Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18, 2013

Hola Familia/Amigos

Este semana fue muy bien. Nosotros ensenamos 8 leccions por medio de Facebook y Skype y tambien nosotros recibimos mas entrenamiento de los elders de Technologia. Otherwise this week was very well! We taught 8 lessons through Facebook and Skype. As we are struggling in Our Area. We are continuing to teach so many lessons on Facebook!

This Week was great! We actually moved Socorros Baptismal Date to the30th of November! We are hoping and praying she will prepare herself to enter the waters of Baptism on that day! She is doing absolutely amazing, we are just waiting for her to Make her own decision and enter the wonderful waters of Baptism!

This Past week i had some pretty cool experiences. On Thursday we had Interviews with President Alba! We all had to make our travel to Napa, while his wonderful wife, Sister Alba taught us about some wonderful things that they were taught in a mission President Seminar this past week! I Absolutely love Sister Alba she is absolutely amazing, and is quite the little Fireball, when it comes to Missionary work! My interview with President Alba was flipping amazing! When i went in he asked me to offer a pray so i decided i was going to do it in Spanish, and from then on the Whole interview was in complete Spanish! It was absolutely amazing for me to be able to show him how well or how horrible my spanish is doing for how short i have been out! He was actually quite impressed, i expressed some concerns i had concerning my shoulder from the Car accident! However! Thats not important or anything to worry about!

Last night i actually talked on the Phone with Bishop Johnson from the Singles Ward in the East stake! We have been given special permission to contact Bishops as well as missionaries in other Areas so we can do what we call a Successful Hand off to the other missionaries in the Areas that our Facebook investigators are living in! When i spoke with the missionaries they were quite lost and shocked that i had an investigator (Sadie) Who is ready for Baptism! They just didn't understand so than i had to go into the whole "How we have Ipads and We teach people over Facebook and Skype!" Than i could hear them yell to all the other missionaries in the house, "They Have Ipads! Im Flipping Jealous" Ha ha Pretty fun experience for all of us.

My Area here in Sonoma, is struggling a lot. Im not sure if its something we are doing wrong or if were just not doing everything correct! President Alba suggested that when i go to the Temple on Thursday to take it to The Lord! So thats what i will be doing! We are being exactly obedient and trying our very hardest to keep all the Promises that have been given to us as missionaries! One of the Promises we have been given is that if we contact 20 People a day, that our baptism will be double! SO this last Week Elder Minkler and I decided that we were going to do our very best, and if you Times 7 days by 20 you get 140, However we didn't quite get our 140 contacts with how many things we had going on this week! But we did reach 105! Thats impressive! I believe thats the highest a Companionship has reached in the mission sense we were given that promise!

My Facebook investigators are doing very well! Sadie is progressing and hopefully gonna slowly be handed off to the other missionaries so we can get her to enter the waters of Baptism! I have not been in contact with Mogga Lado in a while, Last i heard was that his phone broke! Dont know much more! Kate decided that it wasn't for her... Which was crushing however we all have agency and get to do what we want! Alex Huerta is doing alright, hopefully we can slowly begin to get him to progress and begin to grow a testimony! Other than that my Facebook work is doing well! Hopefully i can continue!

Thanks you guys so much! For everything you do for me, and helping The Lord bring blessings to his family! Im absolutely stoked to get back to work! Its almost like emailing just isnt as fun anymore! But i know you guys all wanna hear from me, and if i didn't email Mom would be ticked and call President Alba immediately! Ha ha

Love you all so much! Im loving the Work!
Love, Elder Albertson

Ps: That book of Mormon Challenge that i gave you all a few weeks ago.. Is actually on Page.. 114 of Preach my Gospel! Next week ill send you a picture of mine! Its pretty cool! I would like you all to begin it as a family! I chapter per night! With everyone with there own separate book of mormons! Lets gain a Stronger Testimony of The Book of Mormon.

 Look Mom, I can ride my bike with no handle bars!!
 So called "Guaranteed to last the entire mission Socks!"
New Bike! Check my 2014 Cannondale Trail 6 29er out! 
Her names is Baby Black Bear.

Baby Black Bears Crazy! She bucks me all the time! 
Im still trying to train her, and Break her in!

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