Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

Hola Familia/Amigos

Well as you all know! Yesterday was Mothers day, which means I had the
opportunity to speak with my mother! It was a great time, to be able
to catch up on a lot of things, and be able to tell her how much it
means for me to be able to have her as my mother! She is amazing, as
are all of the Mothers who may read this email!

This past week, we saw some great miracles as well as had some struggles!
The Miracles definitely out blow the trails but a long run. However as
we all know that good things always have to come with hard things as
well in life!

Well last Monday, we had a half P-day which is where we basically only
get to do the things that are necessary! However in my mind, playing
sports on a P-day is necessary, because without it, I'm pretty sure
I would go crazy! However I made it! Just because I felt it was necessary
in my mind, doesn't mean that it was actually necessary! Although, I like
to think it is! The reason we had a half P-day is because on
Thursday we were able to go to the temple! Definitely worth it!

Tuesday we had a wonderful Zone meeting where we were able to learn
more about the HIGH EXPECTATIONS that have been placed on us,
 and how we all need to look at it as HIGH EXPECTATIONS from The Lord. 
Tuesday Night we also had the wonderful opportunity of teaching our Investigators

Veronica, Jessika,and Jonathan! Who all have wonderful goals set for Baptism!
Surprising enough or could we say Miracle! The fact that Javier,
Veronica’s boyfriend actually participated in the lesson! During the
lesson he also proposed to Veronica! Basically saying he was ready to
marry her, and be the Father of her kids! Such a blessing, because
when that happens, the family will be able to be Baptized together!

Wednesday, nothing really too crazy happened! We were able to
have a good time! I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Smith! He
is a great missionary from Utah, and is here for the correct reasons!
He is going to do great things! I cannot wait to see his growth and

It is so stressful being a District Leader! Although it is very
enjoyable! You are able to get to know all the Elders in your district
so well from exchanges! So many new friends are being made! I love it!
I also love being able to serve others, and to help them all achieve
there potential as missionary! As well as a Son of God!

Thursday we had the wonderful opportunity to take a trip to the
Oakland temple! It was so enjoyable! However, I do like the Boise Temple
a lot more, it is smaller, and I feel you can feel the Spirit more
powerfully when there is not as many people in each session! Such a
blessing to be able to go the temple on a mission, and be able to
receive revelation for each and every one of our investigators as well
as for ourselves!

Saturday we had a nice big Mother’s day party here in the Branch! The
Husbands or the Men were able to serve the food to the Mothers, and to
be able to provide them with anything that they needed! It was such a
great experience! The food was absolutely amazing! It was some Carne
Asada as well as grilled chicken! So delicious! Aww I’m starting to
love Hispanic Food!

Sunday was Mother’s day and I was able to talk with my family! They are
doing so well! They all look great!

Love you all! Thank you so much for all the support and prayers! Sorry
this week is short but
it feels like I Just told everyone everything!
Probably because I Skyped home yesterday!

Elder Albertson

Screen Shot I took of my Family!!

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