Friday, May 23, 2014

May 19, 2014

Hola Familia/ Amigos

Well to be completely honest this week, has felt like it has went by
so slow! I don't even know why, but holy cow, I feel as if it has been
forever since I Facetimed  with my family, but in reality it was just
last Sunday! This week was great though! Things are really starting to
heat up here in Vallejo! It’s starting to get interesting, and I'm
really starting to enjoy it!

Last Monday was probably the best P-day I have had since I have been
here in Vallejo! We finally had the opportunity to play some
basketball! It’s definitely not the same as when I was serving in Santa
Rosa, however it was still very fun! I was able to release some stress
and continue on for the week! I was sick as well, so it was great for
my sinuses to be able to loosen them up and get some real good
exercise in! Later that night, we were able to walk around, and saw
lots of potential investigators as well as formers! I can
definitely say that as we strive to work as hard as we can, the Lord
truly is blessing our area!

Tuesday, we were blessed not to have District meeting! Okay, not
really, because District Meeting is probably the most
important meeting in the mission! It’s where we are able to evaluate
each other and how we are doing, and discuss how we can become better!
Howeve,r Elder Alvarado and I didn't have to teach it this week! Which
is kind of relieving every once in a while! We were both able to teach a
few lessons on Facebook this week as well!
Tuesday Night I heard my first set of Guns shots going off here in Vallejo!
Pretty interesting! Things are starting to heat up weather wise, and as kids get closer to
getting outta school things start to get more and more crazy!

Wednesday, we were able to travel by ourselves to the wonderful city of
Napa! It’s funny, every time I have to announce that I am from Nampa,
they always ask... Wait your from Napa? Ha ha No! Nampa! It was great!
We were able to join with the Napa Zone and be able to have a
wonderful Zone Conference! We were able to receive new
revelation and guidance from our wonderful leaders here in the
mission! They are so great to be able to learn from, and I love how
they always apply everything to sports terms! That way I can learn!
Otherwise I seem to sometimes get lost in  wonderland! It’s
always such a great thing, because Zone Conference truly can refuel
our Missionary Fire! So we can continue to do the Lords work!

Thursday we were able to have another great day! Elder Alvarado and I
treated ourselves to some wonderful Pizza Hut, stuffed crust! It was
just a small treat so don't worry we are still on our diet, but we
just felt it was necessary to reward ourselves after a long day of
hard work! However, Dad that doesn't mean you can reward yourself
with a pop after a few weeks! You can however, reward yourself with a
Gatorade if you would like! ha ha We had a wonderful day!  Our area is
really doing well! We are still working with that family! We were able
to teach them, and talk to them about the Word of Wisdom! After the
lesson, we talked with Mom (Veronica) to get a final result on whether
or not she was willing to allow the kids to be baptized! She agreed!

Friday was weekly planning Friday! More guns shots were fired! More

crazy things went on that night, so we will see how things go! We were
able to meeting with a few potentials and be able to get some return
appointments! I am so excited! This area has so much potential!

Saturday! We had a great sit down lesson with Veronica where we were
really able to discuss the Baptism of Jonathan and Jessica! For some
reason she was pretty hesitant this time! Not really sure why, I
think it was because the fact she thought she was going to be getting
baptized as well! So we had to explain that she needed to marry Javier
first! Hopefully we can get working on that, and then be able to teach
Javier more often as well! We left her the invitation to talk to
Jonathan and Jessica and truly pray to know that if Baptism is for
them! We then told her we will talk tomorrow at church, and then we
can either announce the Baptism or not! Well...

Well sure enough Sunday came rolling around, and here came Sacrament
meeting, and next thing we knew, Veronica and the kids never showed up
to church! So they will not be getting baptized this week! So we will
be planning to talk to them this week and see what the deal is! I was
able to buy a bike from a dying missionary last night, that I have
made plans to sell to Elder Zach Reeder who is coming into the mission
in June! I got him a pretty good set up!

Well that’s my week in a glimpse! I havn’t slept a complete night for
quite a while! However, I don't feel tired so I’m not going to worry

I love you all! Thank you so much for all your prayers... and the Support!
Love, Elder Albertson

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