Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hola Familia/Amigos 
This week has been absolutely wonderful! I cannot believe the wonderful blessings and Miracles i have seen come this week! My Facebook missionary work has absolutely caught fire. Don't want to be prideful, but it has been amazing! I love it so much! We are teaching so many wonderful friends from back home but also we are still teaching lessons here in Sonoma. We did have a little bit of a rough week though. Overall it was wonderful though!
Tuesday we had our very first District meeting with the New Elders here in Sonoma, and are New wonderful District Leader Elder Henrie! He is absolutely a stud. Right when he got here he immediately had to go back to Fair-field to preform a Baptism! Brought some wonderful Fire here to Sonoma. 
With Facebook this Week i have began to teach 3 New friends from back home. Sadie Minjares is wonderful. She is doing so well, and the lessons we are teaching her go so well, she is completely understanding and also is continuing to want to learn more and more about the gospel each time we teach her!

Also i was able to get into contact with Alex Huerta, who is open to hearing more about the gospel, and more about what others believe. It is super fun to teach him because we get to practice our Spanish with him and if he doesn't understand we just get to revert back to our English so he can understand! 
We are also beginning to teach Hallie Turner, she is open to learning more and finding our more about what she wants in this life. She is so great to be able to teach as well! 
Facebook this week and Skype i believe we taught 9 Lessons! We will hopefully be able to continue that, and eventually be able to Up it a little more! We are so excited and are continuing to find those elect sheep that the Lord has prepared for us to continue teaching and bring back to the Fold! 
Here in Sonoma, we are struggling a little bit. Well Actually we are struggling quite a bit! We are back down to 1 Investigator who is Socorro. Ha Ha Oh and also the Fact she doesn't even live in my Area because she moved out, however we are continuing to teach her because that's what she has requested! Socorro and I have developed such a wonderful relationship, I am going to be sad if i don't see here enter the Waters of Baptism! However that wont happen because we have a Baptismal date with her for the 23rd of November! Please pray for her to have the strength to endure to the end, and enter the waters of Baptism! 
We are now beginning to get back down and dirty in the Area book, and begin to look for people to teach! Potential work is very hard and quite frustrating because we hardly have any information on the people because the missionaries in the past have been horrible at keeping records! That's one goal i have made with myself is to always be the very best i can be at keeping records, and putting in as much information as possible! 
Hmm now we can begin with the Hard information for the week! On Tuesday i was riding my bike and the dang Derailer Hanger which is a small part that takes a week to get into the shop broke again! They are quite expensive as well, 20 bones for this little John-er! I was in quite a pickle, i could either walk for the next week, and try and continue The Lords work or i could just buy a new Bike! I counseled with President Alba Concerning the Issue, and With all the Issues I had already experienced with the Bike in the past, With putting over 250 dollars into that dang thing. I told president Alba i didn't really want to call home, just because i felt that it wasn't necessary. He Counseled with one of his Senior Couples who called home and discussed the Situation with my Dad! I ended up buying a new bike! 
However While buying the bike i had 2 options. I couldn't decided and they were both priced the Same! After making the decision i looked at the Elders who were with me and i told them, If i get a flat within the Next 24hrs i know i will have made the wrong choice! Well long story short, i woke up with a flat tire! ha ha 
I love the new Bike though! It is a Cannondale 2014 Trail 6, With Hydraulic Brake system. So sweet! It is now my new baby on the mission! Even over the Ipad! Its pretty big as well! I feel like I'm on a Dirt Bike but without a Motor!  
Things with my new Companion are going okay! He is quite different from me, and we don't quite always agree on the things we should, but we are slowly figuring things out! He is a great missionary, and i am able to learn quite a bit from him! 
Thank you all so much! I miss and love you all! Thanks for all being such great examples to me! 
This work is absolutely amazing! Nothing better!

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