring. It's even worse the first time with a new companion because you have to completely readjust to the ways that your companion does his weekly planning. However Elder Long and I actually had a wonderful time. We pretty much did it the same way, which was a blessing! 

This week was a wonderful week overall! I'm still very sorry and apologize to you all for not emailing! It won't happen again! However I hope you all have a wonderful week! Follow the Spirit it is the most important thing we can have in our life! Love the Lord, and remembers it's Valentine's Day this week! Remember what he did for you, and how much he loves each and every one of us! 


Elder Albertson  

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