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June 8, 2015

Hola Familia/ Amigos

Well I have to admit I am so happy that this day has come for one
reason. And that reason is for the fact that I'll never have to write
another email home as a missionary! I truly have been completely
burned out of writing emails each week home, but I do it because I
love my Mom!

I honestly cannot describe how I feel right now at this moment in my
life. Yesterday being a Fast Sunday, I had the chance to do what we
call Mighty Hour of Prayer, which is where we end our fast with an
hour long prayer. It was probably one of the most spiritual prayers I
have had my entire mission. I was able to finally put words to how my
emotions feel. I have officially decided that my heart has been taken
by the people of the California Santa Rosa Mission! My heart is here,
and these are the people I love, they are my family. However I know
deep down that I still have a very special place for those who are at
home awaiting my arrival tomorrow.

This last week of my mission has been absolutely amazing. We have had
so much fun as a companionship doing the work of the Savior, but being
able to have fun, and enjoy ourselves at the same time! I am so happy
for the opportunity that I have to end my mission with both of these
fine missionaries! Elder Jeske, has been absolutely an answer to my
prayers, and Elder Scow is just so laid back and relaxed, that it is a
joyous amount of fun!

We had a lot of crazy things happen though, this past week, that I
don't even know where the time has gone.

Monday was P-day which was absolutely just mind blowing for me to
think that I was having to send an email to friends and family letting
them know, that this would be my last week using the email. But
obviously today all I am doing is sending a quick email, and then off
to Santa Rosa I go! However we were able to finish with my last P-Day
with a ton of competitive basketball over at the Woodland Community
Center! It was such a blast, there actually happened to be 3 college
basketball players there. One of them is playing for some school in
Oregon! A small school, but he grew up in Woodland, and the other 2
were from the city of Fairfield, but are playing college ball in North
Carolina, 1 of them actually, finished his 4 years, and is gonna go
play in Europe. It was pretty competitive and a ton of fun!

We ended the night with a super good Noche de Hogar with the Luna
Family! Which was so much fun, I absolutely loved it. We basically
talked with them about fasting and the importance of it. However, I shared my
testimony with them since it was my last time teaching them as a
family! It was so much fun, I never thought I could fall in love with
a family so quickly. They mean the world to me!

Tuesday was another very good day. I was able to participate in my
very own last zone meeting! It was amazing how I felt like they were
teaching straight to my needs as a missionary, but more than anything
they were giving me such good advice I felt like for when I was going
home. It was great.

Wednesday I think was the craziest day of the week! Well actually it
definitely was! Wednesday was the day I had to go to Fairfield again
and actually get my MRI performed. I honestly was quite scared, I
don't know why, but I just do not like the feeling of being in doctor’s
offices, and such, which obviously means I’m not supposed to be a

However the crazy part of the entire story is the fact, that I had to
get a dye injected into my shoulder socket. Which they said wasn't
going to be very painful, just the fact that I would feel super
swollen and tight. However long story short, it was only supposed to
take 15 minutes to inject this dye into my shoulder at the most, and I
was lying there on this table with a needle shoved all the way into
my joint for an hour. Can you believe that? And the fact they they
were supposed to numb the first layer, then numb the muscle and then
go into the joint. Well let's just say they forgot to numb the muscle
and all the nerves deep in my arm, and they just went straight in. I
was in so much pain, but hate needles so much, that I told
them just to keep it in there, and just get it done with! It was a
long and miserable experience, also because the fact that the camera
broke that was looking into my joint to see if they were in the right
spot, and so then it just was miserable!

It was definitely hard to sleep that night since I enjoy sleeping on
my right side, and my shoulder had 6 oz of this liquid in it, which
didn't completely go away until like Friday morning. However it
reminded me so much of shoulder surgery.

Friday was a good day! We had weekly planning, which was
weird because it was my last time. However I actually didn't really do
too much, because I had to drive all the way to Davis to
have my departing interview with Presidente Alba. It was actually a
very uplifting experience. I thought it was going to be a lot
different, however I got so much from it, and learned so much about my
self and the things I need to work on! And continue to do when I get
home tomorrow!

We then had the chance to be able to go to Winters with the Souza
family, and it was probably the best dinner I have had my entire
mission! We went to the Buck Horn! It was absolutely delicious! I got
a full rack of baby back ribs, and was absolutely in love! I can't
thank the Souza family more. They are absolutely amazing, and mean so
much to me! I am truly going to miss them!

It has been so hard to say goodbye to the people here of the Santa
Rosa mission! This place has stolen my heart, and I will always have a
special place for each and every person I have met on my mission! I
have absolutely learned so much, and grown in so many ways, and I give
all the credit to those I have served for the past 2 years. People say
we go on missions to change others lives, but I think they have
changed my life just as much, if not more.

Love you all so much! I'll see you all on the Flipside!

Elder Parker Albertson

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