Monday, May 12, 2014

May 5, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos

Holy Cow! This week has been full of good surprises, and some
not so good surprises! It has been pretty interesting! I will tell you
all about it! It will get pretty interesting though!
So be Prepared!

So, this past week I was able to get over my little bladder infection
or whatever they want to call it!  All I know is that it was super
painful and I had absolutely no desire to do anything,
Everything I did do, I was just in pain! However, I got over it!
It’s all gone and I'm feeling good!

Monday, during P-day is when I finally noticed that most of my pain was gone
from the infection. Unfortunately, Tuesday morning I woke up, with a horrible
cough, and stuffy nose, and all the dang symptoms of a cold! Yep,
welcome to the mission life! GO SO HARD, THAT SATAN’S GOTTA KILL YA! I
know! If you know what I’m saying that’s a song quote with a few word
changes however it’s real! I can barely get over one infection before I
get another one! I just want to feel good, and go hard in the Lords

Tuesday we had district meeting! I think this is about when the
epidemic started! Tuesday morning I received a call from some Elders
in my District saying they weren't going to be able to make it to
district meeting, because they were sick! Oh boy! ha ha So District
meeting was pretty lame, because things just felt so weird not having
Elder Foster and Elder Minkler there with us!

Tuesday we were also able to teach 5 lessons! It was a killer day! We
are doing so well here in Vallejo! I absolutely love it! The
only bad thing is I’m probably going to wear the insoles out in my
shoes real quick! They are definitely dying! We were not able to
do exchanges because I was feeling sick, and I felt it was best
probably not to spread it to another apartment, that way we wouldn't
get another apartment of Elders sick! As you know though, it wouldn't
have mattered, because at this point the entire zone is sick! Ha ha

Wednesday! I was feeling absolutely horrible! I wasn't able to hardly
walk! However we did pick up a new sweet investigator! The
only hard thing is the fact she lives in Benicia! Which is part of
our area as well! It’s about a 30 minute bike ride from our apartment,
and we can only make it out there 1 time each week! She also works on
Sunday, but is going to start coming to Vallejo on Wednesday night for
our "Study Class". Then we will teach her before or after that! She is
amazing, however she loves to talk and talks about the most random
things in the world! I think she will be very solid. Except the Work
issue might be hard!

Thursday! Was another great day! We were able to talk to that family
of 5 that came to church again! The Mom has a very strong testimony of
the Church, and has a desire to be baptized! However the only
situation with her, is the boyfriend! We have talked to her about talking
with him, however when it comes down to it! She has to do it herself!
The kids however, all want to get baptized! We talked with our
Branch President and he thinks it would be a great idea for them to
get Baptized to keep Mom active and eventually she will make that
decision! So we have Baptismal dates with Jonathan and Jessica for the
17th of May! I’m almost positive those Baptisms will happen! I am so
excited! They are such an amazing family!

Friday! Was another day of weekly planning! You know how that goes!
We pretty much just chill in the Apartment until about 2 in the
afternoon planning for everything we are going to do for the next
week! Weekly planning truly is a blessing in the eyes of a missionary
though! That’s truly where our investigators receive what they need! We
are able to receive revelation for them at that time and teach them
exactly what they need to be able to progress.

Saturday! Oh my gosh! Saturday I think I had the best food I have ever
had in my entire life! No offense father! However, we found a family
from Honduras and they invited us over for a party they had, and they
fed us "Pollo con tajadas" It’s Deep fried chicken with deep fried
bananas slices, with this sauce made out of Mustard, Mayonaise, and
Milk! OH my goodness! I ate it with my hands and it was so stinking
good! I cannot believe how wonderful it was! The family absolutely
loves me! They told me I should marry a girl from Honduras, and then
they were like oh wait our niece in coming into town tonight, can you
come over and meet her tomorrow! I told them thanks! but no! Ha Ha

Mom I’m pretty sure I’m still stuck on my 6 foot blonde haired blue eyed
girl! Ha ha

Sunday, we didn't have the chance to bring any investigators! However
church was great! I love fast Sundays! Sometimes they are a
little hard to be able to do missionary work after church, because you
just have absolutely no energy! However last night we did have
the opportunity to finally knock a door that I have been feeling
impressed to knock for quite a while! When we did so, a man opened the
door and told us he has been waiting to talk to us! I was so
impressed! He is great! We are going to begin to teach him, however we
do know he has quite the drinking problem, because he can’t drive.
He's gotten to many DUI’s!

Well that’s my week in a glimpse! It’s been good!

***Just a quick reminder! No Gift Cards, or candy! I’m on a diet, and
trying to eat healthy! You can send cash or check if you are going to
send something!***

Love you all!
Love, Elder Albertson

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