Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hola Familia/Amigos
WOW! Is all i have to say! This week has absolutely Flown! I cannot believe how fast it has gone by! It feels like just Yesterday i was Sitting her in the Library Emailing you all! And now im sitting here doing the same thing again! Oh my goodness! Well here the week is in a brief! Good thing im writting in my Journal because i cannot remember anything! All the Days just end up being one Giant Blurr!
We had another Rough week when it comes to teaching lessons, and seeing people! The whole Area of Sonoma, is struggling so hopefully this saturday we are going to have what is called a "Blitz" In Sonoma! A Blitz is where all the missionaries in the Zone come to one Area and you set it up so everyone is in a English Spanish companionship! You than have like 13 or 14 companionship literally just go and Blitz the Area! Talk with everyone possible, Knock doors, everything possible to find those who are interested in the Gospel! This truly is an amazing expereince, it builds so much Zone Unity but can also increase your numbers Magnificiently! Im so excited!
I feel like my Langauge might be struggling because the lack of Lessons we teach a week. I talk spanish in the house hold as much a possible but its harder when at first you have only learned Gospel related terms in the Language your learning! I got told the other night by a hispanic thought that my spanish was very good for how long i have been out! So i was happy with hearing that! When i never hear anything more, besides its "Horrible" Keep working! Gets kinda Frustrating and Annoying, but i just learn to rely on pray!
We had Zone Conference on Wednesday which was quite an amazing expereince! I was so Thankful that Elder Payne was District Leader because i had to be there early which meant i had the time to be able to visit with other missionaries and get to more than the ones that were in our Zone! Because our Zone conferences were combined with Vallejo Zone! Serving in Vallejo is like serving in Compton! Lots of Gangs, and constantly having to defend your self from getting robbed and such! So I hope and pray The Lord will have enough Faith and Trust in me, to send me to that Area of the Mission! Ill Whip those Gangsters right into Shape! Ha ha Other than that, Zone conference was amazing because we get to learn more that President Alba has Recieved Revelation on Spefically for our Zone and our Areas!
I think i can say this last week i had the most solid lesson i have had on my mission so far! With our Investigators Carmen and Antonio Who we can only see once a week on fridays! This week we had the opportunity to pray for a member who might be able to come with us, and be able to Help us, fellowship them into the ward! The names of the Members we had come to our mind, was Javier & Valeria Alonzo! I think i have talked about them a little bit in other emails! The couple who i got to go to there wedding, and than there planning on going through the Temple in a Year! Well them! Ha Ha We also had the opportunity to put 2 and 2 together and get them to the appointment we had! So great! Javier and Valeria are both Converts to the church grew up catholic! Well so are Carmen and Antonio! So we had to kinda give them a little kick in the but when it comes to Authority in the Priesthood! Javier Flat our nailed it! Nailed it right on the head! Kinda like when you 1 Hit sink a nail! We also talked about Eternal Families, and all! Got a baptismal Invitation out as well! They are such an amazing little family Carmen and Antonio are! After the lesson Javier and Valeria and Ethan there 8 year old son, said they would like to begin Family Home evening every week, but they would also love to Invite them, or go to Carmen and Antonios house because they just build such a great Relationship! SO amazing! 
Saturday was a great day! You know me, and how much i love doing Hard Manual Labor! We had the Opportunity to be able to help Brother Newman, who is the owner of our Apartment, who just lives in the same home, but a different section, begin to do some Fall clean up! But as well, we had the opportunity to be able to begin redoing his stucko outside the end of our Apartment! The Rest of the Home as been down, he just hasnt had time to finish it, so with it taking 3 coats it was just a big project for him to take on by himself! But with 6 of us missionaries and him, we were able to knock the first coat out, and than we will be helping him finish it here soon! They are such a great family to have as our "Host" Family i guess you could say! So i guess if you ever need help with anything, Just give the missionaries a call! They can pretty much do anything if you ask them to!
Not to man expereinces this past week, but definately one expereince i will never be able to forget! I cannot believe here in like 12 days i will have been our 4 months! The time truly does fly! Im almost upset that it is going by so fast! It needs to slow down! I am loving the work way to much! The only tough thing is waking up at 6:30, still not quite used to it yet! Ha ha
Love you all!
Love, Elder Albertson!
 Ps. Again with my Birthday, please do not post on my Facebook Happy Birthday, i just dont think it will look very Professional as a missionary or Representative of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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