Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos

Well this has been a great week. I am loving my time here in Rio
Vista. It's crazy how much it reminds me of Blackfoot and Snake River!
Kind of like how the city is on one side of the river, but there are
little communities on the other side of the river as well! Pretty
much the exact same here in Rio Vista, however the river is a lot
wider. It's a good mile wide.

Last Monday was a super fun day. We were able to get all our emailing
and packing done super early, that way we could still play sports. We
had a lot of fun, going out to Benicia and being able to play some
Lava Tag! It's a lot of fun, because the jungle gym at the park is
pretty good size, and there is a ton of different ways to get places.
It was kind of sad to think that it was still my last day in Vallejo

That night, Elder Akhmetov and I finished my time off in
Vallejo strong! Ending a Monday night with 1 Less Active Lesson, 2
Member Presents, and another lesson. In total we had 4 lessons! Which
is killer for a Monday, considering you only have like 3 hours of

Tuesday was transfers! It was a lot of fun. Elder Ashton, Elder Payne
and I were able to set up breakfast with a Brother Garnet Hyde on our
way to Santa Rosa for transfers! It was super fun, he cooked us
biscuits and gravy, and we were able to talk about the missionary work that is going on there in Sonoma! He said that it has slowed down a lot, and that he doesn't know if there will ever be a better group of missionaries or if there ever has been than us who were there! 

Transfers were great. I dropped my bike off to get tuned up in Sonoma on my way to the transfer meeting, however I was going to pick it up on my way back to Rio Vista but it wasn't done! So it is currently in Sonoma with my boy Elder Teisina. He promised me that he would take good care of it! 

Then my time in  Rio Vista began! We call ourselves the Trio-N-Rio! More than anything we don't live in Rio Vista, we are living in the Rio de Janiero! It super sick! The people are all very nice, however they seem to have all spoken with missionaries. So we gotta show them all something special that way they are going to be able to let us in, and bring to them something that they do not have at this time in there life, and something that they need! 

General Conference was great! It truly was refreshing to be able to start over new, this past week, let everything that has happened in the past and let it go! Than it was super nice, to listen to the words of our Prophets, and be able to learn and grow from it all! 

Elder Bischoff and Elder Olmos, have been great! I talked with them about everything and they have been super helpful, when it comes to working hard.  It has been great here in Rio Vista. We all get along really well, and I was able to come in with a lot of ideas, and they didn’t get upset at me at all! I love riding in the back seat as well! It is super relaxing!

Thank you all so much for you support, and prayers! I love you all, and will continue to serve my savior Jesus Christ! 

Elder Albertson

PS: Kamryn and Abe I will especially keep you in my Prayers! I Love you! Remember The Lord has a plan for all of us! 

PS: For Birthday gift ideas, all I have is maybe some brown shoes, size 12, and a matching belt! Other than that I don't have much more. If you send any ties, please make them skinny ties, as well as, if there is any food that has been sent, please send healthy food! I would not enjoy junk food! 

Well this past Friday, I couldn't pass up the deal I found on a new
grey suit, that I have been wanting for a long time. I found a J.
Ferrar for 85 dollars!

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