Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hola Familia/Amigos
This week has been absolutely insane! Like holy Johner! Where do i even begin! Wanna know the good news first? Or the Bad News? If i start with the goodnews, than i hate to break it to ya Mom, But you probably shouldnt read the Bad News! Otherwise you might be terrified! For my Safety! But if you really want i guess anyone can read! Otherwise if your worried about me on the mission i probably would continue to read when it gets a little crazy! But here we go! Lets get going on this wild bull!  
First off, Lets start off with last Tuesday! My Birthday! Whoop Whoop! Worst Birthday/Funniest Birthday i think i have ever had in my life! I was scheduled to travel to Napa, for Exchanges with the Zone leaders! When it come around to about 10:00 Oclock Zone leaders were at the house, and we were just getting our stuff packed up and ready to go to district meeting, in which after wards Elder Olson and I were going to be headed to Napa! Turns out, i never made it to Napa! The Exchange never happened! It was completely all set up, everyone was ready to go after District meeting! However, We never ended up having a district meeting! Unless you call a meeting with another Car some what a district meeting! Yes we got into a Car ACCIDENT! Pretty crazy i know! At 45 MPH we were headed down the Road with cyclists on the Right and construction in front of us! Traffic came to a complete hault in which i had time to yell "Stop! Elder Payne STOP!" In that amount of time, he was able to hit the Brakes, didnt have time to lock them up, and with no where to swerve we were in the Trunk of the Car infront of us! Going 40 MPH when we made contact! Yes, 7 airbags when off! 4 Car Pile up! 4 Hrs in the Emergency! 1 Fire truck! 2 Ambulances! Last but not Least a Totaled 2013 Ford Fusion! Elder Payne and Elder Olson, Completely stretched down to stretcher boards getting put into an Ambulance, along with the 92 Year older Feller that we hit, who took it like a complete Champion! This is where i can definately testify that angels truly do surround us as missionaries, and we are kept safe from the world! Dont worry though, i was all swarmed up by arm bags, except the fact that it took about 4 days to get my hearing back! Im all good though, and so are they! Even the 92 year old feller! After spending 4 Hrs in the Emergency room, I was finally able to go home to a huge pile of Packages on my Desk! That was the great part about my birthday! Now 24 hours after that car accident Satan, truly was working his very hardest on us! We had 6 flat tires! 7 lessons fall through, and just a completely unsuccesful day at all!
However, I did get some amazing Birthday gifts this week! Got 3 great looking ties from my Sisters and Grandma! Tons of Food! Thank good my parents send me the Jungle Gym XT, Otherwise i would be getting so fat! it would be redicoulous! The Banning family treated me so well, and send me a Deep fryer! Holy Cow, i Bought Oil today, and cannot wait to start Deep frying me some Chicken, and Maybe some French Fries! Just gotta get Uncle Curtis to Send me a Box of Spuds! ;) Ha ha Last but definately not least, i was sent a Birthday Present that has so much Personal, and Sentimental meaning to me! That it will actually be getting sent home today! Thank you Aunt Genny! For sewing me my highschool Career T-Shirt Blanket! I would love to use it on the Mission but, am to worried it will get Ruined! Also just wanna send a Shout out to anyone else who sent me money, and other great things for my birthday! It was great! Thank you all!
The rest of the week went pretty well! Still a little startled from  the car accident! We had a hard time focusing during studies, especially when i could hear, and Elder Payne was having pretty severe back Pain! Studies just werent that succesful! However Saturday we were able to have all the missionaries from the Napa Zone come to Sonoma, and do the Blitz! Such a great expereince, being able to do what we call "Zebras" Which is where we put a English missionary with a Spanish missionary! That way doesnt matter what Langauge they run into they can contact either way! This week when it comes to teaching lessons we did much better! We taught 2 Less active lessons, but also got 5 Other lessons, which are just lesson with our investigators without a member present! Such a better week when it comes to that, but now that we are down to only 1 car in Sonoma Miles are tight, and we cant ever go anywhere together as a district! 
Missionary work is going pretty good! We have been pretty exhausted from the Car Accident, just because it drains the Energy right outta you, but other than that we are still going hard in the paint! Getting down and Dirty in the work! Our investigators are all doing very well, we actually have met a few potentials that members have brought to church that we are going to start teaching here this coming week! Hopefully we will see a baptism here in the next few weeks with a few of them!
Thank you all for everything you do! I love getting your letters! Also would love to hear from some of you more often! I totally understand though if you dont have time to write me! Thank you though! You guys truly are such a great support, to my missionary work!
Love you all!
Elder Albertson
Car Wreck!! It doesn't look as bad as it was when
 they separated all the vehicles!
All the wonderful things I got for my Birthday!! Dang it...And they even sang to me
with a lit candle that came on some Cupcakes that Mom sent us too!!

This is the Fry Daddy that Sister Banning sent from her family.
They are such an amazing family! Gosh, I love it so much! Thank-you!!
Jungle Gym XT! Yeah Buddy, I'm gonna be getting shredded her soon!
Just me a bit! On the mission they say the 6 months to sexy program!
 I think I'm gonna do the 2 years to sexy!
Oh boy! and here is the Quilt that Aunt Genny sent me.  She is amazing. Most precious gift of all my high school memories.  It means so much! That's why it will be getting sent home, and I would appreciate it if my family at HOME would not use it either!! Thank-you Aunt Genny!  I love it.

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