Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 26, 2015

Hola Familia/ Amigos 

    Well count yourselves all as very lucky this week that you’re even getting an email. I remember at the beginning of my mission, that I promised I would write home if I heard from home every week. Well one end of the stick hasn't been getting held up. Ha ha 

    Other than that, everything is going super well. I have absolutely had a wonderful week. It was pretty interesting. First off, we were able to meet with a Seventy this last Wednesday. It was a ton of fun. He talked about the atonement. It was so great, because I really felt it was something our mission really needed. He is over missionary headquarters, which was super interesting. 

    One thing he mentioned and kind of called us out on, was the fact that we have been asking active members for referrals. He told us that that was the worst thing to do, because most of the time Active members are active because they have active friends. Less active members are usually less active for a reason. It's because they have less active or non-member friends. Maybe this could be something to explain to the other missionaries who are serving around you, that way the work can hasten even more.  

    Wednesday evening after the half mission conference, we were able to go and visit Eric Long and his family, who we’ve been working with a ton. He is progressing better than any investigator I have ever had my entire mission. It was super interesting because Eric had a Taser out that he was playing with. He was super interested to see what it would to do someone, or something if he were to use it on them. So I told him I would be the dummy if he would quite smoking and drinking coffee. Well long story short he quite smoking and drinking coffee, which means, yes I got tasered Wednesday evening. It was an interesting tasing session.  

   Not really anything too interesting happened this week. I am definitely ready for transfers though. I am ready to get back into a Spanish area. I need to start speaking Spanish again. 

    I hope all goes well for you all. I love and miss you all! I have no desire to write home today, so I am sorry that my email is short! 

Love, Elder Albertson 

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