Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 20, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos

    Wow! I have to say, everything on the mission is now starting to
become such a blurr! Like for real! However, I do remember this past
week was my birthday! And thank you all so much for your wonderful
thoughts, prayers, gifts, and support. It was a wonderful Birthday!

    It truly does just blow my mind, how wonderful everything can be,
even though you can be so far away from everything that is so
wonderful. Such as your family, friends, and all of those wonderful
people in your life. However, when you’re on your mission your Heavenly
Father makes it all up for you. It was awesome to see the miracles He
placed in our path. I guess being my birthday he wanted to bless us with
something great!

     Wednesday we had the opportunity to be down by the park, and there was
a young man who just graduated high school last year. He grew up in a
foster home, hasn't ever really had a grip on life. We stopped, and I
had the chance to really relate with him through basketball. We played
with him for a while, than talked with him about the importance of
Prayer, and how it was through prayer that we were able to really find out
everything we need in life.

    We haven't had the opportunity to follow up on him. To see how
everything went. He was really open with giving us somewhere we could
find him, besides playing ball during the week. So we will have to
drop by, and see how he is doing again! It crushed me to see how he
was struggling, and I could just tell that the gospel is what he is
looking for in life, but I don't think he realizes it.  We will just
continue to pray for him. Evan is a great kid.

     We had a few wonderful lessons with John (Hawk is his Nickname) and his
girlfriend. Hawk is a member, and has been for quite a while.
He has just not been on the active side. This is the same family that
lost their home when the entire town of Collinsville burned down after
the 4th of July. Liza, his girlfriend, is doing quite well. She is
consistently reading in the Book of Mormon, praying, and attending
church! She will be getting baptized soon. They have been together for
16 years, and I guess marriage just hasn't come around yet.

The work here in Rio Vista really is starting to progress. We are
working with another part member family, who are in their late 50’s or
early 60s. Brother and Sister Stinson. Sister Stinson is a member, and
Brother Stinson is not, however he goes to church each Sunday. He
loves the church, and loves the way families raise their children and
everything. However the only thing that is holding him back is all of
the symbolism in the church, and a few other things. We are working
hard with him, and hope to see him enter the waters of baptism.

Overall though we are trying to find a lot more here in Rio Vista! It’s been a while since missionaries have really got down and dirty and found new people to teach! I can definitely say that I am here in this area for a reason! I am starting to really get to know a lot of the members, and be able to gain a relationship with most of them. 

I just want to send a quick shout out to everyone for all the wonderful birthday gifts, and everything. It has been so great. I love you all so much, and miss you all a ton. 

Love you! Have a great week! 

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