Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 4, 2013

Hola Familia/Amigos 

Well this week has been quite interesting! I was left along from Elder Payne and I got my new companion! Elder Minkler. He is He is from Cedar City Utah! He has been out the same amount of time as Elder Payne which is about 10 months! We have had a wonderful week when it comes to teaching the Gospel as well! Imma try and explain this whole week in a small enough amount that you could read it all without falling asleep! Cause there wasn't to many crazy interesting things! Except for our new ride here in Sonoma! 

Last Tuesday was Elder Payne's and I last day together! It was a wonderful day! We had so much fun together! We even got taken out to dinner from a family that he served around in Napa, because he was completely finally leaving the Napa Zone and would not be able to see them any more until he comes back! The Perez Family is absolutely amazing! He is a dentist and lives in the Spanish Branch. They came all the 20 minutes away from Napa and actually took us out to eat to our favorite dinner there in Sonoma, which is Mary's Pizza! We also ran around to all of Elder Payne's favorite families in the ward and took tons of Photos with them all for Elder Payne! 

Wednesday Elder Payne left me! As well as Elder Mullenaux! Those 2 guys were both wonderful Elders here in Sonoma! Elder Mullenaux was headed to Vacaville to be a District Leader over his "Dad" in the Mission Elder Ashton! Elder Payne got shipped off to Lake County, and come to find out he is in Clear Lake! Not so sure where that is But somewhere more north than Santa Rosa! 

We also were able to receive our new Missionaries! We got a New District Leader which is going great! Elder Henrie has been out about 16 months and went home twice for the same surgery as me! Labrum Tears! Although he says his wasn't ever as bad as mine! Ha Ha Also it was also his 3rd time having the same surgery! Elder Minkler showed up with them as well, and so did a good little missionary from Mexico City to be in a trio with Elder Olmos and Elder Medina! I absolutely love Elder Debora, he is a stud and has such a wonderful conversion story! We get along so well, we are always having such a great time at night after we daily plan! 

It is kinda weird have been given the chance to now actually have to lead the Area out! I am in charge of everything that goes on in my Area until my Senior Companion Elder Minkler gets a little more used to what we do, and how we do things here in Sonoma! Elder Minkler is a great missionary, however he is a little different sometimes! He loves to make noises with his mouth, and things like that! I think we will do alright, it just might test my patience to the max at times! That is why i will be studying Christ Like Attributes! Because we can all become more like Christ!  

We had a wonderful week though considering how much time we had to spend inside with Halloween, Transfers, and Weekly Planning! We were still able to teach 8 lessons this week! Which is actually pretty good, we could have definitely taught more i think if we wouldn't have been trapped inside so much! 

I am starting to see Facebook and Skype lessons starting to heat up and take off! This week 3 outta our 4 lessons were on Skype with the same Investigator! Sadie is doing so well, we are hopefully going to be able to set a Baptismal date with her very soon! She is constantly wanting to learn more about the gospel! 

Otherwise with our other investigators we didn't see any of them this week! But we have a few set appointments this coming week with them! So we will see how it goes! 

I am absolutely loving the work! I cannot believe how Fast the time is flying, when i get to skype with the family! It will have been exactly 6 months sense i left on my mission! What a blessing! I cannot believe the blessings i have seen come my way, but also all the blessings i have heard from my family! 

I truly do Love and miss you all! Letters are wonderful! So are Packages! But cookies probably aren't the best Idea! I don't think i got a single cookie that wasn't broken! Ha Ha What a wonderful thought though from you all! 

 Adios to my boy Elder Mullenaux! He is such a Stud!
Good-bye to my father in the mission! I'm all grown up now! 
Time to move on to new things in the Mission life!

Love you all!
Elder Albertson  

Ps: I have a challenge i would like all who is reading to begin with me! I have Decided to take a Paper Back Book of Mormon, and Do the Following in Preach my Gospel... On Page 105! However when you read it, lets read it 4 separate times rather than doing it all at first! My goal is to have it done before i come home! Can you all do that as well? If you wanna come back to my mission with me, you will all do so! Good luck! Update me on how your all doing! 

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