Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 27, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

So to start this weekly email off, I have asked Sister Surla to share
a joke with us, because we are doing our emailing with her this week.
since we didn't have the mileage on our monthly report, to have the
privilege to drive to Fairfield and hang out with the Zone.

However, this week has been quite interesting.  We haven't had a whole
lot of interesting things happening, although we are working really
hard with our members, and part member families, trying to get them to
become stronger in the gospel. We have a lot of members, and they are
all wonderful, however some of them just need a little kick in the
rear to get moving, and truly strengthen their testimonies.

We are truly trying to work hard and get this area moving, so that we
can find new investigators. It's a tough area. Not anything I didn't
already know. However this next week, we have a lot of things planned
that will increase the work a lot. Ha ha

This past week, we were able to go on splits, and be able to actually
get 3 priesthood holders out with us. We all went 3 separate
directions, and taught many lessons. It went really well. I was able
to take Brother Sullivan who is the 2nd counselor in the Branch
Presidency to Bird-landing, and teach Hawk and his family! It went
really well! His future wife Liza, is doing so great, she is
progressing really well, and doing everything she needs to do to
receive her answer.

Elder Olmos was able to go with Brother Martin who is from Lewiston
Idaho! They were able to teach a few lessons that night as well. It
was super cool to hear about all the miracles we had that night when
the members, are willing to come out with us.

Sorry this email may be a little short. However I miss you
all, and love you all very much! Have a great week!

Elder Albertson

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